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Shower Remodeling: 7 Types Of Shower Heads To Choose

There are two instances where you usually take a shower, before going to work and after a tiring day from the office. This only means you direly want to enjoy your cold or hot shower, where you can dance and sing to relieve your stress.

However, we hope it only works that way, but the type of shower head you have will truly affect your overall experience, right? In that case, we’ll help you select the best shower head for your shower bathroom remodeling today.

Without further delay, let’s start!

#1 Single Spray Shower Head

For those doing a budget shower remodel, you can never be wrong from picking this standard type. As the name suggests, you only get a single spray pattern with no options for adjustment. It comes at a standard contractor grade with enough resilience from moisture and chemicals.

Our personnel and designer can help you select a good finish for this type, and we can easily install it in your shower area. Meanwhile, the main setback for this will be its limited spray pattern and style.

#2 Adjustable Shower Head

This one is on a higher tier than the single spray because of its adjustability features. If a lot of people are using the same shower area, then this add-on versatility is a good choice to meet everybody’s preferences.

Most of these types have three to twelve spray patterns which you can switch using a remote control, push button, or dial knob. It’s a perfect choice for your best shower remodeling on a budget since it’s never too expensive than other modern shower heads.

#3 Rain Shower Head

Now, let’s go to the more fancy option which is the rain shower head. It’s an excellent choice if you want a more relaxing appeal when taking your shower because of the natural flow of water falling from above. You can greatly feel a spa-like nourishing touch from this shower head type.

Besides its convenience and relaxing effect, there are some gripes you need to know about this type. Firstly, most rain shower heads have a single spray pattern but it gives more massaging impact to your head and body.

Secondly, its pressure is lower than those body sprayers or handheld shower heads, so it takes time for you to rinse off. 

Thirdly, it will take longer hours for any shower remodel contractors to install this one, because it’s directly installed to your ceiling. Nevertheless, these setbacks don’t downgrade the quality and comfort it provides for the households.

#4 Pressurized Shower Heads

We understand that there are times when you can’t notice there are so much soap and shampoo foams on your head and body, right? To quickly rinse that off, you need to have a high-pressure shower head installed to your luxurious or small shower remodel.

There’s usually a dial knob or push button where you can adjust the pressure of your shower head. Besides rinsing off those foams, the strong water pressure massages your entire body, it’s like your having both a spa and shower session.

#5 Green Shower Heads

Oftentimes, you tend to forget to consider the water and electric bills in installing the right shower head, right? It’s not just the style and the spa-like comfort that you’d have to look into in picking the best shower head type, that’s why green shower heads came up.

These types are great water savers since it uses little water than those standard and high-pressure shower heads. When installing this one, you can save around 3,000 gallons per year on your shower.

Moreover, we can give you a very reasonable shower remodeling cost for installing this one in your master bathroom.

#6 Shower Panels

Shower panels have a fancy appearance and superb function because of the many nozzles at different body heights. You’ll get a full shower and body massage experience with this type and adjustability is never a problem.

The main setback of a shower panel will be its higher upfront and installation cost. Moreover, the presence of many nozzles entails a difficult time if you want to switch from a shower panel to a single spray shower head.

#7 Filtered Shower Heads

Have you noticed that your shower tiles got some white stains? Well, that’s because of the minerals present in the water, which produces those white stains when the water dries out. If you like to get rid of it, then going for a filtered shower head is most suitable.

This type has a cartridge filter which you need to replace periodically as it gets saturated with minerals after several usages. Fortunately, our pros can seamlessly install this type for your shower remodeling.

In contrast, you can also invest in a water softening system which you can install in the main water supply of your house, but it’ll be expensive. Nevertheless, going for this shower head type is still your most cost-efficient option to help protect your shower floor tiles.


Selecting the right shower head is just one part of your shower remodeling, so if you get overwhelmed in doing it, better hire a professional remodeling contractor near you. They have the vast experience and quality supplies you’ll need in carrying out these projects.

Fairfax Kitchen and Bath is the leading Class A licensed and insured remodeling company you can call for this project. Our crew is highly trained in all sorts of upgrades inside your shower and bath, so you can 100% rely on us.

Contact us today for your free quotes and virtual consultation. We have expert shower remodeling contractors.  For many years, we’ve helped several homeowners in VA, MD, and DC with their affordable shower renovation.  Don’t hesitate to call our office today or visit us on Houzz!

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