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Using Granite Color Psychology in Kitchen Remodeling

Using Granite Color Psychology in Kitchen Remodeling

One of the biggest decisions you must make for kitchen remodeling is your color palette. This seems obvious, as the colors of your kitchen have a major impact on the design of your kitchen, and it is an excellent opportunity for you to express your personal style.
However, most people are not aware that colors have a significant psychological impact. Since you will probably want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you want to make sure it affects you in a positive way. Choosing the right colors can be quite challenging, as it is tempting to go with what happens to be trending in kitchen now. You can do this, certainly, but you must be careful. You will have to live with your choices for a long time.

If you want granite countertops, many people use this as a jumping point for this, choosing the cabinet colors, appliances, tiles, wall paint, and fixtures to either match or complement them. Fortunately, granite comes in a wide variety of color combinations, and this gives you some flexibility in your color palette. You can go with the dominant color or choose to tease out the subtle highlights. The point is to choose granite colors that will put you in a good mood.

Important notes

The psychology of color works for most people, but there are deviations. The effects can vary from person to person, depending on their life experiences and peculiarities. For example, red is usually a high-energy color, but it may have a depressing effect on people with red-green color blindness, who might see the reds as dark blues.

The classifications below are only a guide to psychological effects of basic colors as it affects most people. Use your own reactions to colors to help you decide if you are the norm or the exception. Look through design magazines and sites to help you identify colors that please you. This can help you decide on the granite colors you will choose.
Once you have established the colors you want, strive to keep your color palette down to less than four colors. This will make your kitchen design cohesive.

Granite color psychology

Granite comes in a wide variety of colors, and the color combinations can be quite extensive. However, due to its composition, some colors are much more prevalent than others are. You will find below a description of the typical effects of these colors.


The most recognizable granite color is gray, and as a neutral color, it is very popular with interior designer. In terms of psychology, gray tends to reflect existing personalities. The strength of this effect will depend on the shade of gray, of which there are far more than 50. Lighter grays tend to be more reflective than darker ones.
If you have a managing disposition, gray tends to make you feel more authoritative. If you are a happy person, it makes you even more so. On the flip side, if you tend to be morose, gray will make you feel glummer.


Another common color in granite is brown. This is particularly ideal in rustic or country kitchen styles because it goes well with many wood species for kitchen cabinets.
As with gray, shades come in a large variety of shades. Generally, brown induces a sense of warmth, reliability and dependability. Lighter browns emphasize nature and resilience, and medium browns a sense of sophistication. However, darker browns tend to look brooding, and a predominantly brown kitchen in darker shades can easily feel isolated, so it is important to lighten it with other colors.


Yellow evokes happiness, as most people associate it with daytime and smiles. Some studies suggest t purifies the body and stimulates nerves.
Yellow has a lighthearted energy that uplifts the spirits. In small doses, yellow is an excellent choice for kitchens with little or no natural light. However, stronger shades of yellow can also be too bright for most people. It stimulates rage in some people when in large quantities. Fortunately, solid yellow granite is very rare, so you are most likely to find predominantly yellow granite with a judicious sprinkling of other, less enraging colors.


Red tends to be exciting and dramatic. If you want to make sure people remember your kitchen, this is a good color choice.
However, unadulterated red may not be very comfortable. The intensity of this color raises the blood pressure of most people, and induces quicker breathing, so too much red might not be a good idea in a kitchen.
If you want to raise the energy level in your room without passing out, choose red granite with black veins or streaks to keep it to an even keel. This color combination is interesting ad elegant, especially with the right light.


Blue is rather rare in true granite, but if you find one you like, know that it will have a calming and relaxing effect in your kitchen. Blue keeps your blood pressure low and breathing and pulse rates slow. This effect will depend on the shade of blue, with the medium blues having the most impact.

However, lighter blues tend to feel stark and cold, while darker blues evoke feelings of sadness. You can counteract these negative effects by choosing blue granite interspersed warm browns, golden yellows, and sparkling white.


The granite color you choose for your kitchen can affect your mood and health, so make sure you consider the psychological effects. This guide can help you make that choice, but only as far as it conforms to your own reactions to certain colors. You can do that in a practical manner by visiting the showroom of a reliable remodeling contractor and looking through available granite slabs.

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