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Bathroom Remodeling Service Washington, DC

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The experts at Fairfax Kitchen and Bath are licensed, bonded and insured to perform kitchen and bathroom remodeling services. For decades, we have assisted property owners throughout Washington DC with their ideal home makeovers. Visit Meet Our Team Page for more information about us.

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Bathroom Remodeling Service Washington DC

Getting a hot shower or cold bathtub is one enjoyable thing you can do inside your retreat-like bathroom. It takes away all your stress from work and life. However, when your powder room or master bath is outdated, it degrades its ability to do so.

With that, you need to find excellent bathroom remodeling contractors in DC, and you can do that via an online search or through referrals. Nevertheless, Fairfax Kitchen Bath is one of the time-tested contractors who can give you cost-efficient bathroom remodeling services

You can avail of our free estimate service and consultation without any obligation of hiring us. Just call our office today. 

In this read, we are sharing our insights regarding this topic. Enjoy!

Trusted local bathroom remodeling service in Washington DC

Indeed, there are many local bathroom remodelers in DC and we are one of them. In choosing your best bet, you need to go for those with experience and the proper tools for the job. Likewise, all their technicians must be licensed and insured so you have zero liabilities.

Fortunately, we have more than a decade of experience in this field, tackling various designs for the local’s modern bathroom renovation at a budget-friendly price. Whether you have a 70 to 100 square foot shower and tub area, our team can quickly create a plan to spruce its beauty and function.

You can check out our portfolios to see our budget bathroom renovations in DC, so you can better gauge our expertise. Furthermore, all our works are guaranteed and covered with warranty service.

Leading small bathroom remodelers in Washington DC

Constructing your very small bathroom remodeling design will be smoothly handled by our team, and we can create a 3D computer model of it. Some of the important things we will consider for your small bathroom remodeling on a budget include the following:

  • Area
  • Materials to be used
  • Floor plan
  • Plumbing system
  • Fixtures and appliances
  • Lighting and your budget

These are just some of the critical elements we need to look into before starting the demolition phase. Likewise, you have to consider if you want to handle some of the tasks, so you can save on labor costs.

All these things we can plan ahead of time, will just have to schedule an appointment at your most convenient time. Fairfax Kitchen Bath will be there for you from start to finish of your bathroom makeover.

About Washington DC

It is one of the most enticing places to live in the United States, for you can do many things in the area. It offers different places and amenities for your career, lifestyle, and leisure.

You will enjoy the diverse culture of your neighbors in the area, and all of them are pretty warm and courteous. Also, their weather is neutral for all seasons of the year.

If you are eyeing to relocate to DC, then that’s an excellent plan for you and your family. Meanwhile, if you need a hand with renovating some parts of your new house, like your bathroom, then you can contact us.

Thinking about having your Kitchen Remodeling in Washington DC? We have the right tools and people for this job without breaking the bank. Give us a call.

Affordable bathroom renovation services in Washington DC

Your bathroom remodels cost can range from $3,000 to $25,000, depending on some elements like your area size, fixtures, plumbing system, and more. Nevertheless, we will do our best and utilize our resources to make your average cost of bathroom remodel highly reasonable.

In terms of labor cost, mostly it will be 40% to 65% of your bathroom remodeling total cost, while the running rate is between $50 to $75 per hour per personnel. So far, if your bathroom size is about 15 to 32 square feet, then your estimated total cost is between $1,500 to $5,000.

However, we always recommend that you have an extra budget of around 10% to 20% of your entire bathroom redo cost. It will cover some unexpected increase in material price for your renovation.

Need a Professional bathroom contractor services in Washington DC

We offer free estimate service at zero cost and obligation for you, and you can avail of that by either calling us or using our cost estimator form. Meanwhile, if you want a more detailed quotation, then book an onsite measurement for a nominal fee, which is deductible from your total bathroom makeover cost.

If you need assistance for your Kitchen and Bath Remodeling in Washington DC, call now.