Sam Kazanci

Started Fairfax Kitchen Bath as a small family-owned business in Fairfax after years working as a designer for other remodeling companies. He wanted to give the good folks of Fairfax the benefit of his experience to build and remodel the homes of their dreams at an affordable price. The company has grown since then, expanding to service many areas in Northern Virginia. Based on the success of past projects, it is clear the company has succeeded in achieving its vision and mission.


{Name} has been in the interior design business for many years, starting as a go-fer for a large design firm, and working {his/her} way up to designer. {He/She} learned many things while {he/she} was there, developing a practical attitude when it comes to design, especially for functional areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. {He/She} agrees with Steve Jobs when he said, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”


{Name} is one of the designers of the company. {He/She} enjoys making home designs, and maintains a design blog giving out tips and tricks for homeowners to help them make their homes more beautiful. Clients will see [name} the first time they come to the showroom in Fairfax. {He/She} handles initial design consultations for a remodeling or building project, getting the broad strokes of design ideas by talking it through or looking over design inspirations with the clients.


{Name} is a designer at Fairfax Kitchen Bath and handles specific materials selection for all projects. {He/She} studied traditional design in college, fired up by home design shows as a way to express {his/her} creativity. After several years using paper and pencil to make {his/her} designs, {he/she} expanded {his/her} skill set by training in 3D design software to help clients better visualize the final look of the rooms. {He/She} contributes articles to design websites regularly on 3D design topics.


{Name} has over two decades of experience in home building and remodeling design. The most important thing {he/she} learned in that time is that the home is a personal space. It is necessary to listen closely to the clients to produce a mutually satisfactory designs, and make the experience an enjoyable one at the same time. {Name} brings this hard-won wisdom to every design consultation {he/she} holds with each client, working with them to bring their vision of a room into the design while retaining its functionality.


{Name} graduated with a degree in architecture, but found more fulfillment in the more intimate world of interior design. {He/She} got {his/her} first design job at Fairfax Kitchen Bath, and has been here for many years. {His/Her} job is to do home visits upon the request of prospective clients. This is often the first steps to the final design of the build or remodel, so it is important to get precise measurements of the existing space. This is where {his/her} training as an architect comes in.