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Smart Updates From Our Bathroom Remodel That Make Life Easier

Implementing your modern bathroom remodeling is the best time to inject functional and cost-efficient updates that will make your life easier. In doing so, you have to think of your lifestyle for the next three to five years, or if you’re planning to sell your house.

If you’re planning to avail professional bathroom remodeling this year or next, it is wise if you consider some of these innovative bathroom updates.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t found a remodeling contractor to a partner, then you can contact us at Fairfax Kitchen Bath. Without any delays, let’s explore innovative updates for your bathroom makeover.

1. Avoid Slippage, Go For Small Textured Bathroom Floor Tiles

One of the common incidents happening inside your master bathroom is slipping due to the water, soap suds, and shampoo foams on your bathroom floors. To address this concern, we can install smaller textured tiles for your bathroom flooring, which enhances friction and contact between your feet and the floor.

Besides that, we are going to choose the right design and palette to match the other accents and themes in your affordable bathroom remodeling.

The common material we use for bathroom flooring is ceramic or porcelain because it is cost-efficient and easy to install. Moreover, we are going to properly seal the grouts to enhance its stain and mold resistance.

2. Customized Pull Out Drawers For Your Cosmetics and Hair Tools

One of the typical issues for most homeowners will be their crowded and messy storage compartments in their powder room and bathrooms. To address this concern, we build them customized pull out drawers with varying depths to match their hair drying tools and cosmetics.

Your hair drying tools become messy inside your vanity drawers because of its long cord. We can seamlessly resolve that by installing a vertical drawer for your vanity base cabinets.

3. Seamless Toilet With Hidden Tank

For small or master baths, one of the trending updates we can give to you will be a tankless toilet. Technically, it’s never tankless, we just hid its water tank inside your bathroom walls to save some space.

Further, for some full bathroom renovation, we did for our clients, we installed a floating toilet (wall-mount) to free some footprints making it look more spacious. For this bathroom style, it highly suits the contemporary appeal of your home.

4. Convenient Walk-In Shower

Walk-in showers are the popular choices among modern bathrooms because it’s very friendly for all age levels, particularly for the elderly or those with physical deformities. With its glass enclosures, light can easily pass through inside the shower area contributing to its spacious ambiance.

Besides transparent glass, we can also choose a frosted glass for the enclosure of your walk-in shower. With that, you will have a more private shower time.

Meanwhile, if you are torn between having a tub or a shower, you can have both or only one of them. Tubs are good if you frequently take a bath, yet getting a shower area is already fine for most households.

5. Towel Bar or Hooks Behind Your Shower Door

Our bathroom renovation services are highly geared towards providing smart innovations at a reasonable cost that will make your life more convenient. In line, installing a towel bar or hooks behind your shower door will give you a quick way of storing your bath towel or robe.

For glass shower enclosures, the usual color of towel bars is black and stainless steel finish. It adds a modern appeal to your newly finished shower area.

6. Small Shower Window

Besides dirty tiles and grout, moisture is one of your nemesis inside your bathroom space. When your place is highly humid, it poses health hazards like asthma and sneezing.

The best thing we can do to reduce moisture accumulation, we install a small window above your shower area. With that, you have a natural ventilation process inside, yet we can replace that with a bathroom exhaust fan if you like.

7. Install Dimmer Lights

On the other hand, installing an appropriate modern lighting system will greatly improve the aesthetics and neatness of your master bath. We can install a dimmer lighting system inside your newly renovated bathroom, so you will have an exciting or relaxing experience for your bubble bath or warm shower.

Some modern lighting systems are voice-activated or remote controlled for ease of usage. Just tell us what you like and we’ll do it.

8. Shift from 1-1/2” to 2” Drain Pipes

How many times did you experience something stuck inside your drainpipe? It is quite cumbersome to clean and maintain your drain pipes when it is clogged, so one of our cost-efficient solutions will be installing a wider drain pipe (2” diameter).

With that, you can save costs for repairs and maintenance because there is less risk for your drain pipes to get clogged.

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