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Guide to Kitchen Countertops for Matching Color Palettes

Most people put a premium on the kitchen when thinking of buying a house because it serves many functions. Aside from food preparation, it is where household members gather on a daily basis, so it has to be an attractive area. If you are planning to sell your home or considering purchasing a fixer upper, you need to look into what it will take to bring the kitchen up to scratch. This will determine the overall value of the home one way or the other. One of the first things you probably have to look into is the kitchen countertops.

A complete remodel would of course be ideal, but that would require resources that might not be available. Alternatively, replacing the kitchen countertops is a cost effective way to upgrade any kitchen, provided it has no structural problems.

New kitchen countertops can improve the functional and esthetic value of your kitchen and by extension your home, significantly without having to go through the expense and stress of a major kitchen overhaul. The same is true for replacing kitchen cabinets, but these are more expensive. Between kitchen countertops and cabinets, replacing kitchen countertops are a better return on investment.

Of course, the returns will depend on your choice of material for your new kitchen countertops. Ideally, you want it to match or complement the color palette of the kitchen. This might sound easy enough with the wide range of colors available for kitchen countertops, especially if you choose granite or quartz countertops. However, choosing the right one can really make your kitchen the star of the show. This guide to kitchen countertops for matching color palettes should help with that.

Go for granite

Choosing granite is one of the best decisions you can make for your kitchen countertops. It is popular with homeowners for many reasons, but in terms of design, it is because of the colors in which it comes. Granite colors range from white to black, with many variations in between, so it has a versatility you will not find in other natural stones.

Some people might argue that quartz stone is equally versatile, but since quartz is a manmade stone, it is not the choice for people that want natural materials in their home. If you want to find countertops that can match your existing color palette, granite is the go-to natural stone for that.

The only issue you might have with granite countertops is that darker shades of granite look fantastic in well-lit kitchens, but can seem unwelcoming and cold in ill-lit ones. Generally, you should choose light-colored granite countertops in dark kitchens, especially if you have white appliances. The great thing with granite countertops in light and neutral colors such as brown or beige is you can pair them with backsplashes either in the same stone or in contrasting colors.

Quartz countertops go with hardwood cabinets

For homeowners with no preference for natural stone, quartz countertops are a great choice for matching kitchen colors. Quartz stone also has the advantage of consistency, as it is a manmade product. Granite countertops are difficult to match and require expert installation for a seamless look because of great variations in the color and pattern from slab to slab.

Quartz countertops, on the other hand, are identical. This consistency is particularly useful when matching it to hardwood cabinets, which also tends to display great variations in grain patterns. You can choose quartz countertops in a light color if you have dark cabinets, and vice versa, or choose to match the existing color to blend in.

Keep in mind that kitchen countertops in light colors can brighten the room and make dark cabinets seem less gloomy. You should also consider the other colors in the room such as the floor and walls when choosing your quartz stone for kitchen countertops.

Black and white kitchens with marble countertops

While some homeowners might hesitate to choose marble countertops in their kitchen, you can make a case for it when you have a black and white kitchen. Marble countertops look fantastic in such cases, elevating it from a modern kitchen to a chic one. The delicate look of marble imparts a luxurious feel to a rather sterile color combination, giving it both depth and interest.
Of course, you still have to contend with the issues of etching and scratching inherent to marble. However, these are not a big deal if you use common sense and sealer when using and maintaining your marble countertops. They are tougher than you might think, so as long as you keep the seal intact, avoid putting anything sharp or pointed on it, and wipe spills up immediately, you can have one awesome-looking kitchen.

Mix and match

Natural stones countertops continue to be popular even in modern kitchens because it plays well with other materials, both natural and manmade. They look fantastic with wood, which is a mainstay in many kitchens. If you have a rustic or country style kitchen, you probably have a butcher-block kitchen island. Combine it with marble or granite countertops in the perimeters and you have a winning combination. If you have hardwood flooring, you can opt for granite countertops if you have light-colored wood floors, and marble for dark wood floors.


Upgrading the kitchen does not have to be a major upheaval. In many cases, simply replacing your kitchen countertops can make a significant improvement on the way your kitchen looks and works. To maximize the benefits of this upgrade, make sure you choose the right countertops to match and complement your existing color palette. You should also ensure you deal only with a reputable remodeling company to help you with your upgrade.

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