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Ashburn Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

The countertops in your home should represent your style and lifestyle. If you’re constantly in the kitchen baking, chopping and prepping foods, then your counters should be your best friend. But this isn’t the case for a lot of property owners in Ashburn, Virginia.

If this sounds like your problem, then it’s time to locate a reputable contractor to fabricate and install your new countertops. Locating such companies can be an issue in and of itself. So, you need to do your due diligence.

And what better place to start than on the internet? Here, you can find an array of companies, which means a lot of research. But in the end, you can finally narrow down your search to a reliable contractor that services your area.

An Ashburn family could locate Fairfax Kitchen and Bath by looking at our online reviews on social media.

Kitchen Remodeling Ashburn

The counters in your kitchen should act as an extension of your cooking hand. If you need a surface to set your pots and pans on, then your counter should be able to handle this simple task. Unfortunately, not all materials are created equal. So, some will burn and tear under the high heat of baking pans.

These same materials will also become scathed by knives used to chop food items on its surface. This is a big concern if you’re looking to keep your kitchen looking good, while at the same time maintaining its functionality.

With granite, quartz and marble stones, you can have counters that are highly functional and very beautiful to the eye.

There are other ways you can remodel your kitchen with our help. You can update the cabinetry in your kitchen, providing more space and style. Some of our cabinets may be larger in size, which means more space for your dishes, food and supplies. You can even add more cabinets wherever wall space allows.

If you’re looking to keep the wall paint looking great, you can have backsplashes installed throughout. This makes it easier to clean up after you cook messy meals, such as spaghetti and soups.

The floors of your kitchen could also be updated with beautiful tile or hardwood flooring. In doing so, it will help to improve the look of the space and even make it easier to clean. The kitchen should be all about cleanliness, so choose materials that are easy to maintain and that are durable.

Bathroom Remodeling Ashburn

The same thing goes for your bathroom vanity tops. The counters you place in your bathrooms must be durable. If they aren’t, then you’ll run into problems with its quality. You will have issues with scratches, stains and burns caused by your cosmetics and curling irons.

With the natural and engineered stone options, you can avoid this dilemma altogether. And what’s even better, is you can choose from a long list of color options. This can in turn help improve the look and feel of your bathroom without breaking your budget.

You can also redecorate your bathroom with new vanities from our selection of products. Doing so will add to your countertop installation, making this focal point one to marvel over.

Then there are the floors – you can use hardwood or tile options to enhance the look of your bathroom. This is something many of our customers in Ashburn do.

Remodeling your bathroom can give your home the added quality and value it needs. So, whether you’re looking to live in your home forever or to sell the property, remodeling your bathroom will help.

What We Did in Ashburn

So, what exactly have we done for the city of Ashburn? For one, we help homeowners throughout this town with updating their kitchen and bathroom counters. And in doing so, they help boost the value of their properties.

Some of our customers are looking to sell their homes and could do so easier when they updated the counters in their kitchen and bathrooms. This says a lot about the value countertops hold when it comes time to sell. Home buyers just love stone counters, which is what we have available – granite, quartz and marble.

With our help, homeowners in Ashburn are improving their quality of living, as well as their chances of making a faster sale. You will find that many of our customers here rate our company highly because of our great craftsmanship and prices.

Customer Says

The professionals at Fairfax Kitchen and Bath were very helpful in aiding my countertop project. They helped me choose a stone slab from their showroom. An expert even came to my home to take down measurements and supplied me with a free estimate.

I found this company on Twitter and am very happy that I did. The 3D design they give you is an amazing approach, because it allows you to see what your new countertops will look like.

About Ashburn

Ashburn is a city located in Loudoun County, Virginia. It’s not too far away from Washington DC and is even a part of the Washington metro area. The history of this city dates back hundreds of years. Back in 1802, Ashburn was first known as Farmwell. It was a 1,236-acre plantation that was inherited by George Lee. Then another 580-acre tract of land was purchased nearby in 1841, which was used as the summer home for a Quaker named John Janney.

Need a Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Company in Ashburn

The services we offer at Fairfax Kitchen and Bath are renowned. We are best known for our great rates and quality stone countertops. If you’re looking to update your home with beautiful stone counters, vanities, floors and sinks, then you can count on our professionals to do it for you.

Get in touch with us today to receive a free estimate for your kitchen and bathroom upgrades!

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