How to Design a Kitchen Island

How to Design a Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands have become a common staple in many homes. Since the kitchen can be the central point of the home where many times it is the only place you can get the whole family in one spot and carry on conversations having a kitchen island is a highly convenient kitchen accessory to invest in. If you want to install a kitchen island in your kitchen remodel here are some tips that will lead you to the perfect island suitable for your kitchen and home.

Prior to Choosing a Kitchen Island

1.) Clean Out Drawers

A kitchen island can be a great way to add additional storage space in your kitchen but in order for you to know how much storage you want or need you need to see how you are using the space you have already. Often times non-kitchen items find a home in your kitchen and clearing out and properly placing these items where they belong will give you a much better idea of how much additional space you want and need.

2.) Counter Space

You can install a kitchen island that can primarily serve as additional counter space or you can move the sink to the kitchen island and free up additional counter space on the counters around it. Either way you will want to consider what would best work for your kitchen.

3.) Stove Tops/Cooktops

Utilizing your new kitchen island as a stove or cooktop area can be highly beneficial. You no longer will have to have your back to anyone who is speaking to you as you continue to cook and it improve the ventilation. There are a number of newer modern accessories that cooktops can come with such as a grill placement for BBQing all year round.

4.)Alternate Appliances

Your kitchen island can serve as a new placement for your refrigerator and freezer by keeping these kitchen remodel appliances below where the extra cabinet/storage space would be.


There are a number of designs you can use to create your kitchen cabinet and a number of options in term of constructions.

Here are a few design concepts you might want to consider:

  1. Will It Also Serve As A Dining Area?
  2. What Kind Of Countertop Do You Plan On Having?
  3. Multiple Tiers Or On Flat Surface?
  4. Will You Be Putting In A Sink Or Cooktop?
  5. What Shape Would You Like; Square, Rectangular, Triangular, Circle Or L-Shaped?


You can easily hire contractors to build the kitchen island you want but if you have the time you can make the kitchen island a do it yourself project.

Some simple construction ideas you should keep in mind include:

  1. If you are thinking about having a smaller kitchen island do you want it to be moveable? You can easily add wheels to the bottom of your kitchen island be sure to measure accordingly to compensate for the height of the wheels.
  2. Freestanding Kitchen Island are the most common types of island you see in many homes. With freestanding islands you will want to keep in mind how much cabinet space you will want and drawers you would like to add. If you want to also utilize your kitchen island as a place where you can eat you will want to keep in mind where stools or chairs will be pushed in at.
  3. Upcycled kitchen islands are also a unique way to incorporate a kitchen island in your kitchen. There are a number of various furniture items you can transform into your new kitchen island and it is sure to draw all the right attention.

Adding a kitchen island in you kitchen remodel can greatly add a number of elements to your kitchen. Whether you want additional counter space, more storage or a place that is convenient for family member to gather before meals a kitchen island is easy to customize and have installed.

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