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Important Upgrades To Consider When Going For A Shower Remodel

Are you thinking of doing a makeover with your shower and tub? Do you already know the important elements to upgrade for your shower bath remodeling? If not, then it’s best to lean on a seasoned shower remodel contractors like Fairfax Kitchen Bath for this effort.

Today, we are featuring the top 10 critical elements you need to upgrade inside your outdated master bath and powder room. Stay tuned to find out more about how you can guarantee the success of your budget shower remodel.

#1 Your Budget for Shower and Tub Remodel

Before getting started, we always advise our clients to finalize their budget for undertaking this venture of bringing fresh looks and functionality with your shower area. With that, the coverage of the makeover will be dependent on your allocated money for this endeavor.

If you aim for a basic small shower remodel, then your approximate cost will be around $500 to $2,000. Under this budget, the typical things you can do are the following:

  • Refinishing tubs and shower walls
  • Ceramic tiles for flooring
  • Standard glass doors
  • Single shower head

Meanwhile, if you aim for a mid-level shower renovation, then your estimated investment is between $3,000 to $5,000. With that, the usual inclusions for this range are a new tub, rain shower head, glass wall tiles, new doors, and fixtures.

Lastly, for your lucrative shower makeover, your estimated budget is around $6,000 to $10,000. The price can go higher, depending on the quality of materials and fixtures you choose for the upgrades.

#2 Recessed Smart Storages

Even if you have a small bathroom or shower area, it doesn’t mean you cannot have ample storage spaces for your bathing products, cosmetics, and linens.

Our usual approach for a small powder room is installing recessed medicine cabinets and inside-the-shower-wall compartments for storing your bathing paraphernalia.

Likewise, we can install modern LED lights inside in those recessed storages, so you can easily see the things inside. Often, we also install cute medicine cabinets behind your vanity mirror.

#3 For Safety, Install Textured Smaller Tiles for Bathroom Floors

Meanwhile, it’s already a trend of making your shower area friendly and safe for your children and elderly. In line, slipping is the most common accident occurring in everyone’s bathroom, yet we can avoid that by installing smaller textured tiles for your bathroom floors.

Likewise, we can place stainless steel handrails inside your walk-in shower and tub to assist anyone in their entry and exit paths. Nevertheless, we highly recommend that you talk with our technicians and designers to plan this out.

#4 Highly Functional and Portable Shower Head

If you were bored and tired with your old fixed shower head, then we recommend that you install a multi-functional and detachable showerhead. Technically, we can still retain a fixed overhead shower head on top and add a portable shower head for better functionality.

Also, adding some adjustments to the temperature and flow rate for your shower head is a great choice to enhance your bathing experience. At Fairfax Kitchen Bath, we always aim on giving you the best shower remodeling at a very reasonable price. 

#5 Shower Sills

Meanwhile, you have the freedom to either have a shower sill or not in your shower stall, yet we always recommend that you have one. Your shower sill is responsible for preventing flood to the entire floor area of your bathroom.

In line, your shower sill will be inclined inwards so that all drippings will flow towards the drain of your shower pan. Alongside this, we can install a pebble-like floor inside your shower stall to achieve a spa-like feel.

#6 Ventilation and Frosted Window

Moisture and molds are the two worst nemeses inside your master bath and powder room. Molds and bacteria thrive well in humid and moist areas like your bathroom. With that, the best solution we can do will be to improve the ventilation system in your washroom.

To do that, we can place a small window above your walk-in shower or install an exhaust fan to actively remove excess moisture. Meanwhile, we also need to look into the privacy of your bathroom. With that, we can install a frosted window and glass enclosure for you.

#7 Glass Shower Enclosures and Curtains

Concerning moisture and flood control inside your bathroom floors, you also have the option of waterproofing your area. However, if you want to keep your shower remodeling cost low, then we can install a glass shower enclosure and curtains for your shower stall.

Your glass enclosure will efficiently keep the water inside your shower stall within its boundary. Meanwhile, for greater savings, you can opt for a shower curtain instead of a glass enclosure.

#8 Modern Lighting System

Besides choosing neutral tones for your vanity tops, cabinets, and shower walls, you can increase the brilliance of your bathroom by installing modern recessed lighting. We can install these recessed LED lighting behind your vanity mirror, underneath your vanity cabinets, and countertops.

Also, we can inject modern technology on this by incorporating remote control systems or motion-sensors to automate the activation of these lights. Moreover, installing a dimmer light is great to match your mood.

#9 Vanity Tops and Drawers

Meanwhile, your vanity tops can become the focal point of your bathroom and we have an array of choices for you. So far, the best-selling countertop materials for your bathroom vanities with tops are quartz, granite, marble, concrete, and soapstone.

Upon installing your vanity tops, we can install a built-in pull-out drawer to provide smart storage for your hair blower and cosmetic items. Moreover, in choosing your bathroom countertops, we recommend that you go for white or neutral hues to make your room brighter and cool.

#10 Rainfall Showerhead and Built-in Sound System

Installing an elegant rainfall showerhead is a classic choice for modern bathrooms. It adds a spa-like ambiance and relaxing massage feeling when you’re taking a warm shower bath.

On the other hand, steam showers are a popular choice among bathroom renovations for it adds more function and curb appeal. Meanwhile, we can add more experience to your bath by installing a built-in sound system inside your bathroom.

Need Professional Assistance With Your Bathroom Makeover

At Fairfax Kitchen Bath, we are highly experienced and equipped of taking on your small and large bathroom remodel. All our technicians are duly licensed, trained, and bonded for all renovation tasks.

To ask for a free quote, get in touch with us, or fill out our request form. For a more detailed proposal, book for an onsite inspection today. We charge a minimal fee which we can deduct from the overall cost of your shower renovation.

Book appointments with us now, or visit us on Instagram anytime.

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