Small Kitchen Remodel

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Small Kitchen Remodel

Small houses have limited space and the same holds true for small kitchens! Though, every home owner would love to have optimum space in the kitchen so that there is no problem when it comes to the functional aspect of the kitchen, but it is not possible always. In case, you are planning to remodel your kitchen and the space is too limited, certain tricks can help you to ensure maximum efficiency and minimum clutter in the kitchen.


Tip 1

Adding mirrors on the doors of the cabinets would help even a very small kitchen look spacious. The reflection of the kitchen in the mirrors would help it look bigger than what it is.

Tip 2

Ceiling high cabinets would also prove to be quite useful when it comes to increasing storage spaces. All those things that are just occasionally used in the kitchen can be stored there. A black and white color scheme would give a sophisticated and stylish look to the kitchen. Customized cabinets touching the ceilings would help in keeping the lower space de-cluttered.

Tip 3

Kitchen clutter can be kept organized and contained by using trays. This way, the kitchen would look neat, tidy, systematic and well organized. Moreover, one can get more space to cook food when everything is well organized. Rattan trays look great and stylish. These are available in all sizes and depending on the needs, one can choose them to place various kitchen items.

Tip 4

Customized or smart cabinets also prove to be quite useful. Modular cabinets can also be used, but the space in such cabinets is little less than simple cabinets. There can be separate cabinets for storing dry goods. Moreover, it is recommended to have two separate bins for dry and wet waste items.

Tip 5

The seating arrangement in the kitchen that can be tucked beneath the table can also save a lot of space. The color of the furniture can be such that it blends well with the overall color and décor scheme and doesn’t look forced upon. This gives a semblance of a uniform look.

Tip 6

Open shelving is another way to enhance space. Also, this gives a spacious look in the kitchen. While using such shelves, there is no need for upper cabinets.

Tip 7

Lighter colors in cabinets, walls and tiles also help in making a kitchen look brighter, cheerful and spacious. Terracotta tiles are gaining a lot of popularity these days. The color of the cupboards can be white or off white to make the space looks larger than what actually it is.

Tip 8

Instead of placing pots and pans in a cabinet, they can be hung on a hook rack. This tip will help you to save a lot of space that would have been needed by cabinets.

The above tips can help you to make your remodeled kitchen, stylish, elegant and highly functional. An organized and neat and clean kitchen would help the cook to whip up mouthwatering delicacies!

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