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Recessed Bathroom Cabinets

Recessed Bathroom Cabinets

Ever wonder what to do with all that unused space in your giant bathroom? Or does your bathroom design give you the impression that it will not be able to fit anything unless you empty it? The possible solution to both these concerns may lay in a recessed bathroom cabinet.

Recessed bathroom cabinets are known to be a great way to utilize space and arrange your bathroom needs in an orderly manner. They also tend to be very attractive. It is important that your bathroom space has enough space to accommodate a recessed bathroom cabinet.

While taking measurements in the bathroom, you may want to ensure that the installation shouldn’t damage or disturb existing electrical wirings and water pipes in the walls. Next step is to essentially understand what kind of recessed cabinet will suit your bathrooms needs and your personal moods.

Kind of Recessed Cabinets

You may want to consider your bathrooms interior and décor while trying to buy a recessed bathroom cabinet. That will ensure that your cabinet isn’t out of place as it will easily blend in with the surroundings. If you are a free spirit and would like to showcase the inner rebel you can have a completely standalone piece that can be the center of focus in your bathroom.

These recessed bathroom cabinets are made of different materials like Wood, Stainless Steel, bevel metal, nickel metal, rubbed bronze metal, Java particleboard, plastic, pine and metal combination, aluminum finish etc. They are either single door or have multiple doors. They can have adjustable internal cabinets that can be shrunk or expanded as the needs come up.

There could be a mirror on the inside along with a light switch to help to locate stuff easily. A recessed bathroom cabined has to be mounted either inside or on the wall inside the framing provided by cabinet manufacturers. Mounted recessed cabinets should only be considered if your walls don’t have vents, electricity circuitry wires or water pipes.

Surface Mounted Cabinet

In such cases you can choose a surface mounted cabinet. It is advisable that the top of the cabinet is 72 inches off the floor. However, one can adjust this measurement because it depends on your physicality. Ideally you should be able to see your face and upper body while washing your face or brushing your teeth.

If your bathroom doesn’t have the space and your stuff is still lying around, you may either want to redo the whole bathroom space or you can hire an architect and/or designer to scope your bathroom space and create a custom cabinet for you. This can be a costly option but it certainly beats the pressure of having to redo the whole bathroom.

Bathroom cabinets are known to facilitate habits that people otherwise may or may not develop. For example, a study says that people who floss, use mouthwash, eat vitamins and take off their contacts regularly usually have a bathroom remodel cabinet to keep a track of all their daily rituals. That sounds like a good idea to invest in a recessed bathroom cabinet.

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