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Centreville Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

The people of Centreville are always looking for ways to improve their homes. There are different areas of their properties that can be renovated, but the most popular tend to be the kitchen and bathroom.

These parts of the home are used the most, other than the bedroom and living room. But special attention should be given to the design. Not only should you go for something that’s aesthetically appealing, but you should also choose materials that are sturdy and long-lasting.

This is simple to do if you know where to look. But since many homeowners in Centreville, VA don’t know where to search, they end up hiring a mediocre contractor and supplier. When you take the time to do your research, you may end up with a company that supplies and installs the products for your remodeling projects.

That’s what some customers of Fairfax Kitchen and Bath have done successfully. This goes to show that it really pays off to do your due diligence.

Kitchen Remodeling Centreville

There kitchens we remodel are always done with beautiful products and flair. Those who are looking to improve the appearance of their kitchen can do so in various ways. The prospects who reach out to Fairfax Kitchen and Bath oftentimes aren’t sure what exactly they want to do with their kitchen makeover.

So, we introduce different products and ideas they can use to redesign their cooking space. This may include installing a backsplash along the counters. Or remodeling the floors with beautifully colored tiles.

Other areas of the kitchen you can focus on includes the counters. You can update these with beautiful stones, such as granite, quartz and marble. This will improve the functionality of your kitchen in various ways.

For one, these stones are very durable, which gives them an increased lifespan. Especially when you have the natural stones professionally sealed. These stones are capable of withstanding high temperatures, sharp objects and stains caused by food and drinks.

At the end of the day, your kitchen remodel can help boost the value of your home and make it more appealing to potential home buyers.

Bathroom Remodeling Centreville

If you really want to make your home an attractive choice on the market, then you want to focus on improving your bathrooms. Both the master and guest bathrooms can be improved using various features and added touches.

For example, you can have a new vanity installed with a new sink and faucet. The vanities we have available at Fairfax Kitchen and Bath derive from top-tier brands. And they’re made with gorgeous designs and colors.

Then to top it off, you can replace the counter with a beautiful stone, like quartz, marble or granite. These counters are known for their durability, as well as their attractiveness. You can find these stone options in an array of color options, including earth tones, black, gray, white and rose.

The floors too can be updated with hardwood or tile materials. Tile comes in a large variety of colors, so you can enhance your floors, as well as your walls. Some of our customers choose to have the walls decorated with tile.

You don’t want to overlook the bathrooms in your home, especially if you want to impress guests and/or future home buyers.

What We Did in Centreville

The contractors at Fairfax Kitchen and Bath are committed to helping the residents of Centreville with their kitchen and bathroom remodels. By updating these areas of the home, we’re assisting property owners with increasing their property values.

But even for those who don’t want to sell their homes, improving the kitchen and bathroom can mean improved lifestyles. The products we have on stock are made from quality brands and materials. This means you get a kitchen and bathroom with a high-quality design and functionality.

The services we provide include installing our products in kitchens and bathrooms with meticulous care. Many of our customers swear by our craftsmanship.

Customer Says

It was decided that the bathrooms in our home needed upgrading. So, we began planning what areas of the master and guest bathrooms would be redesigned. We didn’t want to go through the hassle of relocating the sinks and tubs because it would be more costly and time-consuming.

So, we opted to keep everything where it was, but with new appliances. We wanted to have a completely renovated bathroom, so everything was gutted out for the contractor we were going to hire. The problem we ran into was finding a remodeling contractor we could trust.

My wife and I took to the web, searching for local contractors. We found a list of them and one by one we eliminated them. Then finally we found Fairfax Kitchen and Bath. We really liked their past work, pricing and products.

We went to their showroom to select the products we wanted used in our bathrooms. Then we were provided with a free 3D design and quote. After agreeing, the rest of the process was a breeze. The final look of the bathrooms makes their prices a real steal!

About Centreville

Centreville is a beautiful city found in Fairfax County, Virginia. It is a historical town with plenty of old sites to marvel over. Back in the 1760s, this city was named Negate. This referred to it being the new gate to the western territories. It was also named this because of its proximity to Negate tavern.

Need a Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Company in Centreville

Fairfax Kitchen and Bath is a remodeling company that services Centreville. We have been providing our products and services to customers for many years. Our professionals are all licensed, bonded and insured. The track record we have for greatness isn’t by accident.

Each project we embark on is done with special attention to detail. When you need to have these areas of your home updated, you need to contact us. Call our office today to schedule a free consultation for your kitchen or bathroom remodel.

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