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15 Gorgeous Galley Kitchen Remodeling Design Ideas

Your long and narrow galley kitchen, inspired by the kitchen on a ship, can be a very functional space, but at some point you will need to do a galley kitchen remodel to make it exactly how you want it to be. When you decide to do a galley kitchen renovation it can be difficult to come up with galley kitchen remodeling ideas because they are not so common, so getting help from an experienced contractor could be a good idea..

When thinking of small galley kitchen remodels the key is to keep the space functional but not looking or feeling crowded. In this article we have assembled 15 of the most gorgeous galley kitchen ideas to inspire your remodel and ensure your project is a success.

#1 Glossy Cabinets

In a galley kitchen the cabinets take up a lot of the space, and giving them a glossy finish will make your kitchen look brighter and bigger. When you can see well you will be less likely to feel cramped in your long narrow kitchen.

#2 Add Windows

You don’t have to build an addition to make your galley kitchen feel larger, you can add a window to expand the visual field instead. This window can be an opening to an adjacent room, a window that looks outside or even a skylight. 

This kitchen renovation will truly enhance the warmth and openness of your galley kitchen. Adding more space for your eyes to look at will help it not feel too small.

#3 Make A U-Turn

If your galley kitchen goes to a dead-end on one side, it is a good idea to put a countertop covering the width of the end with the sink next to it, then have a counter opposite of the sink. This U shape is a strategic galley kitchen design since it gives you ample counter space near the sink, which is the busiest working area in any kitchen and it will aid in creating a good work flow.

#4 Taller Cabinets

If your horizontal space is limited, then go sky high and install taller cabinets reaching the ceiling. If the top cabinets are too high to reach, you can keep a step stool or small ladder handy for when you need things from up there. For small galley kitchen remodels, it is critical to use all of your available space, even if you need to keep extra tools around to utilize it.

#5 Extreme Contrast

Adapting a high contrast motif for your galley kitchen remodel is also an excellent choice that will leave your guests in awe. For example, you can go for white high-gloss slab kitchen cabinets and white kitchen walls. Then pair that with a long, black kitchen countertop and black base cabinets.

#6 Streamlined Theme

Don’t be tempted to put too many ornate designs on your kitchen cabinets and flooring, since it can make your galley kitchen seem too busy and overwhelming.

Therefore, choose something natural and simple for your remodeling theme. Then use a neutral palette for your kitchen’s base color.

#7 Use Large Tiles

The best flooring option for your galley kitchen remodel is large tiles with narrow grout lines in between. This look will help to make the rest of the kitchen seem bigger. It is best to go with a neutral color like sand.

#8 Break Up Hallway Feeling

An alternative to a streamlined approach, you can make swatches of color along your galley kitchen, as long you don’t overdo it. To break up that hallway feeling, you can go for mosaic floor tiles, dark-toned cabinets and light-colored kitchen countertops.

If you’re unsure of what to do, it is best to get some advice from professional kitchen designers that can help you expertly harmonize your color selections.

#9 Black and White

White isn’t always the best color for your galley kitchen remodel, going with black and white can make a bold statement and look gorgeous. 

A good way for you to combine these hues will be a white tone for your walls and flooring, then black for your cabinets and countertops. Whereas, your ceiling can be made from wooden slats to add some natural warmth.

#10 Wooden Cabinets and White Marble Countertops

An alternative to high-gloss cabinets is having light colored wood cabinetry with black pulls or knobs combined with white Carrara or Calacatta marble countertops. 

By doing that, you have a balance of coolness and warmth in your workspace. Then you can install a window on one side where natural light can come in and illuminate your marble kitchen countertops and wooden cabinet doors.

#11 Transitional Kitchen Vibe

For this galley kitchen remodel, you will have white kitchen countertops then dark-colored slab cabinets with bronze pulls or knobs. You can balance this contemporary aspect with hardwood flooring and an Oriental rug. Adding vintage hanging lights will put the finishing touch on your transitional galley kitchen.

#12 Wall Cabinets and Open Shelving

Sometimes having imposing cabinets on both sides of a galley kitchen can create that cramped feeling that you are probably trying to avoid with your remodel. Taking out the cabinets on one side in favor of open shelving can be a great way to help your galley kitchen breath while still providing necessary storage space.

#13 Gray, Wood, and Yellow

Besides white, a good base color for your kitchen remodel is light gray, so choose that for your walls, then a darker gray palette for the cabinet doors.

Then you can have wood for your ceilings and flooring, which adds a jolt of natural warmth. Combine these elements with white kitchen countertops and a bright yellow backsplash and your galley kitchen will be an inviting space for preparing food.

#14 A Small Breakfast Corner

If you still have some space at one end of your galley kitchen, then construct a breakfast corner that’s fit for at least three bar stools. This creates a conversational and cozy ambiance for your galley kitchen remodel.

#15 Incorporate Plants

You may be thinking that plants could get in the way in your narrow galley kitchen, but they bring such a sense of calm that finding a way to incorporate them into your remodel design is a must.

You could have African violets on your counters or some spider plants hanging from hooks in the ceiling. Whatever plants you like it is definitely worth it to make a place for them in your galley kitchen remodel.

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We hope we’ve inspired you to think of some good ideas for your galley kitchen renovation. 

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