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Extremely Creative Small Kitchen Remodeling Design

Extremely Creative Small Kitchen Remodeling Design

Large kitchen space is a great thing for every home, but what if you have a small kitchen space. Does that mean you cannot make it look great? Limited kitchen space is never a hindrance in sprucing up its aesthetics.

There are plenty of creative and smart ways of making your affordable small kitchen remodeling memorable. Here are some of the ideas we are going to share with you to help you with your full kitchen renovation.

1. Go for White Colors

Never choose dark colors for your small kitchen because it will make your kitchen look smaller. Going for white kitchen cabinetry and light-colored kitchen countertops is a great choice. It creates a visual impression of a larger space and an airy feeling.

When you have a white theme, you can spruce it up with various colors from your kitchenwares, silverwares, porcelains, and other accessories.

2. Choose Smaller Kitchen Appliances

You must maximize the space in your petite kitchen space, so you need to choose smaller kitchen appliances for your upgrades. By doing this, you are creating a smooth and streamlined curb appeal in your small kitchen redo.

3. Make it Airy by Installing Open Shelves

When you have the traditional kitchen cabinetry, it makes your small kitchen feel like a cave. Updating your cabinetry with open shelving creates more vibrance and airy appeal in the space. Likewise, the things you place inside serve as wall decor in your kitchen.

4. Polished and Glossy Finish

Increasing the brightness of your small kitchen is a smart move in sprucing up your affordable kitchen remodeling. You can go for a polished marble, quartz, or granite kitchen countertops.

Likewise, install a glossy and patterned backsplash to increase the brilliance of the LED lights underneath your cabinetry. Kitchen appliances with smooth stainless steel or chrome-plated finish will also be great for a streamlined look.

5. Maximize Storage – Install Creative Cubbies

Free kitchen working space and more storage compartments is a good thing for your small kitchen. However, you must instil excellent aesthetics in your small cubbies. To achieve a modern appearance, go for the sleek and stone-like finish. Meanwhile, for a cabin-like appeal, go for a natural hardwood grain finish.

6. Colorful and Creative Patterned Backsplash

A creative patterned backsplash will provide good warmth and focal point with your white or neutral colored kitchen wall. It breaks the streamline and cool appearance of your white kitchen countertops and cabinetry.

7. Don’t Forget Your Kitchen Floor

For small kitchen renovations, you can increase visual appearance by installing larger tiles with colorful patterns. It totally increases the curb appeal of your renovation while also reducing the burden of cleaning grouts.

8. Add more Life, Add Green Plants

With all the modern and artificial things inside your small kitchen, you can add natural warmth and life by having decorative plants inside. Likewise, the green color of plants is pleasing and cool to your eyes. 

9. Custom Small Pantry

If one of your kitchen corners is free, you can install a small pantry on that spot. Don’t forget to place bar stools on that area for better comfort.

10. Flowing Small Kitchen

Most homeowners make that mistake of isolating their small kitchen from the rest of the rooms on that floor. To avoid making that mistake, ensure your small kitchen connects to your breakfast counter or dining area.

Inline, an L-shape kitchen layout is most preferred. Then, you can install your small fridge in between your small kitchen and dining area.


There is no limit towards making your small kitchen renovation standout. Creativity and resourcefulness will be your best tool. Nevertheless, if you need professional assistance with your affordable small kitchen remodeling, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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How to Plan Your Kitchen Space During a Remodel

Planning your kitchen layout is critical in securing a good workflow in your area. No matter how expensive the fixtures and countertops you install, it will be rendered inefficient without proper layout.

We will never get tired of emphasizing that the key to a successful full kitchen remodel is planning. Likewise, to achieve an affordable kitchen renovation, you need to install cheaper alternatives for your fixtures, sinks, faucets, cabinets, and countertops.

Check out some of our practical tips in planning for your kitchen space before implementing your modern kitchen remodel.

1. Examine your Kitchen

Take a tour around your kitchen and list some of the important things needed to be upgraded or updated. Some of the typical things you can upgrade for your home kitchen remodeling include countertops, backsplash, sink, faucet, fixtures, floors, cabinetry, and lightings.

Upon listing those things, think if it requires an upgrade (replacement with a brand new one) or just an update (cleaning its surface to remove tarnish, stains, or rust).

2. Plan for Estimated Budget and Duration

To prevent the common mistakes of overspending, it is best if you plan your approximate budget for your modern kitchen remodeling. Some of the most expensive upgrades you can have for your kitchen include countertops, changing layout, appliances, and cabinetry.

For you to have a better gauge, take advantage of the free estimates offered by most professional home remodelers. You can even contact us right now to get an approximate quote for your affordable kitchen renovations.

3. Retain or Change Existing Kitchen Layout

If you think your current kitchen layout is inefficient, then change to a new one. However, be mindful that changing your current layout entails bigger cost compared to retaining it. Nevertheless, if the benefits of getting a new layout outweigh its cost, then go for a new one.

What are some types of kitchen layout

There are six main kitchen layouts in the industry. Check out each type and see which one fits your need.

1. L-shape

This layout is the most popular and common to most households. It requires plenty of kitchen cabinetry and countertop space. One leg is longer than the other, creating the L-shape. The usual dimension for this is 6’ x 12’.

If you want an extra countertop space, you can install a peninsula on one end of your working space. Doing this can transform your L-shape to a U-shape kitchen.

2. Galley

This layout is best for small kitchen areas. Two parallel walls face each other and both ends have separate doors. This one has lesser cabinetry and countertop space compared to the L-shape layout.

3. Single wall layout

This layout is typically seen in a small apartment or studio-size condominium units. You cannot expect great efficiency for this small working area, but there will be less hassle from moving from one place to another.

4. U-Shape

This layout is suitable for a three-walled kitchen area. You can have plenty of colorful cabinetry and smart storage spaces in your kitchen. Likewise, a larger surface of kitchen countertop can be allocated. Efficiency is never a problem with a U-shape kitchen.

Meanwhile, if both ends of this layout have a very wide gap, that entails longer traveling time from both ends. To resolve that issue, you can simply install an island counter in between the two ends of your U-shape kitchen. This creates a mid-section working area that saves time and energy for your meal preparations.

4. Hire a Professional While Doing Some of the Works

Hiring a professional designer or stone specialist for your full kitchen remodel is a wise investment. Why? Because you have other things to work on, you cannot fully dedicate your 100% time for doing the remodeling, so you need an extra hand.

Professional remodelers have years of experience and expertise in doing these kinds of projects. Hiring us will make your modern kitchen remodel highly efficient and convenient.

Nevertheless, to save on costs, you can do some of the works for your affordable kitchen renovations while leaving the major tasks on us.


At Fairfax Kitchen Bath, we have a complete team of professional designers, stone fabricators and installers for kitchen and bath remodeling. You can contact us anytime to get a free quote or consultation from one of our technicians.

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Financing Options for Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling is a common goal for many homeowners. They want to make their kitchens more attractive and efficient, and that usually means making some substantial changes. In some instances, these changes might even be necessary because the kitchen is outdated, or it has some structural issues that need addressing.

In most cases, the sticking point is the money. Remodeling a kitchen is a serious investment, even though the value added to the home is worth the expense in the long run. The trick is to figure a way to get the money needed to carry out kitchen remodeling without cutting corners or making serious compromises in the quality of the materials and the work.

The obvious solution is to wait until you have put aside enough money to carry out the project. If this is not possible, or you are not willing to wait, then you might want to think about getting a loan. This makes sense, especially if you are planning to sell your home soon, as it will enable you to get a better price.

Even if you are not planning to sell, it still makes sense to take the plunge for your personal benefit. A beautiful and functional kitchen, where you probably spend most of your time awake, will make you feel more content and happier in your home. If you are happy at home, you feel more fulfilled overall. This can help you advance in your career, nurture relationships, and be a better person.
If these sound like something you want, then you should know more about your financing options for kitchen remodeling. This will help you choose
the one with which you feel most comfortable.

Unsecured loans

An unsecured loan is one that does not require collateral. The most common type of unsecured loan is a credit card, which is essentially a loan instrument available on demand. The amount you can borrow will depend on your credit rating. However, you should keep it to $10,000 or less.
Because you did not put up anything as collateral, a credit card company does not have any way to get their money back if you choose not to pay. Your credit rating will suffer, but that will not help the company recover their losses.
The risk they take in lending you money is why credit cards have high interest rates, and why it is a good idea to pay it back as soon as possible. In fact, you should use your credit card if you anticipate that you can pay your credit card bill in full by the time your due date comes around. That way, you will not have to pay any interest at all.

However, if this is not the case, using your credit card is still a good idea if you only need a small amount, and you have a good credit rating. Credit card companies often offer lower interest rates for installments to clients with good credit, sometimes as low as 2% a month. It’s still a whopping 36% over 18 months, but not bad if you get your dream kitchen in exchange.
Keep in mind that credit card loans carry hefty fees if you fail to pay on time or miss a payment. Make sure you pay off the loan on time, and avoid using that card for other purchases, as this will add to your revolving credit interest charges. Any interest and other charges you pay for this type of loan is not tax deductible.

Personal loans

A personal loan is also a type of unsecured loan available through banks and credit unions. If your remodeling cost is likely to go beyond $10,000, this is a better option than credit cards because you can get a larger amount over a longer term and they usually have lower interest rates than credit cards. The interest rates vary greatly from lender to lender, however, so make sure you shop around. The range is from a low of 6% to a high of 36% per annul.

A personal loan is a good idea if you have a great to outstanding credit score as a lender is more likely to offer good terms for your loan. You can ask for longer terms if you are asking for a big amount, so your monthly payments are manageable.
The problem with personal loans is you must wait longer to get approval. You must submit documents when applying for one, and this can be a hassle if you are applying with several lenders. However, you should have no difficulty in getting approval if you have good credit, so it is worth the time and effort to negotiate the best terms from the best lenders. You should not have to pay for closing or other fees, either. Note that there are no tax benefits from this type of loan.

Secured loan – Home equity

Another financing option you might want to consider is a secured loan using your home equity as collateral. This is only an option if you have full ownership of your home, or you are far enough along in your mortgage payments that you have equity. Since it is a secured loan, the lender can foreclose on your home if you fail to pay the loan in full.

A secured loan using home equity for your kitchen remodeling is a great idea because you can get more money, pay it back over a longer period, and pay much lower interest rates that you can deduct from your taxes besides. You have several options when it comes to this type of loan. These include taking out a second mortgage, refinancing, or getting a home equity line of credit (HELOC).
When you do apply for a secured loan, do not hesitate to tell them the reason for it. They would be happy to learn you are remodeling your kitchen, as this means better value for the security they hold you home. This might even help you get better terms.
The downside to secured loans is you must jump through more hoops during the application process than an unsecured loan. You must pay additional costs such as closing fees if you do get approval.

If you are going the second mortgage route, it means you are getting another loan on top of your original loan, so you must make two mortgage payments for the same house. The amount you can get for a second mortgage will depend on the ratio of the value of your home and any equity you have.

For HELOC, you should know that lenders would only give about 75% of the value of the home or equity as the loan amount. If you have equity of $50,000, for instance, you can only qualify for a loan of $35,000.
For refinancing, you need to borrow enough to pay off any balance on your original mortgage plus your remodeling cost. If you still owe $20,000 on your original mortgage and need $35,000 for your remodel, then you must borrow $55,000.


You have several financial options for kitchen remodeling, and each one discussed here have its merits. What you must decide is how much work you are willing to put into getting a loan and how much interest you are willing to pay. This will depend greatly on how much you need to remodel your kitchen. Fairfax Kitchen Bath can give you a free estimate for the kitchen you will love for life.

Fairfax Kitchen Bath services the DC, MD and Northern Virginia metropolitan areas. We are a Class A, licensed and insured contractor, registered in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We have a showroom in Fairfax, Virginia, which houses all our products.
We sell only top-quality products for all your kitchen renovation needs, from natural and engineered stone slabs, cabinets, shelves, sinks, faucets tiles, backsplashes, knobs and pulls, and hardwood flooring. We carry only the top brands for these products, such as Schrock Cabinetry, Silestone, Blanco, Kohler, and Mosaic Décor.

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Kitchen Remodeling

10 Trending Ideas for Kitchen Remodeling in 2020

An open layout for the kitchen makes it look bigger and more welcoming, and lighting can help keep the space distinct cohesive. The choice is yours. The point is it is a very popular layout for these reasons.
An open space layout is hardly groundbreaking in kitchen design, but its persistence does make it necessary to be on point on everything else with the kitchen. Here are 10 trending ideas for kitchen remodeling in 2020 to inspire you.

1. Marvelous marble

Yup, the elegance of Carrara marble countertops (or their quartz look-alikes) are apt to tickle the design bone of kitchen remodelers in 2020. Purists might insist on the real deal despite the risk of staining and etching of true marble, but most people would probably opt for quartz. In either case, you can expect white kitchens and marble countertops to dominate in 2020, so choose accordingly.

2. Wood tones

While white kitchens will continue to trend in 2020, you will also see an upsurge of natural and warm wood tones in kitchen designs. This could be in the form of stained or painted wood cabinets, floors, or butcher blocks. This is fortunate as wood plays particularly well with natural and engineered stone countertops.

3. Color on white

If wood is not to your taste, you can still be in fashion by adding some hints of color to your all-white kitchen. You can do this by choosing appliances in striking colors such as mint green or cherry red. You can also go for a subtler approach by putting in glass-fronted wall cabinets to display your most colorful collections. Chairs, rugs, or light fixtures are great ways to add some color to your kitchen.

4. Look up

The one thing most people take for granted is the ceiling. In most cases, you paint it white to give the illusion of height. However, the ceiling is literally the 5th wall from a design perspective. You can put some great pops of color for the kitchen using paint, wood paneling, or even wallpaper. If you have the resources, you might even want to put in some reclaimed wood up there.
If you have a high ceiling, or went rustic with bare rafters, you can go to town with it with bold colors and some vintage light fixtures. Ceiling designs keep your kitchen neutral but still swoon-worthy.

5. Walled in

Wallpaper has fallen out of favor quite a while ago because it was so hard to put on, take off, and keep in good condition. However, it is making a comeback in the home as feature or accent walls. You can experiment with kitchen wallpaper by choosing less permanent self-adhesive vinyl sheets rather than traditional wallpaper. These vinyl sheets are affordable and comes in a vast array of designs, including subway tile patterns.
However, if wallpaper is not up to your speed, another trend that might interest you is handmade tiles such as cement and terracotta. They are also available in many colors, and bring great texture to your kitchen.

6. Open shelves

Choosing open shelves for your kitchen makes a lot of sense if you have limited space. You can put much more on an open shelf than a closed cabinet. It is also a great idea if you have collectibles you want to display. The biggest problem and top peeve of people with open shelves is keeping it display worthy. However, if you like to keep updated, you will have to make an effort. A good tip is keeping the things you use on a daily on the lower shelves for easy access.

7. Heavy metal

There will always be metal in kitchens because modern appliances are usually made of it. However, metal as an accent is a different matter altogether. The trend calls for hanging copper pans and pots from the ceiling or adding metal siding to countertops and cabinets for some shine to any kitchen. In kitchens with open shelves, you can put your focus on the range hood by putting in metal sheeting.

8. Blend in

Hiding appliances behind false cabinet fronts is a neat trick. It gives your kitchen a seamless, elegant look that is surprisingly versatile. As long as you match the fronts with the rest of the cabinets, you can use this strategy for any kitchen style. Coordinate this design with your cabinet supplier as some fronts might not be of standard sizes.

9. Go black

Black and gray as a color for appliance is gaining popularity against the usual stainless steel. It might seem counterintuitive, but black and gray can actually help make small kitchens seem less confining. As most people are living in smaller spaces, many appliance makers are jumping on this particular bandwagon. You should have no problem going black with your favorite appliance brands.

10. Sink-station

The kitchen sink is the most functional and necessary element in the kitchen, so you should not take it for granted. The trend for sinks in 2020 is an eclectic mix of the natural and engineered: natural stone apron front integrated sinks with brass fixtures. The combination is particularly striking in white kitchens.

Kitchen remodeling does not happen every year, so you want to make sure you make the most of your resources when you do one for your home. These 10 trending ideas for kitchen remodeling in 2020 should point you in the right direction.
If you are ready for an upgrade, be sure to consult with a reputable remodeling company. Fairfax Kitchen Bath guarantees you will love your new kitchen or bathroom for life.

Fairfax Kitchen Bath services the DC, MD and Northern Virginia metropolitan areas. We are a Class A, licensed and insured contractor, registered in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We have a showroom in Fairfax, Virginia, which houses all our products.
We sell only top-quality products for all your kitchen remodeling needs, from natural and engineered stone slabs, cabinets, shelves, sinks, faucets tiles, backsplashes, knobs and pulls, and hardwood flooring. We carry only the top brands for these products, such as Schrock Cabinetry, Silestone, Blanco, Kohler, and Mosaic Décor.

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Why November is the Best Time to do Home and Kitchen Renovations

It is nearing the end of the year, winter is here, and the holidays are in full swing. When is it a better time to do home and kitchen renovations?

It’s true: November is the best time to do home and kitchen renovations.
You might be shaking your head or making a funny face right about now. You are thinking that with everything going on right now, the last thing you need is a crew of workers knocking down walls and hauling in stuff. We argue that there are many reasons why you should risk the stress of a renovation right about now.


Most people schedule renovations during the summer and spring month because the weather is ideal for making everything go smoothly. As a result, November is the peak of the off-peak season, when remodeling companies will have much less work. They are thus more likely to give you deep discounts to get your project. Additionally, the contractor will be able to give it his or her full attention from start to finish since nothing else is going on.

Merchandisers also schedule clearance sales at this time. This means you can get construction materials, cabinets, accessories, and anything else you need for your renovation at great prices.

Great timing

Nothing motivates you more to do something great for the home than the holidays. You are having guests coming over, so you want to make your home look as amazing as possible. A well-planned and strategic renovation can transform the look of your home much more than any type of decoration you can put up.

You are more likely to have some good vibes flowing during this time as well, which can help you deal with any issues that come up much more constructively. Fortunately, this is also the season for bonuses, so you are more likely to have some extra cash to fund your renovation.

Less humidity

November is cold, but it is also dry, so you will not have to worry about high humidity. This is an excellent reason to schedule your renovation at this time, especially if you are doing anything with plaster that has to dry quickly. It is a good time to replace anything with wood, such as doors, window frames, and decorations. It is also more comfortable to work indoors when the weather is cool.

Neat ending

The end of the year also means the start of a new one. Waiting until November to start any major remodeling in your home gives you enough time to finish the project comfortably before January 1, allowing for even serious delays. You will have a new look to welcome in the new year.
Now that you have some excellent reasons to start planning your home and kitchen renovations right now, you need to know what type of improvements you should make. Here are some suggestions.


kitchen remodeling
The kitchen is the first thing most people think of when they have the opportunity to do a renovation. If you are doing just an upgrade, considering replacing the kitchen countertops. This is a quick project with a big impact. You might also want to consider putting in a kitchen island if you do not have one yet. It is a fantastic feature in the kitchen built specifically for entertaining during the holidays.
If your countertops are just perfect, you can consider upgrading your kitchen cabinets. These are visually prominent, so you will want them to look perfect. You can choose to replace, refinish, or reface them, depending on the condition of the cabinets and your budget.

Powder room

Most of your guests will likely use your powder room at least once. You want to concentrate on making that room as awesome as possible. Since powder rooms tend to be small with limited features, renovating them should not take too long. Consider repainting the walls and replacing all the hardware. This should take not more than a couple of days to complete. If you are considering a major remodel, such as replacing the floors and changing the layout, give it at least a week.

Dining area

open space layout
Most homes have an open floor layout, especially small ones. However, if you still have a wall between your dining room and kitchen, you should knock it down. It will open up the space and make your home look much brighter and more welcoming. It will also give you more space to put tables and seating for the holiday celebrations.

Knocking down a wall is usually a quick job you can DIY, but you have to make sure it is not a load-bearing one. Consult with your contractor to find out before going ahead with this plan. If it is not a load-bearing wall, you might still have to deal with any pipes and wires that run through it. If this is the case, you will need professionals to handle it for you.


November is the best time to do home and kitchen renovations for many reasons. However, no matter what month you decided to take the plunge, the one thing you have to ensure is that you have a reliable remodeling contractor. It can spell the difference between delight and disaster for your holidays. Fairfax Kitchen Bath guarantees you will love your new kitchen or bathroom for life.

Fairfax Kitchen Bath services the DC, MD and Northern Virginia metropolitan areas. We are a Class A, licensed and insured contractor, registered in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We have a showroom in Fairfax, Virginia, which houses all our products.

We sell only top quality products for all your kitchen renovation needs, from natural and engineered stone slabs, cabinets, shelves, sinks, faucets tiles, backsplashes, knobs and pulls, and hardwood flooring. We carry only the top brands for these products, such as Schrock Cabinetry, Silestone, Blanco, Kohler, and Mosaic Décor.

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Smart Tips for Kitchen Remodeling this Holiday Season

The holiday season is just around the corner, and chances are you are thinking deeply about how to make your home more inviting for family and friends. The kitchen is typically the center of festivities, not only for food prep, but for entertainment as well.
You want to feel that your kitchen is up to the challenge. What better way to ensure this than by doing some kitchen remodeling. You have enough time to do a complete remodel if you have a reliable contractor such as Fairfax Kitchen Bath in Fairfax, VA. However, you can also do smaller projects if you want. These smart tips for kitchen remodeling this holiday season can point the way.
If you are not sure that kitchen remodeling is right for you at this time, here are some reasons to go through with it.

Better organization

A kitchen remodel can help you organize your kitchen for better space and work efficiency. This can be a major help when preparing for large parties. More storage in the form of cabinets, drawers, and kitchen islands can make all the difference when it comes to food prep and cooking. It also makes it easier to find things when you need them, especially when you are feeding a lot of people during holiday celebrations.

Better appliances

It is not necessary to replace all your kitchen appliances, but it does make a difference as well. Battling with a temperamental oven that could ruin your dinner can be highly stressful. New appliances are also more energy efficient, so you come out ahead in the end. Choosing appliances that match your overall kitchen design can also earn you some kudos in the esthetic department. You might want to think about replacing your refrigerator and oven, as well as adding other mod cons such as wine coolers and espresso machines that make holiday entertaining a pleasure for you and your guests.

Better atmosphere

A well-designed kitchen can be the hub of your entertainment activities. Many homeowners involve guests in food prep for the holidays, so ample workspace is the key to making that an enjoyable experience. Other than that, a space efficient kitchen keeps homeowners in a relaxed and festive mood, so it is important to reconfigure the space to best advantage. A kitchen remodel can give you that.

Smart tips for kitchen remodeling

Given that kitchen remodeling is in the works, you need to be smart about it. It will defeat the purpose for the holidays if your kitchen remodel is stressing you out. A major one can be quite complicated. Here are some ways for you to get the kitchen you want without having to go whole hog. You can tackle each one individually, in pairs, or all together. It depends on your budget and inclination.

Put in a kitchen island

One of the best things you can do for your kitchen is to put in a kitchen island. The type will depend on your available space, but if you can manage a full one, that would be the best option. You will need a remodeling contractor that supplies top quality cabinets and countertops to do this project for you, and the extra storage and work space it will give you will be well worth the expense. You will have a great addition to your kitchen for daily use as well as an entertainment area for your guests.

Replace your cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are visually prominent, so you want to make sure they are holiday perfect. Replacing kitchen cabinets is not a decision you should take likely, however. The investment is significant, so if your kitchen cabinets are in good condition, you might want to consider refacing or repainting them instead of replacing them. That said, brand new cabinets that are perfect for your kitchen will completely change the look. The good news is swapping out old cabinets for new does not take a lot of time. You also have the option of simply changing the cabinet doors, and that will take even less time and money.

Get better lighting

One of the easiest things you can do for your kitchen to bring it new life is to get better lighting. It can change the whole vibe of the room, and make even the dullest and darkest kitchen sparkle.
Replace old lights with those energy efficient LED lights. You can save quite a bit of change with them, and they are cooler overall. Kitchens tend to be warm, so anything to keep the temperature a little is a smart move.
You might want to invest in a nice chandelier if you have a high ceiling, or pendant lights with some esthetic panache. You can also consider placing new task lights over your countertops and kitchen island. Better lights will also make working in the kitchen a lot easier.
Better lighting can highlight the best features of your kitchen. New lights will make the holidays a lot merrier, warmer, and beautiful.

Repaint the walls

In some cases, repainting the walls is the only thing you need to do to make your kitchen holiday friendly. It is also an affordable way to upgrade your kitchen without too much trouble. You might even be able to do it yourself over several weekends, making it a fun project for you and your family. The right color paint can change the whole atmosphere of the kitchen, and it is especially important if your old paint is just ready for an overhaul.

Replace your countertops

Like cabinets, kitchen countertops take up a lot of real estate. They dominate the kitchen, often dictating the overall design when you do a complete remodel. However, you can just replace the countertops and get an awesome kitchen.
You have many options when it comes to the material for your countertops. The top choices are quartz and granite, although marble is a serious contender for durable worktops. Your best choice will depend on your lifestyle and kitchen style. For low maintenance, we recommend quartz or granite. For elegance and luxury, marble is your best bet.

While you are at it, you might also want to choose a sink that can handle all the food prep and dirty dishes in your calendar for the holiday season. Double sinks are not as popular as they once were, but some design might give you pause. To be on the safe side, however, choose a large and deep stainless steel undermount sink. It will do the job wonderfully.


Getting ready for the holidays can be stressful. However, you can make it less so by preparing your kitchen for the holiday onslaught. You should really consider these smart tips for kitchen remodeling this holiday season. You should consult with a reputable remodeling contractor in your area.

Fairfax Kitchen Bath help you choose the right type of kitchen remodeling for you. We serve the DC, MD and Northern Virginia metropolitan areas. We are a Class A, licensed and insured contractor, registered in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We have a showroom in Fairfax, Virginia, which houses all our products.
We sell only top-quality products for all your kitchen remodeling needs, from natural and engineered stone slabs, cabinets, shelves, sinks, faucets tiles, backsplashes, knobs and pulls, and hardwood flooring. We carry only the top brands for these products, such as Schrock Cabinetry, Silestone, Blanco, Kohler, and Mosaic Décor.

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A Breakdown of Kitchen Remodeling Costs for 2019

The average kitchen remodel in 2019 will cost you about $150 per square foot, but many homeowners spend as little as $75 per square foot. The cost will depend on the size of the kitchen, the materials you choose, and any structural changes you might make. It is perfectly possible to opt for a small project that will cost you just $10,000 by simply replacing the countertops, backsplash, and sink. If you want to go the distance, you may be looking at spending more than $30,000.

While this might seem like a lot of money, it is worth making your kitchen the best it can be. If you are like most people, you spend a lot of time there on a daily basis, as well as for special occasions, like the upcoming holidays.
The thing is, kitchen remodeling can be complicated. Here is a breakdown of kitchen remodeling costs for 2019. This can help you find ways to cut down on some costs.

First things first

Industry standards place the money you spend on kitchen remodeling should only be between 5% and 15% of the market value of the home. If the market value of your home is $100,000, you should not spend more than 15,000 for your kitchen remodel.
Assuming that the minimum you will spend for your kitchen is $75 per square foot, you might want to consider what you want with the space you have such as the layout, functional areas, and configuration of the storage spaces. If you have a limited budget, you can manage your money by refinishing or refacing your cabinets, keeping your existing appliances, or doing small remodels in stages until you get the kitchen you want.

Materials, labor, and fixtures for a major kitchen remodel will cost you an average of $23,500. The typical breakdown looks like this:
• Design – 4% (from $920)
• Labor – 17% (from $3,910)
• Appliances and HVAC system – 14% (from $3,220)
• Cabinets – 29% (from $6,670)
• Countertops – 10% (from $2,300)
• Lighting – 5% (from $1,150)
• Floors – 7% (from $1,610)
• Doors and windows – 4% (from $920)
• Walls and ceilings – 5% (from $1,150)
• Plumbing and faucets – 4% (from $920)
• Miscellaneous – 1% – (from $230)


Hiring a designer to work with you on your kitchen design will cost between $100 and $200 an hour, more if the designer has certification from the NKBA and does the work onsite. Some remodeling companies like Fairfax Kitchen and Bath do offer free design consultation, and even provide 3D designs based on your space and specification, and you do not have to commit to them to get them.
Of course, it would be more efficient to have your design carried out by the same company that made it for you. At any rate, you can shave off as much as $920 from your budget by simply taking advantage of this offer.


You will need professionals to carry out your design, including installation of your floors, ceilings, cabinets, and countertops. The cost range is from $3,500 to $6,000 just for the labor if you contract each one independently. The total cost will depend on the scope of work.
In most cases, you want to get a package deal from a remodeling company that includes labor costs for the entire project. These companies also work regularly with different professional, so you only have to coordinate with them for any issues you might have with the work.


Your total cost will depend on many factors, but a major one is the size of your kitchen. A small kitchen, which would be less than 70 square feet in area, will cost between $5,000 and $20,000. A large one, which would be more than 200 square feet, will cost from $30,000.

Small kitchens

If you have a small kitchen, you have quite a few choices to make that will dictate the overall cost. You need to establish a budget and look at doing some of the work yourself to keep your total investment small. You can also consider the following to save some money in the long run.
• Use LED lighting, which are low energy and easy to install on your own
• Choose green products for faucets and appliances
• Install double-paned windows for better heat efficiency
• Put in accessories that will help you maximize storage, such as Lazy Susans, roll-out trays, pull-out shelves, racks, and roll out countertops

A great way to make more space in your small kitchen is to choose an open space layout. It might mean removing a couple of walls and replacing some cabinets with a kitchen island, but you will have more visual and actual space in which to work. Have a contractor check if the wall is a load-bearing one before finalizing your design. If you live in a condo, ask about any rules or codes that might not let you remove walls in your unit.

Large kitchens

If you have a larger kitchen, congratulations. However, it also means you will probably spend quite bit more upgrading it. You can spend as little as $30,000, but it can go up from there, depending on the upscale features you choose. Typically, this will include:
• Full kitchen island with seating and cook top
• Wall ovens
• Commercial grade stove
• Breakfast bar
• Recycling stations
• Built-in appliances


Kitchen remodeling costs for 2019 might seem a lot, but you have complete control over it. Your best option is to find an expert remodeling company to help you every step of the way.
Fairfax Kitchen Bath can be that expert for you. Fairfax Kitchen Bath services the DC, MD and Northern Virginia metropolitan areas. We are a Class A, licensed and insured contractor, registered in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We have a showroom in Fairfax, Virginia, which houses all our products.

We sell only top-quality products for all your kitchen remodeling needs, from natural and engineered stone slabs, cabinets, shelves, sinks, faucets tiles, backsplashes, knobs and pulls, and hardwood flooring. We carry only the top brands for these products, such as Schrock Cabinetry, Silestone, Blanco, Kohler, and Mosaic Décor.

Contact us today to get free in-home design consultation and quote for your kitchen remodeling project.

Hardware for Kitchen Cabinets

Choosing Hardware for Kitchen Cabinets

You should take our time choosing hardware for kitchen cabinets whether you are doing a complete remodel or simply replacing your old hardware for your kitchen cabinets. Cabinet hardware can be subtle or striking, depending on what you choose, and what you choose will have a distinct impact on the look and function of your cabinets and kitchen.

You will use your cabinets at least once a day, so your hardware keeps you from handling you cabinet doors directly and wearing out some portions of it. They also definitely have to be up to the challenge of frequent use, so you do not want low quality, flimsy pulls and knobs.
Fortunately, cabinet hardware is easy to find. They are available in most hardware stores and home depot, although you will get much better options from a remodeling company.

The thing is, with so many choices available to you, it might be hard to find hardware that works for you both functionally and aesthetically. A good rule of thumb is to choose your cabinet pulls or knobs after you have chosen everything else for your remodel, or after you have chosen your cabinets. This will give you a better idea of what you need. Here are some other tips to follow when choosing hardware for kitchen cabinets.

Choose a type

hand holding pull of drawer
Cabinet hardware is typically either a pull or a knob, and you can choose one or the other depending on your preference. Some people want just one type for both cabinets and drawers to keep the look cohesive.

Functionally, pulls and knobs work equally for cabinets because these do not normally bear any weight. An exception to this would be a pantry cabinet, which might have shelves built into the inside of the door. On the other hand, pulls are usually better for drawers and other types of doors that you pull out because they give you a better grip. This makes it easier to open a heavy drawer.

Stylistically, using just one type of hardware is actually common in older homes. While this does not necessarily make it a bad choice, the overall style is outdated. A kitchen that used knobs or pulls, but not both, was trending during a time when options were more limited.

If you do choose just one type of hardware, it can still work with the right design. However, if you choose pulls, you might want to think about orientation. The standard is mounting them vertically for cabinets and horizontally for drawers, in which case you should choose slimmer, lighter models to avoid making the kitchen too heavy. If you want a contemporary look, consider mounting all your pulls horizontally for both cabinets and drawers.

Choose a shape

ornate versus contemporary hardware
Another thing that can affect the look of your cabinets and kitchen is the shape of the hardware. The most popular ones are curved or square. Curved hardware tends to be more ornate and has no sharp angles, which makes them ideal for traditional and vintage kitchen styles. Square hardware with its sharp angles looks more at home in modern and contemporary kitchens.

The shape of the hardware you choose should match or complement the general lines of the kitchen design. The most obvious peg is the cabinet style, but you should also consider the countertop shape and edge treatments as well as the lighting to determine if you are better off with a square or a curve. For example, if you have a Shaker-style or flat slab cabinet over a standard countertop with a square edge, you want to go with square hardware.

Choose the finish

different cabinet pull finishes
The finish of your cabinet hardware often matches that of their sink faucets, so if you have a chrome faucet, you might want to choose a chrome finish. If you have one of the new faucets with a matte or brushed finish, then so can your cabinet hardware. However, the faucet is just one element from which to get inspiration. Your choice of finish should reflect the overall style of the kitchen. If you have a modern kitchen with sleek lines, your hardware should look like it belongs there.

Below are some of the types of finishes from which to choose:

  • Aluminum
  • Antique pewter
  • Black
  • Black matte
  • Clear glass
  • Dark bronze
  • Light or dark bronze
  • Oil-rubbed bronze
  • Pewter
  • Rust
  • Satin brass
  • White

Choose for comfort

person checking out different pulls and knobs
Because you will be holding those pulls and knobs many times in your kitchen, you want to make sure they feel comfortable in your hands. You can usually find displays of mounted knobs and pulls in the showroom of your supplier, so use them. You should be able to fit your hand through or around them, and there should be no sharp or hard edges.

Choose quality

You need to choose the best hardware your budget will allow. This ensures that they will last for a long time and give you better return for your investment.

You can expect to pay between $6 and $10 for good quality knobs and between $7 and $12 for pulls, depending on the material, design, and finish. Hardware made of bronze or stainless steel is generally more expensive. Since you have to multiply this by as many drawers and cabinets you have, the sun cam be a significant bit of change. It will be worth it, however.
You can get these pulls at a discount if you purchase them from a remodeling contractor instead of big box stores. Remodeling companies usually get significant discounts from the manufacturer, and in some instances, you can cut your costs by half.


It might seem like a finicky thing, but cabinet hardware is actually an important design and functional element in your kitchen. These tips can help you choose the right one. You can also get advice from your remodeling contractor.

Fairfax Kitchen Bath services the DC, MD and Northern Virginia metropolitan areas. We are a Class A, licensed and insured contractor, registered in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We have a showroom in Fairfax, Virginia, which houses all our products, including a large collection of cabinet hardware.

We sell only top quality products for all your remodeling needs, from natural and engineered stone slabs, cabinets, shelves, sinks, faucets tiles, backsplashes, knobs and pulls, and hardwood flooring. We carry only the top brands for these products, such as Schrock Cabinetry, Silestone, Blanco, Kohler, and Mosaic Décor.

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small kitchen with kitchen cabinets

Choosing Kitchen Cabinets for Small Spaces

High real estate prices in cities have driven people to choose smaller spaces in which to live. It is a practical choice, although it also means making do with much smaller spaces, especially for kitchens.
While most people manage, storage is always a problem. Fortunately, a little creative thinking and some organization can help. Here are some types for choosing kitchen cabinets for small spaces.

Go vertical

kitchen cabinets up to the ceiling
An easy fix to your storage problems is to make the most use of your vertical space. Choose wall or tall cabinets that go right up to the ceiling to reclaim the wasted space that typically exists there in many kitchens.
The standard kitchen ceiling is 8 feet or 96 inches. Most people choose the standard 36-inch high cabinets. If you follow the standard heights for base cabinets and wall cabinets, you have between 4 and 6 inches of overhead space. Choosing taller wall cabinets can claw back a lot of storage space. If your kitchen ceiling is bit higher, you might even be able to fit a whole bank of smaller cabinets in there.

Make use of cabinet accessories

pull down shelves
Going higher and deeper with kitchen cabinets will obviously give you more storage space. A couple of inches higher and deeper can make a lot of difference. However, this can also make some of the spaces harder to access. You can solve that problem by using cabinet accessories.
These range from pull down shelves to Lazy Susans that provide you with a way to get into these spaces or at the contents more easily. Ask your remodeling company about the available options for these cabinet accessories.

Use organizers

spice rack attached to cabinet door
Technically also accessories, cabinet organizers deserve a section of their own because you can use them inside or outside a cabinet. Organizers include spice racks that fit in narrow spaces between appliances, or attach to the side of refrigerators using magnets.
You can also get tray dividers on open shelves to house trays, plates, pot covers, and other space-hogging stuff vertically for better space efficiency and access. Cutlery organizers usually fit easily into drawers, allowing you to organize and put in more forks, spoons, knives and kitchen tools than if you leave them loose.

Use hooks

hanging rack with pots
Most kitchens have various wall and cabinet side spaces that are ideal for placing wire meshes. These allow you to use hooks or other hanging accessories from which you can hang pots, pans, cutting boards, and anything with a handle or hole. This will free up space in your cabinets for things you cannot hang.
Wire meshes and hooks are inexpensive and easily accessible, and you can install them yourself. You might even get some sturdy chains and hooks to hang a mesh from the ceiling over your kitchen island or table. You can hang your pots and pans there if they are nice enough to display so prominently.

Put wheels on them

portable kitchen island using base cabinets
People often use RTA cabinets as the base for kitchen islands, and in many cases, they are fixed in place. A good way to make the most use of the space is to put wheels on your kitchen island so you can move it around where you need it. Put granite countertops on them and you have a great extension of your workspace as well as storage space.


custom cabinets
RTA and stock cabinets are inexpensive, but they come in standard sizes. You might need to invest in custom cabinets if your kitchen has non-standard dimensions.
Some semi-custom cabinets might fit the bill, saving you some money by avoiding fully custom cabinets. Among some of your options for special cabinets are corner cabinets, wine racks, drawers, and rollout pantries.

Choose open shelving

open shelving
Some kitchens are so small that choosing closed wall cabinets simply takes up too much space. Choose open shelving instead and maximize the available wall space. This will also make your kitchen seem larger as it creates visual continuity all the way to the wall.
Inexpensive floating shelves in all sizes and configurations are available in home and hardware stores. You can install these shelves yourself on any available space quite easily. You can also make a design statement, depending on their placement.

Backsplash double duty
magnetic strip with knives

The kitchen backsplash is for the protection of your walls from dirt and grease from cooking. However, it is also an excellent space for storing your knives or hanging towels. Place a strong magnetic strip on the backsplash to hold your knives, or attach a small towel holder for your dishcloths. You can also use the towel holder to hold kitchen implements using hooks.

Doorway to storage

shelves over the doorway
Most small homes have an open floor layout to maximize the space. However, if your kitchen has a door or windows, you might be able to put some shelves or racks over them to hold some stuff, such as books or wine bottles. You can install these things yourself, but you have to make sure they are level and have guards to keep stuff from falling off the sides. .


Many people have tiny kitchens, but that does not mean there will not be enough storage. The trick is to make the most of the available space, and these tips for choosing kitchen cabinets for small spaces can help. You can also benefit from advice from experience remodeling experts to do this.

Fairfax Kitchen Bath can be that expert for you. Fairfax Kitchen Bath services the DC, MD and Northern Virginia metropolitan areas. We are a Class A, licensed and insured contractor, registered in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We have a showroom in Fairfax, Virginia, which houses all our products.

We sell only top-quality products for all your kitchen remodeling needs, from natural and engineered stone slabs, cabinets, shelves, sinks, faucets tiles, backsplashes, knobs and pulls, and hardwood flooring. We carry only the top brands for these products, such as Schrock Cabinetry, Silestone, Blanco, Kohler, and Mosaic Décor.

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beautiful modern kitchen

Upgrading Tips for Kitchens using Kitchen Cabinets

A complete kitchen remodel is not always the way to go, especially if you have budget constraints. In many cases, an upgrade will work quite well, and you will not have to deal with the stress of a full-blown remodel. An upgrade is also a practical decision, as small-scale remodels or upgrades increase the market value of your home up to 80% of what you choose to spend on it, so the return on investment is quite good. If you are doing home improvements in preparation for selling your home, that is something to think about.

The issue is deciding on the type of work you can do to upgrade your kitchen. This is not as hard as it looks. In most cases, all you have to do is choose one major thing in the kitchen you think will do with some improvement. Some people automatically think of putting in quartz countertops or granite countertops, and that works quite well. Another option is to replace kitchen cabinets. In terms of costs, there is not much to choose between the two.
If you decide that your kitchen cabinets definitely have to go, you should make the effort to ensure you choose the right ones. Kitchen cabinets are very prominent visually, but the right ones tend to blend in very well. Most people are not even aware that they have a drastic effect on the look and feel of your kitchen until they choose the wrong ones. Here are some upgrading tips for kitchens using kitchen cabinets.

Choose white

kitchen with white tall cabinets up to the ceiling
Small kitchens can seem a lot larger if the ceiling is high. If that is not the case in your kitchen, you can create the illusion of space with a low ceiling by choosing white cabinets that go all the way to the top. You can have regular wall cabinets or a combination of tall cabinets on either side of a bank of regular cabinets. Tall cabinets are cabinets that go all the way from the floor to the ceiling. The effect is a wall of white that seem to go high and deep.
The advantage of putting in tall cabinets is you can maximize your storage space. Tall cabinets typically serve as pantries or utility closets, and the way you use it will determine the types of divisions you want in there. Your cabinet supplier or remodeling contractor can advise you on the best way to use your tall cabinets.

If you already have white cabinets that do not go all the way to the ceiling, you should cover up the space. If it is a small gap, you can use MDF board and crown molding painted white, If the space is large enough, you can add special cabinets that will fit into the space and extend your storage capacity. You can then add tall cabinets if you want. You can also repaint non-white cabinets if they are still in good condition.

Go bold or go home

kitchen with bright green or orange cabinets

Blending in is fine, but sometimes making your kitchen cabinets stand out is the best move. This is a good way to make your kitchen look hip and updated.
Instead of choosing stained wood or other neutral colors for your cabinets, choose a bold one such as orange, yellow, or green. It might seem a bit of a risk, but these colors will definitely make a statement to anyone that walks in. Of course, you should choose a color that makes you feel happy and comfortable, and not just for the snazzy factor. You will need to tone down the colors of rest of the kitchen, as too much color can be overwhelming. For bold colors, choose a smooth and glossy finish.

Open and shut case

kitchen with both glasses
Most people prefer cabinets with a solid front to keep their contents hidden. However, you should consider mixing in some glass-fronted cabinets to add elegance to your kitchen as well as make it look bigger.

You can put your display-worthy items in glass-fronted cabinets and everything else behind closed doors. Add lighting inside your glass-fronted cabinets for dramatic effect, especially if you have some nice crystal glasses or dishware in there. Just make sure you keep them in pristine condition, both the glass and the contents.

In most cases, you can have glass fronts for wall cabinets and solid fronts for base cabinets. Alternatively, you can have sections of glass front and solid front wall cabinets, or intersperse open shelves with your closed cabinets. Open shelves are trending, and they are much easier to keep clean than glass-fronted cabinets.

Finish it off

kitchen cabinets with reclaimed wood look
Most kitchens have wood cabinets, and while classic, some styles do not always stand up to the test of time. You can update the look by choose less traditional finishes. For instance, choose a smooth veneer instead of a wood stain, especially for cabinets using MDF or wood with an unimpressive grain. You can also go for a distressed look, or milk paint. Some manufacturers offer cabinets using reclaimed wood for a rustic effect. If you are going for a modern look, mix it up with quartz countertops and glass shelving.


Kitchen cabinets can have a significant effect on your kitchen, so putting in new ones or upgrading existing ones are good ways to upgrade a kitchen on a budget. These tips can help you do that to maximum effect. However, you can get best results if you consult with a reliable remodeling company when planning your upgrade. Fairfax Kitchen Bath services the DC, MD and Northern Virginia metropolitan areas. We are a Class A, licensed and insured contractor, registered in the Commonwealth of Virginia. When you contract with us, you can be sure you will get a quick turnaround on your products, and receive it much faster than ordering what you need from big box stores. We specialize in carrying out kitchen remodeling projects within budget and on time

We sell only top quality products for all your kitchen upgrade needs, ranging from top brand kitchen cabinets to natural and engineered stone slabs. We also supply faucets, tiles, backsplashes, knobs and pulls, and hardwood flooring. We carry only the top brands for these products, such as Schrock Cabinetry, Silestone, Blanco, Kohler, and Mosaic Décor.

You can see the products before you buy so you can decide for yourself if the quality is what you expect. We have a showroom in Fairfax, Virginia, which houses all our products. Our products come with manufacturer warranties that ensure your satisfaction with the quality and installation.

Fairfax Kitchen Bath guarantees you will love you new kitchen for life. Contact us today to get a free quote for your kitchen upgrade project.