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Important Things To Consider Before You Remodel Your Bathroom

Standard powder room or a suite master bath, functionality, and aesthetics must be your prime goals when you do affordable bathroom remodeling. If you are planning on doing one this year, then this article showcases the best 11 things you need to consider for your successful bathroom makeover.

Meanwhile, a lot of the locals still goes on availing professional remodeling contractors, because it ensures the accuracy and timely completion of your modern bathroom remodeling.

Fortunately, we at Fairfax Kitchen Bath is one of the leading locally operated and owned contractors in the field of kitchen and bathroom renovations. If you need our assistance, get in touch with us today.

Let’s start!

#1 Think About the Size Needed for Your Half Bath

Your half bath area usually consists of a toilet and a sink counter, which fits on an 11 square feet space. This small area can still pass your building code, yet for a more comfortable space, an area of 18 to 32 square feet is most ideal.

Nevertheless, you can always ask a contractor or your city engineer about the standard dimension that is required for the permit.

#2 Install Shower Fixtures That’s Friendly For All Users

Your master bath and powder room will be used by all ages, so you need to make sure all fixtures and accessories will be user-friendly for them. In line, we can install a handheld shower aside from your waterfall shower head. This provides more portability and versatility in function.

Besides that, you can install door knobs and faucets that are friendly for the elderly as well, so they won’t have to exert much effort to rotate it. Moreover, we can install a grab steel handlebar on your wall studs, that will help the elderly walk around your bathroom.

Typically, the grab handlebar is 33” to 36” above your bathroom floor. Moreover, to avoid slippage, we recommend that you use smaller textured tiles, for it provides better traction on your foot.

#3 Proper Height For Easy Access

When it comes to our professional bathroom remodeling service, we never forget about getting the right height for your hang towel bars, robe hooks, and vanity cabinets for easy access.

As a standard benchmark, we usually use 5’6” stature for the person, where the approximate height (from the floor) for your important accessories are as follows:

  • hang towel bars: 48” 
  • Tissue holder: 6” in front of your toilet and from the floor
  • Vanity cabinet: 60” to 66”
  • Robe hooks: 60” to 66”

Nevertheless, we can seamlessly adjust their respective heights depending on your stature.

#4 Recessed Storage Compartments for Toiletries

Inside your walk-in shower, we can install a wall recessed storage space where you can place your shampoos, conditioner, body wash, and other toiletries. With that, you have an arm’s reach access to it for your daily warm or cold shower.

Likewise, we can also install a foldable or fix shower bench suitable for all ages. It adds more functionality to your shower stall.

#5 Provide Allowance For Your Amperage

To avoid any short circuit to your bathroom electrical connections, it is best to replace your 15-A wire with a 20-A and use GFCI outlets. Moreover, we can install more outlets where you can seamlessly plug your hair blower, razor, iron, and other small electrical devices.

#6 Install Radiant Heating For Your Bathroom Floors

Oftentimes, you get cold feet when you step outside your shower base, so we also recommend that we install radiant heating underneath your bathroom floor. We typically include that for our full bathroom renovation packages, yet we will still wait for your approval before implementing it.

It just takes around 45 minutes for your floors to get cozy without burning your feet. For a reasonable price, you are efficiently adding more function to your modern bathroom.

#7 Proper Ventilation and Shower Sill

Excess moisture and overflowing water from your shower stall are some of the common issues for outdated bathrooms. In our bathroom renovation services, we include installing a proper ventilation system to your newly finished bathroom space.

With that, we can install a quiet exhaust fan device or a small window over your shower area, to let excess moisture out.

Meanwhile, your shower sill must be sloped inwards to prevent water from flooding outside your shower pan. In line, we can choose durable materials with enhanced waterproofing abilities for your shower sill and base.

#8 Install Recessed Lighting on Your Vanity Mirror

To ensure your vanity mirror will accurately show your reflection, we suggest installing recessed LED lighting underneath the boundary of your mirror. With that, it gives well-balanced lighting on your mirror and face.

Besides that, we can install a light fixture on both sides at eye level on your vanity mirror. The distance between these two lightings is between 36” to 40”.

#9 Avoid Clogging by Installing 2” Drain Pipes

When was the last time you experienced a clogged drain pipe due to bundles of hairs stuck and tangled around it? If you want to resolve this issue, we need to change your usual 1-1/2” drain pipe to a 2” diameter pipe.

With a larger diameter, there is a very minimal chance that you will experience getting clogged up. Moreover, you will have lesser cleaning requirements, since all residues and hair can easily flow down. 

#10 Floating Toilet with Hidden Tanks

Meanwhile, getting a floating toilet is one of the trending aspects for small bathroom remodeling, for it allows you to save more footprints for a spacious bathroom. Moreover, we hid the toilet tank inside your bathroom wall to have a sleek appearance while saving more space.

#11 Exciting Shower Bases

If you are tired and bored with the typical ready-made shower bases, then it’s time you consider installing modern shower bases made from porcelain or acrylic. It has a better finish, style, and color than your prefab counterpart.

Besides that, never undermine the durability and waterproofing abilities of your shower base material, since you won’t be frequently upgrading it over time.

If you need our free consultation or estimate, don’t hesitate to call our office today or visit us on Houzz!

Meanwhile, if you like a more detailed proposal, then schedule an onsite inspection with our team for an affordable service charge, which is deductible from your overall bathroom remodeling cost.

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