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Hamit Kazanci

Managing Partner

I was born in 1991 in Izmir, Turkey, which is the third-largest city in the country. Izmir is strategically located and has a significant role in global trade with its large port and industrial zones.

In the previous generation of my family (my father and uncles), we owned three separate companies that ranked in the top 500 in Turkey, according to Forbes magazine’s data. Our textile and ceramic factories were among the major production facilities in Europe. Additionally, my father was involved in residential construction projects.

With the experiences gained from growing up in this geographical region and the family businesses, I aimed to further elevate my education. I began my university studies in the International Finance program at Gediz University. Later, I continued my studies in International Relations program at Bahcesehir University. I completed my master’s degree at Izmir Economy University.

While I worked professionally in our textile companies for many years, we decided to shift our investments to the United States. Consequently, I moved to the United States, and here, I became involved in the construction sector, which I was already familiar with from the past. My older brother Sam had founded Fairfax Kitchen and Bath many years ago. After serving as a project manager at the Fairfax location for a certain period, we decided to open the second showroom of FKB at Sterling. I am currently managing the Sterling location.