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Paint Colors for Kitchens

Paint Colors for Kitchens

Your home must reflect your personality and your lifestyle. If you are bored from the existing look of your kitchen and are looking to bring a change, the fastest and most remarkable change can come through changing the paint of your kitchen. When choosing a perfectly suitable palette of color, you need to pay attention to the overall décor of the space and the color of the cabinets used in the kitchen. Always remember that the color of the wall that you are going to choose is going to dictate the overall design and appearance of the kitchen design.


Although, there is no set guidelines, when it comes to embarking on this time consuming project, but a little research and information will help you to understand how to begin with this task. You can ask a kitchen designer and seek his help in selecting an appropriate color for your kitchen. Some of the most commonly used colors for kitchens are red, yellow, blue, green and white. According to the designing experts, lighter and subtle shades go well with the brightly colored kitchen cabinets and other appliances. Moreover, using lighter shades help in creating a warm and airy atmosphere in the kitchen.

The color palette available for the kitchen is too exhaustive as these days, several new colors have added to the already comprehensive list of colors. Some of them are pearly white, beige, shades of gray and more. When choosing a specific color, it is important to consider the overall color plan and theme of your home. This will guide you when you choose color for your kitchen. You can achieve either a sleek or modern look or a warm and embracing look. A lot depends on the color chosen by you. You will also need to coordinate the colors of countertops, cabinets, appliances and backsplash. You can also seek the guidance of an interior expert who can guide you effectively.

Many people are fond of loud colors and they use it wherever they can. Sometimes, they even go overboard with their fetish for bright and vibrant colors that may have given a garish look to the entire space. Maybe, initially it will look nice as it is something different from what they were using earlier, but as the times passes, it starts hurting our eyes. Conversely, there are people who love simplicity in every aspect of their life, including their kitchen remodels. Using white or cream color in the entire house may make it look quite monotonous. It is important that this monotony is broken using bright colors here and there. The best idea is to paint one wall bright and rest in subtle colors. This way, you can have the best of both ideas. If the cabinets are brightly colored, the walls can be in lighter colors and if the cabinets are light in color, you can go for brighter shades on your kitchen walls. You can also go for different shades of the same color. This way, you can ensure a bright and cheerful look in your kitchen.

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