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Exciting Walk-In Shower Ideas For Your Next Remodeling

Most real estate brokers and homeowners treat your bathroom completely when it has a tub. However, installing a walk-in shower turns it from standard to fabulous! The main reason why 85% of homeowners undertake shower bath remodeling this 2021.

Besides improving style, it also lifts the value and function of your home, which is ideal if you’re selling your property this year.

Alongside, you need to be meticulous and accurate in picking the best shower remodeling designs and we can help you with that. Consequently, it’s a great opportunity that you’re here since we’re featuring exciting shower remodeling ideas that’ll add sparkle and glamour to your dated bathroom.

Without further delays, let’s dive in!

Wait! What Things do You Need To Consider Before Shower Remodeling?

It is enticing to immediately dive into your dream shower remodel, yet you have to be careful to avoid committing mistakes, that entail expensive redos.

Below are some of these reminders which you need to account for beforehand:

  • What’s your budget?

If you aim for a budget shower remodel, then going for a prefab is most desirable. It’s cheaper than customized walk-in showers but you’ll have limited options for size and design.

The running price for a prefab shower kit is around $800 to $2,500. If you have the skills for installing the shower door and pan, then you can save more. Otherwise, you’ll be spending another $755 to $2,500 for the installation service.

Conversely, customized walk-in showers are your best choice when you want to maximize the function, style, and value of your shower renovation. For the budget, it typically hits around $6,600 to $15,000.

  • Tile Color and Style

You have the freedom to pick your desired palette which reflects your personality. Nevertheless, you can always ask for advice from professional designers.

  • Don’t Forget Accessibility and User-friendliness

It can be that your walk-in shower is used by your children and grandparents, so you need to make that user-friendly and safe for them.

#1 Chic Farmhouse Feel with Barn Shower Door

If you like a cozy and countryside feel, then you can install a barn door style for your walk-in shower. It will seamlessly complement other accessories and colors available inside, which gives it an overall farmhouse ambiance.

#2 Transitional Gray Subway Walk-In Shower

White subway tiles are a common choice for sleek and contemporary design, yet for something new, you can opt for gray subway tiles. Generally, it gives a classic vibe but it can flawlessly match with any modern accents.

Moreover, your metallic towel rails, showerheads, and trims pop out from the gray shower wall. You can also install a white stone shower bench, so the user can sit and relax while enjoying the rainfall water flow.

#3 Ultimate Experience with Multiple Shower Heads

If you’re willing to spend a few more bucks for installing multiple showerheads, then it’s a great deal for relaxation and a spa-like feel. Typically, that’ll be one on top of your head, at your body, and one at the bottom. Others even have a handheld showerhead which is ideal for children.

Additionally, there’s a control panel where you can adjust water temperature and water flow.

#4 Doorless Blue Green Shower Tiles

Achieving a coastal and modern walk-in shower remodel is easy when you choose blue-green tiles for your shower wall. Its cool palette brings out the sea breeze feeling when you’re taking a cold shower.

Furthermore, the tile can be in a straight edge or hexagonal shape. This hue also fits well for a transitional bathroom remodel.

#5 Mosaic Shower Floor Tiles

In picking the right shower floor tile, you need to consider its moisture resistance and the slope towards the shower drain.

Considering that, mosaic tiles are your best option for this since it has a stylish appearance and can fit well to your sloped shower floor. It also has a smaller size, which means more grout lines that helps prevent slipping. 

#6 Sliding Glass Shower Doors

This is a remarkable choice for modern, transitional, and classic bathroom remodel. It’s also called a bypass shower door, which is ideal for small bathrooms and tub enclosures.

In terms of price, it normally costs around $600 to $1,500. By installing this, you are achieving a chic cozy vibe without consuming too much space.

#7 Boho Walk-In Shower Design

Going for a boho style means making your walk-in shower more personalized and homey, the opposite of a modern minimalist theme. It creates an exciting aura that projects your mood.

To achieve this, you first need to have a white or neutral base palette. Then, you can add some plants and an area rug outside your walk-in shower.

Your goal for a Bohemian style is to make your space homier without losing its elegance and function.

#8 Dark-toned Walk-In Shower Design

White is still there, but if you aim for a bold look in your shower remodel, then go for darker palettes. This can be black or any other color as long as it’s in a darker tone.

By having this as your base palette, all your accessories and shower remodeling fixtures must be shiny or light-colored, so it pops out from the background. 

#9 Pick Brass Shower Trims and Fixtures

When your wood or natural accessories are just a few inside your shower, then you can opt for brass hardware. It has a naturally warm tone and finishes, which effortlessly add glamour and an earthy feeling to your shower renovation.

Moreover, it blends well with natural light and warm artificial lighting, giving it a more spa-like atmosphere.

#10 High-End Walk-In Shower Remodel

Conversely, you can also go for a luxurious shower renovation by picking the best materials and hardware in the market. By doing that, your walk-in shower will be screaming in elegance and functionality.

Some of the things you can include for this project are the following:

  • Pebbled floor tiles
  • A frameless shower glass enclosure
  • Multiple shower heads with control panel
  • Under the floor heating system
  • Modern lighting can be adjusted via remote control or voice-controlled
  • Subway shower wall tiles

These are just some of the popular choices of the homeowners whom we’ve served for their high-end shower renovation.

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Hopefully, we’ve given you enough ideas for your next shower makeover this year. Anyhow, you can always contact us through email or call, if you want to avail of our free estimate and design service. 

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