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Kitchen Islands

Kitchen Islands

Kitchen remodels have become a hub of not just cooking but also of family interactions, work stations, and late night conversations. And with that the advent of something called an island. Which has a function as a cooking aid or a storage unit but they also can be a centerpiece of the social aspects of what the kitchen now embodies.

Kitchen islands can add a touch of class to a kitchen while still remaining functional. They can serve as a place for food preparation. Which they very well might have been created for. For instance having a sink and garbage disposal in one place that food can be easily and quickly be disposed of is very convenient. So is having more space for food preparation in one area so you don’t have to constantly move back and forth unnecessarily when everything can, and should, be in one spot.


Having a cooktop on an island can be a very helpful aid in cooking. Cooktops are an exciting addition in and of themselves considering that modern cooktops have functions ranging from everyday needs to bringing the outdoors inside with grilling capabilities. And when the meal is done being prepared they can easily be put on a plate and handed to the hungry people sitting around the island.


Having a freezer/refrigerator drawer attached to the island can be extremely convenient. And not just for the space saving capabilities they offer. But also because of the convenience of having a drawer available by simply bending over.

Islands come in all shapes and sizes and to properly compliment your kitchen you should be prepared to investigate different options. For instance how big is your kitchen and what is the function you are going for. Will this island just be for food preparation or do you want to add an area for social interactions and a nice little hangout for your family and friends? Will the island have power, water, or drainage?


The actual design is another thing to keep in mind. Will it be a single flat space or will it have shelves? What material is going on it, does it match the rest of your kitchen? Is it going to be a circle countertop or a more traditional square? Maybe L-shaped?

These questions will help steer you in the right direction for your needs and wants.

And remember to think about the actual functionality of the island. One good way to go about this is by designing it with a triangle design in relation to other appliances and counters. By using the triangle design you can easily twist and turn from counter, to stove top, to fridge while you prepare food.

If you want more freedom and the choice to put your island wherever you want, then go for it! Mobile islands work in your favor if you want to move the countertop beside you and not have to move, making it do the work instead of yourself. Or maybe you don’t have the space and you want to be able to add a small counter to help while you prepare food and then when you’re finished you can place it out of the way. The kitchen design is functional first and style second.

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