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Top 10 Types of Kitchen Islands to Inspire You

Kitchen islands are a very useful element in a kitchen which can provide you with just the right amount of space to make your dream kitchen truly complete. There are different types of kitchen islands that will fit your needs and it is important to think and research about just the right kitchen island for your kitchen.

You can first decide what function your kitchen island will have so that you can narrow down your kitchen island ideas. Good questions to ask yourself about kitchen islands are: Do you want to have more storage space? Do you need more seating? Do you want to make a bold design statement?

For this article we will present the top ten types of kitchen islands that will inspire you to find the right look for your style. These kitchen islands are sure to get you excited to update your kitchen and create the perfect kitchen island to suit your needs.

Galley Kitchen Island

This type of kitchen island is a rectangular shape and is great for maximizing counter space as well as storage space. Galley kitchen islands are best for adding some under counter cabinet storage and fit well into a smaller kitchen. 

This type of kitchen island could be difficult to fit a sink into unless it is very long and is normally seen as a more functional style than a spectacular design piece.

L Shaped Kitchen Island

An L shaped island might be the best choice if you want to add a lot more counter space to your kitchen. You can also add some bar seating while not interfering with the cooking space. If your counter space is lacking in the rest of your kitchen, you should really consider an L shaped kitchen island.

The bad part of an L shaped island is that it can destroy an open kitchen concept, disrupting the flow and making the kitchen feel too crowded. You will really need a big space to pull off an L island.

Contrast Kitchen Island

Giving your kitchen island a contrasting color palette can be a great design technique to add some extra intrigue to your kitchen. When you give your kitchen island a contrasting color it makes it the focal point of the kitchen, then the rest of the kitchen becomes like a backdrop to the story of your meal preparation.

The contrasting kitchen island can match the color of the flooring, or some accent pieces, it is just important that you use some intention when choosing the contrasting colors to use. Having the island be lighter colored could be tricky, because the darker color of the background could dominate too much. 

Circular Kitchen Island

When a circular kitchen island is done well, it can be a real show stopper that will impress any guest you are entertaining. Circular islands fit well as a modern kitchen island, if that is the style of the rest of your kitchen.

Circular islands can add a lot of counter space and with enough room they can accommodate seating and storage space as well. The drawback is that they will normally be more expensive because they are unique pieces and they are not quite as functional as a square design.

Movable Kitchen Island

Especially in a smaller kitchen, a movable kitchen island can be a lifesaver for times when you need to have more prep space, and other times when you just want more space for hanging out and moving around. Having your kitchen island on wheels is such an easy way to make your kitchen extremely functional for any situation.

A movable island should be a small kitchen island, because it just doesn’t make sense to have the difficulty of moving around a great big kitchen island. You will also need to consider where the island will move to. You don’t want to be rolling it over carpet and you don’t want it to be in the way when you move it. 

A lot of people are choosing a sturdy, tall, handcrafted table as their kitchen island. This won’t provide much storage, but it is a movable piece of furniture that can make your kitchen a lot more versatile.

Full Service Kitchen Island

A kitchen island with water, gas and electricity running into it is a full service kitchen island. With a full service kitchen island you can have all of your appliances on the island so that you can have more counter space throughout the rest of your kitchen.

Hooking up a full service kitchen island can be too expensive for a lot of budgets and it will require a lot of space. If you are thinking of adding outdoor kitchen islands to your home, they will likely need to be full service islands, as they are really a full kitchen in a smaller space.

Sink Kitchen Island

If you are having trouble finding the perfect spot for your sink, consider adding it to your kitchen island. You can still have plenty of room around the sink to add counter space as well. Sometimes placing the sink in the kitchen island can help make a better kitchen triangle, with the refrigerator and cooktop to help the kitchen’s workflow.

If you do a lot of dishes by hand, a sink island could leave you with limited dish drying space, where you might find it annoying to wash the dishes and then have to take a few steps to place the dishes in their drying spot. 

Storage Cabinet Island

Maximizing your kitchen island for storage space can be a functional and beautiful way to design your kitchen. You could even find used cabinets for cheap to use as the bottom cabinets and then have a beautiful stone countertop cut to fit over the top of them.

If you are struggling to find enough space for your dishes and kitchen appliances, focusing on storage for your kitchen island could be the way to go. 

Custom Kitchen Island

If you have a unique space that you are not sure the best way to use, designing a custom kitchen island to fit your space and needs. Custom kitchen islands can be designed in any shape and with any function you could want. They can be a great way to put your personality into your kitchen.

Two Tiered Island

An island with two levels can be great for creating a separation between the cooking space and the eating space. This makes the bar side of your kitchen island just that much more comfortable for eating and the cooking side that much easier to clean.

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