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Making The Right Choice For Your Shower Remodeling

shower remodeling

Going into shower bath remodeling is a difficult task, so to prevent any expensive mistakes, you need to consider these questions for it can affect the outcome of your project.

  • Are you renovating for keeping or listing?
  • Do you like to widen your shower space or keep the same layout and upgrade all trims and fixtures?
  • Are you for wall-recessed storage or standard cabinets?
  • Will you install a foldable shower bench?
  • Will you consider hiring a remodeling contractor?

You will be facing tons of factors when renovating your shower, so you need to plan it well either by yourself or together with any shower remodel contractors near you. Luckily, we are sharing this read with you since it contains some tips and guides for this project. 

#1 Walk In Shower or Shower Stall?

A shower stall is more suitable when you lack space inside your bathroom, and when you are on a budget shower remodel since it costs around $750 to $1,650. Then you can make it glamorous by choosing a glossy finish that marries with stainless steel shower trims.

Meanwhile, walk-in showers are a great choice when you have an elderly or people with physical disabilities inside your home. With its design, it allows smooth entry and exit from the shower area. Moreover, you have the choice of having a sill or not, as long as the shower base is inclined towards the drain.

#2 Are you okay with tiles?

Installing tiles on your shower floors and walls is a timeless and classic choice among the best shower remodeling in history. When properly installed, sealed, and waterproofed, then there’ll be fewer problems with molds and mildews. Nevertheless, always use a mild cleaning solution when scrubbing your tiles and grouts.

Conversely, there are also good alternatives to tiles such as acrylic and PVC panels, where both have a sleek and seamless appearance. Besides that, both have reliable strength to withstand daily usage and their water resistance is great. Nonetheless, choose well among these options and you can also ask your contractor about it.

#3 Ensure Proper Waterproofing of Shower Wall to Avoid Spongy Walls

Spongy tile walls are highly dangerous since it cannot firmly hold the shower handlebar which can cause accidents at any time. Moreover, there is a potential risk that your shower walls can degrade faster than expected, and it’s all because of poor quality of work. 

To secure the waterproofing of your shower tile walls, you can either use a sheet membrane or a liquid membrane as a middle layer before installing your tiles. The latter is more convenient because it takes away the hassle of a sheet installation.

#4 Know who are the people who are working on your shower remodel

Whether you are undergoing a complete or small shower remodel, you need to know the people who will handle the renovations. If it’s a general contractor, then you need to ask them who will be the subcontractor who will remodel your shower and tub.

Also, ask the name of the contact person and his mobile phone or telephone number, so you can call them for any clarifications or concerns.

#5 Allocate 10% to 15% allowance on your budget for unexpected repairs and replacements

During the demolition and removal, it serves as the moment of truth since you’ll by then what are the damaged sections inside your shower. Considering these hidden variables, you need to have an extra budget to cover them.

Conversely, prices on materials and labor can also increase unexpectedly, so you need to be prepared for that as well. In line with this, it’s also best to ask for a free quote for your shower remodeling cost from your remodeling contractor. 

#6 Never settle for the first contractor you will call

Nowadays, you can quickly surf the web for the best shower remodeling contractors near your area and call them out for inquiries. Alongside this, we recommend that you don’t get sold out directly on the deal of the first company you called since there’s still a chance for a better one on your succeeding calls, right?

Consequently, you need to have at least three contractors for selection and then know their offers and verify their credentials. Also, take time as well to see their portfolios and their customer feedback, so you can gauge their reputation.

#7 Take charge and don’t let your contractor rule over you

True, they have the skills, tools, and equipment for the job, yet you are paying them to improve the function and beauty of your 12-year old shower. With that, it means you are the boss and that they need to meet your preferences, unless, they’ve tried everything but still your choice isn’t feasible.

#8 Don’t forget about proper ventilation

When it comes to shower and bath, cleaning and maintenance is the most tedious task you will work on. Your shower is continuously exposed to water and moisture, so it’s a suitable ground for molds and mildews, especially when there’s no air ventilation.

With that, your contractor must incorporate a window or exhaust fan above your shower to remove excess moisture. Otherwise, you can install a compact dehumidifier somewhere inside your shower or bathroom.

#9 Only hire licensed, insured, and bonded contractors

Let’s face it, the shower is slippery most often, and if something happens to a person while they’re renovating, you could be held accountable. Meanwhile, if they accidentally cause property damage during their work, will they pay for it?

For you to safeguard yourself from these dilemmas, you need to hire those contractors who are licensed and bonded, and that all their pros are insured for the job. With that, you have zero liability and they will reimburse any property damage done during their remodeling process.

#10 Double-check the dimension and quality of the materials before installing

Despite the professionalism of your contractor, it is still worth taking to inspect the materials they are using for your shower makeover. You need to check if it’s the right style, dimension, and quality you both agreed with from the start. 

Also, you can ask them about their money-back guarantee clause if they have that or not. If they do, then make sure it’s written down in the contract along with the conditions to claim it.

So this is the end of our sharing and we hope to have given you enough ideas for your shower makeover. In case you still haven’t found a shower remodeling contractor, then you can turn to us at Fairfax Kitchen and Bath.

You can contact us anytime to ask for a free estimate and booking appointments or check us on Twitter!

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