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Kitchen Remodeling: How Often Should A Kitchen Be Renovated

So when is the right time that you consider a complete kitchen renovation? Technically, the answer will depend on how heavily you use your pantry and the years that have passed since its last full kitchen remodel.

Oftentimes, the usual duration for undertaking this endeavor is around 10 to 15 years, yet nothing can stop you if you want to make smaller updates within a year.

Is it easy to renovate your kitchen? Well, that depends on the coverage of your remodel, yet you can efficiently accomplish these tasks when you work with a reliable contractor like Fairfax Kitchen Bath. We have the latest technology and supplies to get things done promptly at a reasonable price.

In this read, we are also sharing the seven prominent telltale signs that will help you decide whether to pursue affordable kitchen renovations or not. Without any delays, let’s dive into it.

7 Evident Signs To Tell That You Need To Renovate Your Kitchen

Several homeowners in Maryland and Virginia have turned to licensed and bonded contractors for their modern kitchen remodel because they want to make it accurate and completed at the earliest possible time.

However, you can still save some costs when you are ready to handle some of the tasks, such as painting and cabinet refacing. In line, it is our goal to give you the most suitable design and approach for updating your outdated pantry. 

Meanwhile, check out these important signs for you to decide whether you need to upgrade your kitchen or not.

#1 Changing Lifestyle Which Needs An Upgrade in Your Kitchen

The current setup in your kitchen is never always applicable all the time for your lifestyle and needs changes within the year. For singles or couples without children yet, a small and simple pantry would serve them for the moment.

However, as time goes by and you soon have kids, your needs change and so is your kitchen layout. Typically, you will need more space and functionality in your pantry that would support the number of people residing in your house.

Moreover, ensuring you have ample space for gathering and conversation is highly important in your modern kitchen layout. Take note, it’s not just a place to prepare food, rather an area where memories are made to last a lifetime.

#2 There Are Damages To Repair or Replace

Besides your living room, your kitchen is highly utilized every day and annually. Roughly, you use your pantry three to four times a day, that is around 1,460 times a year. With that, you can expect that some fixtures will be broken or worn out due to excessive usage.

Some of the common things which dramatically wear out or get damaged are your cabinets, sink, faucet, pipelines, appliances, floor, backsplash, and kitchen island. When you see that the extent of damages is overwhelming, then it’s time for you to undertake fast kitchen remodeling.

#3 Your Kitchen Looks Dingy and Dark

Because of the high-traffic inside your pantry, lots of oils, spills, food ingredients, heat, moisture, and other external elements can degrade its appearance and sanitation. With that, keeping a good cleaning practice after cooking is also essential.

Often, you will see your backsplash, sink counters, floor, and kitchen island darker than before. Some even would have faded colors, molds, and mildews present in your tiles and grouts.

If you think your daily or weekly cleaning isn’t working, then it’s about time that you consider getting a home kitchen remodeling from professionals. Get in touch with us today, so you can ask for a free quote or consultation.

#4 You Have the Budget For It

One of the greatest hindrances for you to perform modern kitchen upgrades is your available cash for it. Luckily, at Fairfax Kitchen Bath, we offer flexible prices for your kitchen remodeling depending on the inclusions and materials used.

So far, the industry’s average for this project is around $14,000 to $43,000, which still depends on what is covered for the remodel. Alongside this, the common coverage for a standard kitchen update is your kitchen island, sink, faucet, lighting, cabinets, backsplash, and floor.

#5 All Fixtures and Elements Are Outdated

One of the main reasons why you opt for kitchen remodeling is when the majority of all of your kitchen fixtures and elements are outdated and worn out. Besides that, we can also install other elements to spruce the functionality and design of your pantry.

For instance, we can improve your peninsula or kitchen island to have ample space for chitchat with guests and family. Alongside this, we can choose better materials and neutral colors for your cabinetry. Basically, we will renovate what is necessary and fit for your needs and finances.

#6 You Need to Install New Kitchen Appliances

Technically, your microwave, oven, dishwasher, range, and other kitchen appliances have an expected lifespan between five to fifteen years. However, when you don’t properly clean and maintain it, their lifespan becomes shorter and prone to damages.

Further, choosing a more durable material for your fixtures and appliances give you better confidence that it will last longer. For instance, an enamel or stainless kitchen sink can last around ten years, yet if you choose an acrylic material, it will have a longer usable life of about 50 years.

#7 You Want To Appraise Your Property’s Value

Meanwhile, if you’re planning of selling your house next year, then making substantial upgrades in your kitchen will boost your property’s value and curb appeal.

Take note, the kitchen is considered the heart of modern homes today, so if you make that attractive and more functional, then your prospective client will be more inclined to purchase your house for the best price offer.

Need Professional Assistance With Kitchen Renovation

At Fairfax Kitchen Bath, it is our mission to provide a full range of kitchen remodeling services at a flexible price offer for the locals. We guarantee your satisfaction since we have talented personnel, high-end technology, and quality supplies for any task.

To avail of our free estimate, call our office today or fill out our online request form. Otherwise, schedule an onsite inspection and quotation for a minimal service charge, which we can deduct from your overall billing.

You can contact us anytime to ask for a free estimate and booking appointments or check us on Twitter!

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