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Here’s a Look at the Top 6 Bathroom Remodeling Trends of 2017

Here’s a Look at the Top 6 Bathroom Remodeling Trends of 2017

The year’s finally over, which means a brand-new year of fun and intriguing trends. But it’s always great to look back at the most popular trends over the past year. It gives us perspective about what’s hot now and will likely continue to be in the coming year.

This is also a great way to get ideas for your future bathroom remodeling projects. Or you can use them to get your own creativity flowing.

In the following guide, we will cover some of the most fascinating bathroom remodeling designs of 2017. Let’s dive in.

1. Mediterranean-Inspired Bathroom Decor

Who doesn’t like entering a room of their home and feeling like they’ve been transported to another place? Especially if it’s a place they desire. This is exactly why you’ll find homes with designs inspired by Bohemian, Hawaiian and other cultures.

In this case, we must list Mediterranean style bathroom décor. This consists of Moroccan, Portuguese and Spanish designs. There are various ways homeowners implement this into their bathrooms.

Some of the décor you’ll find may include charming hand-painted terra cotta and modern metallic. There are also a lot of mosaic tile designs on the walls to accent shower and tub areas.

2. Smarter Storage in the Bathroom

Storage space is oftentimes an issue in homes with smaller bathrooms. However, this is also common in larger bathrooms that lack cabinets and shelving. But rather than filling up the space with more cabinets than the space will allow, you can opt for smart storage options.

There’s nothing like having practical storage. Therefore, many homeowners are taking advantage of vertical space. Floor-to-ceiling cabinetry is in for homeowners looking for additional space to store their bathroom products.

Another option is to implement a built-in cabinet, such as an antique piece. Obviously, this choice is best for bathrooms that have more square footage.

3. Classic White Colors

There’s no getting away from white tones in the bathroom. It makes any restroom feel neater and cleaner. White looks good on the walls, the floors and appliances.

White is a classic color that’ll likely never go out of style. One way to implement white into your bathroom is to include white subway tile walls throughout or just in the shower area.

What’s great about white subway tile is that you can pair it with just about any look. For instance, you can opt for an industrial, modern or traditional style restroom.

Then if you want to add a bit of color into the mix, then you can go with dark colored grout, such as black or gray. This way, the grout doesn’t look unsightly when it becomes stained with soap residue or mold.

4. Highly Functional Bathroom Designs bathrooms

Homeowners today are more conscious about the future, which means they’re looking for ways to enhance their bathrooms functionally. This way, they can grow old in their homes without worry of struggling using the restroom.

For example, you’ll find some property owners installing comfort-height toilets, lower sinks and wall seats in the showers. Curbless showers are also in, which makes it easier to walk in and out.

The key is to design your bathroom, so that it looks trendy, rather than like an old person’s home. This way, it lasts for many decades.

We also find floating vanities entering the scene. What’s appealing about these is that you can easily customize the height. Not to mention, they look very stylish.

5. 3D Tile for the Walls

Ever seen a painting that jumped out at you? Well, that’s exactly what 3D tile designs are doing in bathrooms across America. Three-dimensional tile doesn’t only attract the eyes, but invites a touch as well.

It’s alluring and chic at the same time. You can find all sorts of designs to choose from to match your bathroom décor. Some opt for a bit of 1970s funk, while others shift to a more modern and contemporary theme.

6. Deluxe Shower Stalls

Few people have the time or desire to sit in a bathtub, which shifts most people’s attention to shower stalls. There are many varieties of shower stalls you can implement into your bathroom design.

For the most part, homeowners are opting for deluxe style showers, which are very large and decked out with all sorts of features. This includes wall seats, multiple shower heads, large space and wall-to-wall glass sliding doors.

Then there are the spa elements homeowners can add, which include high-tech body sprays and water jets.

People today are looking for luxury at an affordable price, which you can get if you do a bathroom remodel with the right products.

Getting What You Need for Your Bathroom Remodel

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