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Picking The Perfect Shower Door Or Enclosure

Picking The Perfect Shower Door Or Enclosure

Shower doors and enclosures come in a range of styles and sizes to suit any type of bathroom design and budget, and can be customized if need be. When picking the perfect shower door or enclosure, it is vital you consider the general space you have to work with and where you’re going to place your shower, if you’re remodeling.


For recessed spaces or an existing alcove, a shower door is required. If the shower is to be placed against a wall, then you’ll probably go with an enclosure such as a D-shaped (neo-round) enclosure, set in a stand-alone frame, with two curved sliding doors that meet in the middle and glass panels forming the sides. For a snug corner fit, choose the curved quadrant shower enclosure or its variation the neo-angle which has a flat front opening; both enclosures are set in a stand-alone frame with two sliding doors that meet in the middle.

Framed or Frameless

Framed enclosures are viewed by some designers as outdated, and the fact that the framework makes the shower area more difficult to maintain and keep clean has also not worked in its favor. While it may not be the most sought after shower door option, there are updated versions to be found on the market. And it is a lower cost option as the frame can support lighter therefore less expensive glass.

Frameless is first choice for a modern and minimalist look though it can be more costly as you need to use higher quality, stronger glass. It is however voted easier to keep clean as there is less space for dirt and grime to get trapped and you can choose a finish that repels soap scum and water spots to keep the shower door looking fresh and clean for longer.

Open and shut

The actual door mechanism chosen is largely dependent on the type of shower enclosure chosen and the amount of bathroom remodel you have to work with. Hinged or pivoted (swing) doors open outwards into the bathroom so you need to ensure your bathroom has space to accommodate this type of door during your planning phase. Sliding glass doors are an elegant and practical space saving choice and they can be bought in single or double variations to fit any size shower space. Sliding doors are also often chosen for enclosed shower / tub combinations. The bi-fold shower door works on single rollers and as it folds back on itself will not project into the bathroom. It is great for small shower spaces as it creates a generous opening and easy access.

Glass matters

Clear glass shower doors and enclosures remain popular as they allow full light creating a clean, fresh look. They also make the shower space appear bigger and allow you to show off the lovely tile work or other decorative features within the shower area. For more privacy and/or to add visual interest, you can go with textured or frosted glass. Frosted glass is more concealing while textured glass will allow more light to shine through and is available in more style variations.

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