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Home Addition Service

Add value and function to your house through a home addition.
With our help, no matter what kind of room it’ll be, we can add them to your house.

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A home addition is a difficult project since it requires extensive engineering and design skills. But hiring a professional remodeling company can help you easily accomplish this project within your expected timeframe.

Fairfax Kitchen and Bath offers you innovative home addition services that’ll surely bring more value, style, and function to your property. We have completed many home remodeling projects in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington to guarantee our expertise in the field.

Our team will help you with this feat starting from conceptualizing the right design down to building in or out of your house. Visit our Kitchen and Bath store for your free estimate.

Home Addition Projects

Get inspired by our portfolio! We bring value and beauty to your home.

Different Types of Home Additions

You have various options on what room you want to add to your house. Depending on your lifestyle and priorities, we can help you decide what’s the right room to add.

We offer design and build services to make your custom room additions. Get the best benefits from this project while staying within your budget. We’ll assign one project manager to manage and update you on the progress of your home addition project.

Media Room

We can construct another living or media room for your family. This is great for hosting events or family gatherings on special occasions. Level up your family experience and bonding with an extended media space for entertaining your guests and relatives.

Second Story Room

Do you like to have a balcony or attic? We can build up a second story room in your house. With your growing family, you’d need more storage and space, so constructing a second-story room would be beneficial for you.

You can have ample space for storing your belongings, or another place to hang out with your family upstairs.

Garage Addition

We can add more function and value to your existing garage by adding a work or storage room beside or on top. This is a go-to choice for most homeowners, especially if you’re a fan of DIY car fixing and customizations. By having another room near your garage, you have more space to work on these things, and ample storage as well.

Play Room

A playroom can vary depending on the age of the people who are going to be there. But we can find a way to accommodate toddlers, children, adults, and seniors.

We understand how important “play” is in a person’s growth and lifestyle. It allows you to relax and relieve stress while spending time with your friends and family. That said, we can customize your game or playroom addition to fit your needs.

Home office or study area

Work-from-home setup is common today, so why not create one, right? That said, you’ll have the proper space conducive to work or study. A noise-free space that lets you concentrate on your office or school deliverables. 

We’ll help you put up proper lighting and ambiance for your home office or study room addition. Our team can effectively work around this, so you can work effectively in the comfort of your home.

Additional Dining Room

If you’re tired of eating inside your house, we can help you construct another dining space outside your house. We can customize your patio to be an external dining area for your family and guests. With that, you can enjoy the outdoors together with your sumptuous meals.

Our Build and Design Process

Comprehensive Guide to Our Build and Design Process

In-Home Measurement

The first step will be an initial consultation and a visit to your home to get an actual measurement of your kitchen or bath.

Creating a 3D Model

After getting the actual measurements, we’re going to render a 3D design of the possible look of your kitchen or bathroom remodels.

Selection Process

We will help you mix and match things that’ll bring out the best outcome for your kitchen or bathroom remodel.

Pre-Construction Preparation

We will help you secure the needed permits for the project. We’ll take out this burden from you and ensure you have the best customer service with us.

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We Are Your Home Addition Experts!

Fairfax Kitchen and Bath is your licensed and insured contractor for home addition services. We help homeowners realize their dream homes through these smart improvements that bring more value and functionality to their houses. Our team also offers Custom Closets for your home remodeling needs.

Are you excited to plan for your home addition requests? Book a free consultation with us today! You can talk to one of our project managers or designers to help you understand the things needed to be prepared and done for your dream room addition. Together, we can bring more convenience and style to your home. Our expert team are here to help in all of the locations below:

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Home Addition: Design and Build of Your Dream

Home addition projects offer a unique opportunity to expand your living space and enhance your home’s functionality, all while increasing its overall value. Fairfax Kitchen and Bath Remodeling is your one-stop destination for premier home addition services in Fairfax and beyond.

Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to expanding your living space and enhancing your home’s value through expertly crafted home additions.A well-executed home addition can elevate your lifestyle, expand your living space, and significantly increase your home’s market value. With decades of industry experience, we bring unparalleled knowledge to every home addition project. Our portfolio showcases a track record of excellence. For those who prioritize sustainability, we offer eco-friendly options and materials for your home addition.

We understand that every home is unique, and we tailor our designs to match your vision. Our talented designers collaborate closely with you to create an addition that seamlessly integrates with your home. Our craftsmen are masters in their trade, ensuring every aspect of your home addition is executed to perfection. We prioritize quality and durability.We respect your time and your schedule. Our efficient project management ensures your home addition is completed on time.

Whether you’re looking to accommodate a growing family, create a dedicated workspace, or simply enhance your home’s functionality, our home addition services are designed to meet your goals. Accommodate family members or guests with an in-law suite addition designed for comfort and privacy.Let your imagination run wild with custom home additions that cater to your unique needs and preferences. Enjoy the outdoors year-round with a beautiful and light-filled sunroom addition.

Embrace the potential of your home with a thoughtfully planned home addition that not only meets your immediate needs but also accommodates future growth. A well-executed home addition can transform your living experience and provide you with the space you’ve always dreamed of, all with the help of our expert team at Fairfax Kitchen and Bath Remodeling.