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10 Top Trends of Kitchen Remodeling in Washington, DC

Kitchen remodeling trends in Washington DC are known to be some of the most important in the country, making the city not only the nation’s capital but also the kitchen design ideas capital. The latest kitchen trends in Washington DC are really fun to follow and getting to be a part of that world is a real privilege. Let the best kitchen and bath contractor in Washington DC assists you.

If you are considering doing some kitchen remodeling in Washington DC, we have curated this list of the ten top kitchen remodeling trends in Washington to let you know what is going on in this exciting world and give you some inspiration for your project. We can explore some of the modern kitchen remodeling trends in Washington together and you can find the right ones to fit your personality.

1. Black Cabinets

Over the last decade kitchen designers have been doing a lot of all-white kitchens, but this year one of the biggest kitchen remodeling trends in Washington DC has been a balancing act with black kitchen cabinets. This look is especially successful in a modern-looking kitchen.

Pair the black cabinets with some gold or silver hardware, and your kitchen is sure to be looking elegant. We really like when black cabinets are used together with stainless steel appliances, the silver color just seems to pop right out of the black surrounding it.

2. Hiding Appliances

Kitchen remodeling trends in Washington DC have decided that looking at the big machines we use in the kitchen is out, and putting them behind cabinet faces is the way to go. This makes it so that you can really focus on the other parts of the kitchen that you put a lot of thought into and you don’t have to look at the refrigerator designers’ work.

This is great if you are having trouble finding the right color of appliances, which can be especially difficult with all the backlogs in shipping going on. You can really focus on how you want your cabinets to look and you can forget about having to find the right appliances that match what you want.

3. Open Shelving

Open-concept kitchens have been on the rise for a while as part of kitchen remodeling trends in Washington DC, and open shelving goes a long way toward freeing up visual space. We especially like having some open shelving around the windows, where it won’t block out any of that precious natural light as cabinet boxes can.

The problem with open shelving is that it does not protect the items being stored on the shelves from dust, so it is good to keep items you use every day there, like your favorite plates or mugs, or decorative pieces like framed pictures or sculptures there. Open shelves are really a great look, but you do have to consider what is functional for your kitchen and lifestyle. Now, if keeping your open shelves organized is the problem, it would be best to hire a maid service in Washington, DC. 

4. Natural Wood

Clear-finished wood surfaces in the kitchen have been out of style long enough that they are eligible to have a comeback and they are making a splash this year. One of our favorite uses of natural wood is as a bit of warmth in a modern, all-white kitchen. 

We really like butcher block as a countertop that can help balance out the sterile feeling white kitchen. White kitchens are still popular and are a timeless look, but having that bit of warm feeling of wood can really liven up a kitchen and help you feel a lot more comfortable.

5. Two Toned Cabinets

This is one of those kitchen remodeling trends in Washington DC that a lot of homeowners are playing with and creating some really beautiful spaces. The best way to pull this design off is to use light-colored cabinets for the uppers and a darker color for the lowers.

You can use two shades of the same color if you don’t want to have too much contrast in your kitchen. Using complimentary colors is a great choice and this look will be a really fun way you can set your kitchen apart.

6. Textures

If you get bored by having too much of one surface texture in a room, experimenting with different ones is a great trend that you can dive into. Using materials like beadboard or shiplap is a great way to start and will make your room a lot more interesting for the eye.

You also want to consider your hardware and go for hand-hammered finishes and even matte. Your countertops can also be a great place to put an interesting texture and you might consider leathered granite.

7. Colorful Islands

Giving your kitchen island a bright color can make it the focal point of your kitchen. Having a big and bold island is a kitchen trend that is shifting the focus of kitchens from cabinets or appliances and making it about your awesome island.

Islands are great for making some extra counter space, storage, or a place to eat, and now they are featured as a bright colorful centerpiece in trendy kitchens. It is good to see kitchen Island getting the attention they deserve.

8. Grey

An often overlooked neutral color is grey for kitchens, but this year designers are using a lot of greys where before they might have gone with white or beige. Grey can be a really nice way to make things simple, but not boring like white can be.

Be careful when going grey, it can actually start to take on an accidental blue tone, and then it can feel very cold. Use some accents like red to bring some warmth and keep the kitchen feeling cozy.

9. Dark Flooring

Kitchen floors will see a lot of messes, and having darker floors can be a great way to keep spills from haunting you. Using a darker pigment in the finish of a hardwood floor is a great way to accomplish this, or installing a darker-colored flooring.

You want to use a darker floor with a light-colored kitchen theme, this will give the kitchen a more homey feeling. 

10. Bold Metal Range Hoods

The trend is to almost have a steampunk-like range hood where you can see rivets or bolts and metal strapping. This is a great compliment to open shelving and will make the range hood the centerpiece of your kitchen.

This especially looks good with some shiny copper, as other metals can look a little too industrial. Copper is a really pretty metal and a great material for a centerpiece range hood.

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