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How Can A Bathroom Remodel Increase Your Home Value

Next to your kitchen renovation, making small and large upgrades in your small bathroom can be a wise investment in appraising its resale value. Consequently, you have to look at the essentials, meaning only the ones needed for an upgrade. 

If you plan of selling your house in the next one or two years, then investing in an affordable bathroom remodeling is a strategic option. Alongside this, you’d have to think of hiring a contractor like Fairfax Kitchen Bath would be helpful. 

Well, DIY works are fine if you have the luxury of time and patience to handle mistakes and redo. However, if you aim to make your modern bathroom remodeling cost-efficient, then leaning on professionals is your best decision.

In this read, we’re going to share some insightful tips on how you can elevate your house’s salability with your small bathroom remodeling on a budget.

Average Cost of Bathroom Remodeling and ROI

Consequently, your allocated budget for renovating your bathing and toilet area will impact the extent of our professional bathroom remodeling. Nevertheless, our team is highly resourceful and creative in finding ways of getting a cheaper alternative while still meeting your standard requirements.

In line, with your simple bathroom makeover, your expected budget starts from $3,000 to $12,000, where most households spend around $8,800 for this project. Meanwhile, the average price of a full bathroom renovation is between $6,500 to $18,000, where the estimated return hits at 50% to 75% of your overall cost.

Besides your recoup, our clients pursue this venture because it enhances the motivation of your prospect buyers in purchasing your house.

1. Upgrading Your Shower or Tub

There goes the question, “If you only have a shower or a tub, will you install the one that’s not available in your bathroom?”. Well, the answer greatly depends on your budget and your purpose for renovating.

Most prospect buyers will be more interested if you have these two in your master bathroom since it adds more function and style. Meanwhile, if you’re remodeling for your own sake, then you’d have to look at your budget and usage.

To save on cost, you can just refinish and repaint your tubs with a DIY kit sold in big stores and hardware. Likewise, focus on cleaning your tiles and grout to achieve a spotless white clean ambiance.

For your walk-in shower, you can either go for a frameless or framed style, whichever fits your need and finances. The latter is more expensive but will give more glamour inside your shower area.

Moreover, it’s best if you have multiple showerheads and a rainfall setting for your overhead shower to add style and function.

2. Invest In Luxurious Vanity Tops

Before you replace your vanity tops, it’s best to check its condition. If it’s already worn out and damaged, then you can invest in stone bathroom countertops made from granite, marble, or quartz. These materials will splurge your counter with a flair of modernity and timeless elegance.

In line, choose white or any neutral colors for your vanity tops so that it adds more brilliance and an impression of a wider space. 

3. Upgrade Your Bathroom Floors

Your bathroom floors are regularly exposed to moisture and chemicals, so upgrading to a better one is essential. Consequently, your ideal floor material must have excellent waterproofing properties to avoid any water damages, stains, and microbial growth.

Moreover, investing in larger slabs or tiles with a textured surface is best to avoid slippage and reduce your cleaning requirements for tiles and grouts.

Further, no one would like to step out from their hot shower and then stepping on cold floor tiles. To counter this issue, we can efficiently install a radiant heating system underneath your bathroom floor.

4. Install Modern Lighting Features

You can attract your prospect buyers when they see that your shower and toilet areas are well-lit and have a cool feeling. Besides choosing white or other pale colors, you can enhance the vibrancy, spacious, and clean appeal inside your small bathroom by installing a modern lighting system.

These are recessed LED lights that can be installed behind your vanity mirror, underneath your cabinets and vanity tops. Likewise, placing recessed lights on the upper sidings of your bathroom ceilings is also a viable choice.

Nevertheless, by installing glass enclosures for your walk-in shower would also help you save from installing lighting systems inside your bathroom.

5. Splurge The Right Colors In Your Bathroom Makeover

Indeed, streamlined design and style is the best path for remodeling your master bath. Why? Because there’s less visual disturbance, so your mind and body will be more relaxed, while enjoying your bubble bath or a hot shower.

Meanwhile, going for a streamlined bathroom design doesn’t mean to be boring, for we can still splurge it with your favorite color and patterns. With that, your shower and toilet area will have its own theme and personality.

6. Make Smart Bathroom Storages

For small bathrooms, we must make smart storage compartments without eating so many footprints to preserve a spacious aura. Some of the smart and creative storage ideas we can adapt for your bathroom renovation are the following:

    • Vertically-aligned stackable baskets
    • Pull-out drawer
    • Wall-recessed storages inside your walk-in shower area
    • Towel bars or hooks
    • Open shelving on top of your bathroom door
    • Wall-recessed vanity or medicine storage space behind your vanity mirror

7. Keep An Excellent Ventilation System

Take note, your bathroom is constantly filled with moisture which is harmful to your metallic fixtures and can support the growth of molds on your tiles. Fortunately, we always include ventilation systems in our bathroom renovation services

For this, you have two options: installing an exhaust fan or a small window on top of your shower area. The former will give you an active ventilation system that sucks up all moisture inside your bathroom. In contrast, the latter is more cost-efficient, since it will not use any electricity rather giving a path for excess moisture to come out.

Nevertheless, you can choose to adopt the two methods to ensure there’ll be no moisture build-up inside your newly finished master bathroom.

Need Professional Assistance with Your Bathroom Makeover?

Fairfax Kitchen Bath has a solid experience and modern technology for ensuring the efficiency, style, and functionality of your modern bathroom remodeling. Moreover, all our technicians are well-trained, licensed, and bonded for any remodeling tasks.

If you need our free consultation or estimate, don’t hesitate to call our office today or visit us on Houzz!

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