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10 Trending Kitchen Remodeling Ideas For 2022

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In any living situation, your kitchen serves as the heart of your home. It is the busiest place in your home and takes a daily beating, making it quick to wear out its beauty and function. If you feel that your kitchen needs to be brought back to its past glamor and function, it might be time to start thinking of fresh kitchen ideas. You can consider doing minor upgrades or a full kitchen remodel today. Rather than go it alone, consider partnering with a kitchen remodeling contractor to help avoid remodeling mistakes.

To get started, read on to get an idea for what’s the trending kitchen remodel ideas in 2022, which can be adapted for your affordable kitchen remodel project. There are plenty of ideas to match any wants and needs you might have. You may also consider checking kitchen remodeling before and after for more ideas.

Upgrade to Marble or Granite Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen counters take the most serious beating with all the spills and chopping. Frequent kitchen use leads to faster countertop degrading. Fortunately, our professionals can help you customize and install marble or granite stone countertops to match your kitchen renovation ideas. Both stones are aesthetically pleasing and can help increase the value and function of your kitchen. They are also easy to care for and maintain.

Set The Tone Right with New Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Among all the kitchen remodel ideas, the cabinets can be the most expensive to upgrade, especially if you are entirely redoing them. For those on a budget, you can simply refinish or update the hardware. However, kitchen cabinets can be a major focal point of the space so it is worth it to consider a larger upgrade. The countertops, backsplash, arrangement of appliances and food items are all affected by the kitchen cabinets. 

Choosing the right color and finish can help to determine your other remodeling kitchen ideas. If you are going for a homey, rustic feel, it is best to choose natural wood colors. For a more contemporary home, you can go for a slab cabinet door style with a glossy finish. This option has minimal hardware exposed, giving your kitchen a seamless and sleek look.

Hardwood Kitchen Flooring

The kitchen floor is another main component of your kitchen space. Flooring must complement the cabinets to bring the entire look together. For kitchen remodel ideas 2021, the most popular flooring material is hardwood. This can add warmth and can be complemented by other wooden fixtures and accessories throughout your kitchen.

Extend Your Peninsula with a Kitchen Island

 Do your remodel kitchen ideas include an island? A kitchen can also serve as a gathering space for daily conversations with family. If your peninsula doesn’t provide enough space for everyone, you can install a kitchen island at a reasonable price with us. We have a collection of trending materials, including quartz, marble, granite, solid surface and more. Our pros can help you customatise and install the right style and dimension for your kitchen. We always ensure the island is not too large otherwise it will restrict movement around the kitchen. Ensure to leave around 36” to 48” of space on all four sides.

Invest in Smart Appliances

Some of the best kitchen remodel ideas 2021 include upgrading to smart kitchen appliances. These have a sleek and contemporary appearance and will enhance the modern vibe in your kitchen. They also improve functionality such as motion sensor faucets that automatically dispense water when it senses your hand. Some other smart kitchen appliances include induction stovetops and an eco-friendly fridge that will automatically adjust its thermostat and lighting for the time of day.

Don’t Hide Your Fancy Porcelains and Cutlery, Go For Glass Front or Open Shelving

Don’t allow dust and cobwebs to be the only audience for your fine porcelains and cutlery. Instead, showcase them so they can flawlessly uplift and sophisticate your kitchen design. The best way to do this is to install glass cabinet doors with LED lighting inside. This is one of the top trending kitchen remodel ideas in 2021 and won’t break the bank. Alternatively, you can opt for open shelving with wood planks to effortlessly display the design of your porcelains and cutlery.

Go for a Two-Tone Kitchen

It can be overwhelming choosing from all of the many color combinations available in your kitchen remodel ideas. Going for a minimalist approach is timeless and never fails anyone. To achieve the look, go for a two-tone design aesthetic with dark cabinetry and a neutral color stone countertops, or vice versa. The contrasting palette will set the tone of your kitchen remodel. 

Some ideas when staying minimal is to choose a matte finish on the countertops for a modern touch. Wall-hung or base kitchen cabinets with a slab style creates a seamless and flowing look in your kitchen.

Hang Some Artwork in Your Kitchen Wall

Instead of boring, plain painted walls, try mounting some artwork to add excitement to your kitchen remodel ideas. You can choose artwork to represent your personality or to add pops of color throughout the kitchen. This kitchen idea can turn a regular kitchen into a fun space in your home.

Streamlined Designs for a Less Stressful Ambience

Although sophisticated mid-century and farmhouse kitchen ideas are still in, some homeowners prefer a more simple approach to their kitchen remodel. In that case, opt for streamlined designs for the kitchen remodel project. If you agree that “less is more,” then this approach is for you. Homeowners can be flooded with so many advertisements and more kitchen design ideas in magazines and on Pinterest, but streamlining can be much less stressful.

Don’t Isolate Your Kitchen, Instead Connect it to Your Patio

It is time to let go of the idea that a kitchen is always bordered by four walls as a separate space in the house. Connecting your kitchen to other areas of the house can create a more breathable, open space. 

Creating a pathway toward your patio is one of the top trending kitchen remodel ideas in 2021. We can install an attractive sliding glass door dividing your kitchen and patio. We can add additional details to add to the open feeling, such as installing a 5-foot sliding glass window above your sink. Even with the window closed, it will still allow the sunshine in to brighten up your kitchen. This look blends perfectly with wood cabinets and hardwood flooring.

Achieve Your Dream Kitchen Remodeling Design with Fairfax Kitchen and Bath

We hope you enjoyed reading and that we provided you with some thoughts to start on your kitchen remodel ideas. No matter what style you are thinking, hiring a reliable remodeling company will help you achieve your dream kitchen. 

Fairfax Kitchen and Bath is a Class A licensed and insured kitchen remodeling company and the contractor you can trust for this project. We have the best professionals and products, which you can pick and use for your kitchen makeover.

We’re offering a free estimate and design service today! Call now for this chance to realize your dream kitchen at a reasonable price.

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