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How To Save Money On Your Bathroom Renovation

Is seeing the refreshing and elegant bathrooms in hotels and restaurants, motivate you to pursue a bathroom remodeling project in your home?

Well, that’s great, but you’d have to be smart in getting the right cost to renovate a bathroom, or else you’ll be flushing your hard-earned money. 

Fortunately, you’re here since we’re featuring ways for you to save on bathroom makeovers this 2021. Nonetheless, if you need a free estimate and design for this project, simply fill out a request form on our site or call our office today.

Plan On Your Budget

The national average for a 5’ x 7’ bathroom remodel is around $16,200. For this budget, it will only include a new standard tub, vanity with top, floor tiles, tub tile surround, and sink. Also, this includes fresh paint, new lighting, faucet, and cabinet hardware. 

Conversely, most homeowners spend around $2,000 to $10,000 for their affordable bathroom renovation. In creating your budget, make sure to list down the possible inclusions of this project.

You can also utilize the free estimates given by bathroom contractors, so you can see which one provides the most cost-efficient offer.

Retain Your Plumbing Set Up

Besides selecting cheaper materials, you can save around $1,000 to $5,000 when you maintain your current plumbing.

Nevertheless, your bathroom remodeling contractors will inspect them to see if it’s still in good shape, and it supports the new function and amenities inside your bathroom.

Frame Up Your Vanity Mirror

Is your industrial-grade vanity mirror looking dull and boring? For you to boost its appearance, you can dress it up by framing all its sides and picking a color that either blends or contrasts with the wall.

This process enhances the entire look of your vanity with tops, without breaking the bank. 

Don’t Throw Your Toilet If You Can Still Use It

If your white porcelain toilet is still functional, then don’t dump it, instead, just update its lid and seat cover. Also, you can buy a DIY repair kit to mend some nicks and dents on your toilet.

By keeping your toilet, you saving around $122 to $228 for installing a brand new one. Anyhow, if you have the budget for a tankless or floating toilet, then go for it.

Find Stock or Prefab Vanities

A customized bathroom vanity costs around $500 to $2,800, which is quite heavy on your pocket. Your alternative will be looking for a prefab or stock vanity which costs between $100 to $2,500.

Luckily, we offer affordable brands of cabinets that have good quality when we remodel bathrooms. These brands are Fabuwood, Forevermark, and Schrock, where we have different cabinet styles and finishes available for your preference.

Find Alternatives to Tiles like Acrylic Panels and Stainless Steel

Durability and design versatility is present in tiles, making it the go-to choice for your bathroom flooring, shower wall, and tub surround. However, its main setback is the price and installation process.

Considering that, you still have plenty of alternatives to tiles, which still give you exciting looks and reliable strength that can withstand moisture and chemicals.

Here are some of your excellent substitute tile materials:

  • Acrylic panels
  • PVC panels
  • Marble
  • Stainless steel
  • Stone resin
  • Wood
  • Paint

Consider Installing Cheap Bathroom Countertops

There’s no doubt that granite and engineered quartz slabs are an excellent choice for your bathroom countertop upgrades. However, it comes at a hefty price, which can be overwhelming to your budget.

For you to save on renovating your vanity tops, here are some good materials to consider:

  • Laminate: It’s your cheapest choice where it can copy the looks of natural or synthetic stone slabs. Nevertheless, its durability is not that reliable compared to authentic stone countertops.
  • Glass or Ceramic: These two materials are also cheaper than quartz or granite, and their water resistance is impeccable. Besides, you can also easily clean and maintain it.
  • Solid Surface: This material has a quality in between a laminate and a natural stone. In terms of price, it’s cheaper than engineered and natural stones, but a little higher than laminates.
  • Remnant Stone Slabs: Meanwhile, if you truly desire quartz, granite, or marble, then you can opt for stone remnants since they’re cheaper than the standard slabs. The main setback will be the irregularity in shapes and size.

Refinish and Repair Your Tubs

It’s a common mistake among homeowners to get a new tub when their old one is still functional. Take note, it’s never easy getting a new bathtub since it entails a few things like cutting the right size to fit your bathroom door, tub surround, trims, and flooring.

Even though you got your tub for a cheaper price, still those add-on labor and customization can easily increase its overall cost to $2,000 to $3,000. 

For you to save, you can just refinish your tub which costs around $300 to $600. You can do this job on your own or hire a professional for it.

Set A New Tone or Mood By Repainting Your Bathroom

Compared to other areas inside your house, your bathroom takes up a small space, maybe around 30 to 60 square feet. If you want to get a fresh face for it without breaking the bank, then repainting is a strategic choice.

Take note, color greatly impacts the personality and aura in your bathroom, so you can never undermine it. Conversely, an estimated cost for repainting a 50 square foot bathroom is around $170 to $300, this includes your paint, labor, and other supplies. 

Try Open Shelving Instead of Upper Cabinets

Installing an upper cabinet in your bathroom can take more space and is usually heavy on your pocket. If you’re cutting off expenses, then a good alternative to cabinets is open shelving. 

This option applies to a master bath, powder room, or a small bathroom. The main advantage you’ll have for open shelving will be its easier installation process and cheaper cost.

Furthermore, there are other benefits for open shelving.

  • Creates an illusion of a wider space
  • Excellent for a minimalist theme
  • You can showcase your expensive dish wares, accessories, and porcelains

Need A Free Estimate and Design for Your Next Bathroom Remodel?

We hope you enjoyed reading through the article, and that you got plenty of insights on how to achieve your budget bathroom remodel this 2021. 

Inline, Fairfax Kitchen and Bath can help out with this project since we have extensive experience, modern equipment, and creativity for bathroom renovations.

We are a Class A licensed and insured contractor registered in the Commonwealth of Virginia. For you to avail of our free estimate and design service, just fill out our online request form, or call our office today.


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