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Shower Remodeling: How Long Does It Take to Replace a Shower?

Do you feel like your current shower or bathtub isn’t serving you well already? Then it’s about time that you consider having a shower bath remodeling.

It’s an excellent way to spice up the beauty and function of your bathrooms for a reasonable price. Besides that, time is also the second commonly asked question among homeowners when they plan to do a shower remodel.

In this read, we are going to give light to this topic, and hopefully, it’ll help you breathe peacefully.

Why do Homeowners ask About the Duration of Finishing A Shower Remodel?

Besides your kitchen, your bathroom is one of the busiest places early in the morning and before you go to bed. It’s where you take a bath or shower, brush your teeth, or even answer the loudest call of nature.

Basically, it’s a concern among homeowners, the time it takes to finish replacing your dated shower because no one can use the bathroom during these times. This also means that there must be one bathroom or powder room, where all of you would line up, taking turns in using it.

So when you hire shower remodel contractors, be sure to ask about the project timeline since it’ll indicate the timeframe of finishing your shower upgrade.

How Long It Takes to Replace Your Shower?

On average, it will just take around three to five days to replace your shower. However, if there are other things you want to be done, like re-tiling or installing another handheld showerhead, then expect the process to last longer.

Conversely, if you undertake a budget shower remodel, then it’ll take around 23 days to complete this project. However, if there are unexpected downturns in the operation like materials are not available, then expect the project to stretch in 46 days.

What Will You Install in Replacement of Your Shower?

Perhaps, you are overwhelmed with the many options you can install in replacement of your old shower, right? Nevertheless, always consider functionality, compatibility, and budget in choosing what bathing fixture you want to have.

Here are some of the common bathing fixtures you can have a replacement for your shower:

  • Bathtubs: Tubs are an excellent choice, especially when you bath frequently than shower. At the same time, it becomes a focal point inside your bathroom.
  • Shower: You can still replace that with a brand new shower with modern features.
  • Transitional (tub and shower): Nothing will stop you if you like to marry both worlds. Also, you have the flexibility to choose whether to take a quick shower or a full bubble bath.
  • Whirlpool tubs: This is an extravagant addition to your bathroom. It has built-in water jets that will give you that spa retreat feeling in your bath.
  • Walk-in tubs: This kind of tub gives you a smooth and safe entry inside your tub. It’s an excellent choice for the elderly and people with disabilities.
  • Walk-in showers: This shower style is convenient for those with leg or foot injury, and the elderly. It’s also a trending shower remodeling idea today.
  • Shower enclosures: If your bathroom is not waterproof, then installing a shower enclosure is most suitable. Likewise, you have four options for this: sliding shower door, hinged type, frameless, and framed shower doors.

What are the different materials for your Shower Wall?

Once you’ve chosen the bathing option you want to install for your shower remodel, then your next task is choosing the right shower wall material. Technically, the material will make a huge impact on your best shower remodeling theme.

Here are the four major shower wall materials in the market:

Fiberglass and Acrylic

This is the most cost-efficient material you can install in your shower wall. It’s mostly prefab and innately waterproof to suit its purpose.

Cheap price and easy installation is the best benefit you’ll experience in choosing prefab fiberglass and acrylic shower wall. Inline, there are various types of prefab shower walls:

  • Shower kit with many parts
  • Wall kit
  • Single unit

Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

This material will help you create your dream shower wall design at a reasonable budget. You will find endless options for size and design for your ceramic and porcelain tiles.

In terms of water resistance, tiles won’t let you down and it’s much better than prefabs. Perhaps, the challenging part of having this shower wall will be cleaning the tiles and grouts.

Glass Shower Wall Tiles

This shower wall material is a rare choice among remodelers, yet there are numerous things to admire from glass tiles. The best benefits you get from installing glass shower tiles are the following:

  • Easy to clean
  • Ideal for increasing spacious feeling and depth for small bathrooms
  • No soaps scums can hide from it
  • Elegant

Conversely, it’s pricier than porcelain and ceramic tiles, so you need to allocate more money if you want this.

Stone Shower Tiles

When you want a touch of luxury in your shower upgrade, then installing stone wall tiles is an excellent choice. Some of your best options are granite, quartz, marble, travertine, onyx, and soapstone. 

If you choose natural stone tiles, then porosity is one main concern, yet that can be resolved by applying a sealant on its surface.

How Will You Ensure the Success of Your Shower Remodel?

If you plan to do this by yourself, then expect a longer time for you to finish it, especially if you are fully trained and equipped. Conversely, your best choice is to hire a professional remodeling contractor like Fairfax Kitchen and Bath.

We have over 7 years of experience in kitchen and bathroom remodeling, so we can guarantee the accuracy and on-time completion of your shower renovation. 

You can contact us today, to ask for a free quote and design for this project. Our bathroom designers will truly help you realize your dream shower makeover.

Contact us today for your free quotes and virtual consultation. For many years, we’ve helped several homeowners in VA, MD, and DC with their affordable shower renovation. Don’t hesitate to call our office today or visit us on Houzz!

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