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Shower Remodel: Fixtures You Need For Your Renovation

Gone are those days when you just take your shower and bathroom as a small space inside your home. Well, people are having a different perspective already when it comes to their shower remodel since they want it to have a spa retreat ambiance.  

Perhaps, you’re thinking of having a rain overhead shower or a massage body multiple showers? Then you’ll ask how to accurately select a good one and install that on our next budget shower remodel

Therefore, for you to avoid expensive mistakes, you need to hire a remodeling contractor for this project and Fairfax Kitchen and Bath is here for you.

We have extensive experience and training that’ll ensure the stylish and timely completion of your shower renovation today! Inline, here are some of the important fixtures for your shower renovation.

#1 Shower Valves

Our technicians will help you choose and install the right kind of shower valve for your shower bath remodeling. This fixture is responsible for controlling water pressure and temperature.

Basically, there are four types of shower valves and there are also diverters in the market. Let’s know each one of them below:

  • Temperature-control shower valves: This type regulates the temperature of the water coming out from your shower head. The water used for your shower comes from the same source for the water on your toilet, tub, and sink. Therefore, there’s a chance that it could be too cold or hot, depending on the weather.
  • Pressure-control shower valves: It controls the water pressure coming out from your shower head, toilet, and tub. We usually incorporate it inside your shower system.
  • Thermostatic shower valve: This is a high-end type since it has both functions: controlling water pressure and temperature. It also has some buttons and an LCD screen display to show you water temperature and pressure.
  • Mixing shower valve: This is the older version of the former, wherein you have two knobs for separately controlling water temperature and pressure. 
  • Diverter valves: It’s a modern shower valve that comes in three types: tee, two- and three-valve diverter. In most homes, it’s the second and third types, which we commonly use for their shower redo. 
  • Transfer valves: We install this valve if you want to install multiple shower heads since it can have two to four outlets. Also, we can install a digital control, so you can seamlessly regulate water.

#2 Shower Trim

Once you’re done selecting the perfect shower valve, will move forward with shower trim kits. These are the ones you see on the outside, which include your shower head, handle, flange, shower arm, escutcheon plate, and shower cartridge. 

Also, if you plan on having a tub and shower combo, then you’ll also be having a tub spout. If you’re having a difficult time finding the best shower trim brands, then our designer can help you. 

So far, the best brands of shower trims are Moen, Embather, Delta, and Senselen. Choosing and installing this shower fixture is critical to the overall appearance and style of your best shower remodeling

#3 Tub Spout

This fixture helps you control the volume of water flowing to your bathtub. If you want your water flow to be gradual, then we’ll choose a longer and higher design. Additionally, here are the common types of tub spouts in the industry:

  • Diverter or non-diverter: It has a lift tub at the end where you need to lift it or push down if you want to redirect water from your shower to your tub.
  • Metallic or non-metallic: It’s made from stainless steel which adds beauty and durability to your remodel. 
  • IPS Threaded or Slip Fit Connection: Your tub spout can be connected to the pipe in two ways: IPS threaded or slip fit. Check the bottom part of your tub spout, if it has a screw, then you’ll have a slip fit connection. If there is no screw, then it’s an IPS threaded connection.

#4 Showerheads

Among all shower fixtures, your shower head dictates the spa retreat function and ambiance for your shower remodeling ideas. Our bathroom designers and shower remodel contractors will help you select the right shower head type for your lifestyle and budget. 

Basically, here are the popular types of shower head for your shower bath redo:

Fixed Showerhead

This is the standard choice among classic and modern homes, where we can install it on your wall or ceiling. Also, this type can be easily modified to suit your pipe system.

Rain Showerhead

This type mimics the rainfall as the water gently massages your head and body. It usually has a wider spray head so that the water is evenly distributed like raindrops.

Waterfall Showerhead

This type delivers more water than the rainfall, which imitates a waterfall. It gives a massage-like feeling on your body and head.

Handheld Showerhead

We usually recommend this type to complement your tub and fixed Showerhead. Likewise, it’s an excellent choice for children.

Massage Shower Panel

It’s also called vertical tower spa, which is a combination of a fixed, handheld, and body Showerhead sprayers. You have a panel for controlling water flow and temperature. 

#5 Shower Arms

You need this fixture for connecting your Showerhead to your water pipe. Besides style, it also impacts water flow and how high your Showerhead must be based on the tallest person in your family. 

Basically, there four types of shower arms for you to choose from:

  • Standard: This type is usually 6” to 8” long and goes on a J-bend shape where it’ll be connected to a Showerhead. It’s easy to install and flexible in style. Conversely, its main setback is that water flow can be restricted or slower.
  • Straight: This shower arm is parallel with the previous one without the J-bent shape. The showerhead is installed at a right angle at the end of this shower arm. Also, it’s an excellent choice for modern shower remodels.
  • Gooseneck or S-Shaped: This type is gaining popularity among homeowners since it can elevate the height of your Showerhead. It comes pretty usefully for those shower areas with low headroom. 
  • Ceiling mount: If you want gravity to pull down the water from your showerhead, then going for this shower arm type is best. Also, it works well for your rain showerhead. 

Looking for A Certified Shower Bath Remodeling Contractor?

If you still haven’t found a reliable remodeling contractor for your budget shower renovation, then call Fairfax Kitchen and Bath today!

We are a family-owned, licensed, and bonded remodeling company registered in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Our expertise and experience in shower remodeling are proven and tested for many years.

Besides that, we do other relevant tasks and offer the best products for your home remodeling projects. Conversely, you can visit our showroom in Fairfax VA between Mondays to Saturdays from 9 am to 6 pm, so you can get inspiration for your shower makeover. 

Nevertheless, our designers and project managers can give you a free estimate and design for the possible appearance of your shower bathroom remodeling.

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