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6 Remodeling Tips for Small Kitchens

Spacious kitchens are amazing to look at, with all your appliances and full-sized amenities present. Likewise, you have the freedom and flexibility to maximize your square footage, especially when you like to install a larger kitchen island.

Unfortunately, not all homeowners are lucky enough to have a large cooking area, especially when the prices of real estate properties are high. Despite this, you can still achieve a stunning small kitchen remodel when you work with a professional remodeling contractor. 

Fairfax Kitchen and Bath is your leading remodeling company and contractor to call for these challenging home improvement projects. Our more than 7 years of experience and continued training guarantees the success of your small kitchen remodeling

Additionally, here are 6 tips that’ll make your kitchen makeover smooth and easy.

#1 Prioritize Your Kitchen Layout

When remodeling a small kitchen or even those larger spaces, you always need to prioritize its function. This means the triangle layout of your kitchen (dishwasher, stove, and fridge) must be properly laid out to ensure smooth workflow.

Inline, our designer will help you craft the most efficient layout for remodeling your small kitchen. Remember that changing your kitchen layout will entail an additional cost in changing your electrical, plumbing, and framing works.  

Our contractors can do that cost-efficiently while abiding by the building code in your city.

#2 Bring Down Some Walls To Connect It To Other Rooms

To eliminate the cave-like feel in your compact kitchen, you can take down one or two walls, so you can connect it to your dining area or patio. This greatly improves the cozy and airy ambiance in your cooking space. 

Additionally, you can also install some windows over your sink counter and a glass sliding door that leads to your patio. This adds a green touch and crisp feel while you’re busy preparing dinner or lunch.

#3 Tall Cabinets

Our small kitchen remodelers can also construct custom tall kitchen cabinets, so you’ll still have enough storage inside your kitchen. We can also go for stacked cabinets reaching your ceiling, so your eyes are directed vertically giving you an impression of a spacious kitchen.

Likewise, you can go for fixtures or materials which have designs that are oriented vertically, so it directs your guest’s eyes to the ceiling, giving them a high-ceiling atmosphere.

#4 LED Lighting Underneath Your Wall-Mount Cabinets

Besides opening walls, ensuring there’s proper lighting inside your small kitchen is vital in improving its aesthetics and airy atmosphere. Inline, installing under-cabinet lighting is one of the multiple small kitchen ideas you can adopt for this project. 

Our professionals can seamlessly do that for you, and we can even have remotely controlled or with motion sensors for a modern function. 

Likewise, this feature can also help brighten up your kitchen countertops and backsplash. 

#5 Neutral Colors Are Ideal for Small Kitchen Remodels

Generally, 90% of kitchen remodels for small kitchens uses lighter palettes for their background, cabinets, and fixtures since it brightens up space, which eliminates cave-like ambiance. 

If you still like to have a great contrast in your white or neutrally-colored compact kitchen, then you can go for dark-colored kitchen countertops and flooring. 

Dark-stained wood for your base or wall-mount cabinets is also ideal to bring a nice contrast with your white or beige walls.

#6 Adopt a Streamlined Remodeling Theme

You might be tempted to have tiles and slabs with exciting patterns and colors, however, we recommend that you avoid them since it can give a feeling of clutter inside your compact kitchen. 

A great alternative is to have a streamlined design for your cabinet doors, countertops backsplash, walls, and flooring for your small kitchen remodel. This creates a smooth-flowing visual in your working space, so it’s cool and pleasing to everyone.

Basically, you have the freedom to choose whether to go for a minimalist theme or not, and our pros have no problem adopting your heart’s desire. 

Other Things You Need to Consider for Small Kitchen Remodeling?

These top 6 tips we’re sharing are not just the only things you can consider when renovating your small kitchen since there are a lot on the list. Oftentimes, the fusion of your creativity and the experience of our designers is the key to getting the best plans and ideas.

Here are other factors you can have for upgrading your small kitchen:

  • Installing a wall mirror to one side of your kitchen
  • Buy compact kitchen appliances
  • You can also have open shelving or glass-front kitchen cabinets
  • Avoid installing large hoods
  • High-gloss cabinets are also ideal
  • Go for larger tiles to give a spacious impression

In everything we do, our team always ensures to have a balance between functionality and style. Your kitchen is one of the busiest areas inside your home, so it needs to be durable and supportive on all cooking routines you’ll do every day. 

Additionally, your small kitchen remodeling can effectively lift the value and appearance of your dated kitchen. If you’re planning to sell your house, then doing smart renovations is a wise choice.

Partner With A Professional Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

To ensure your small kitchen renovation goes smoothly, you need to work with a professional remodeling contractor, and Fairfax Kitchen and Bath is your best partner!

We are a licensed and bonded Class A remodeling company and design center registered in the Commonwealth of Virginia. With more than 7 years of experience, there’s no doubt that we can readily adjust to your preference and budget. 

Moreover, we use quality materials and products for the project so that it can last a lifetime, and you have better returns on your investment. 

If you’re planning on undertaking a small kitchen makeover this year, then talk to us today. We offer free estimate service and consultation to our dear clients.

You can contact us anytime to ask for a free estimate and booking appointments or check us on Twitter!

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