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Going For the Gold (Or Silver or Bronze) In Your Kitchen

Going For the Gold (Or Silver or Bronze)

Redecorating is an integral part of home improvement. Today, more than ever, we have the opportunity of experimenting with materials, shades of colors, patterns, and designs to create homes that are not just practical but have a touch of fairy magic too. Redecoration can be done for the entire house or just a particular section.

In Your Kitchen

Instead of cabinets opt for shelves and take out old equipment and replace it with energy efficient appliance or do something new with the walls and make an artistic statement with the ceiling for kitchen remodel.

Kitchen Backsplashes

Adding silver to the backsplashes to your kitchen is not just slick but it is a neat and futuristic look. Besides it is easy to maintain and clean them. Asides silver you can opt for gold and bronze too for a hybrid look that draws inspiration from medieval but projects a future. It is affordable and extremely functional. Their use is not just limited to kitchen remodeling you can easy have them in your bathroom remodeling.

Kitchen Countertops

Natural Stone

You can use natural stone like granite and marble in your kitchen. Usage of limestone and soapstone has almost become popular. Natural stone is classic so you don’t have to worry about changing it often. However, it is expensive and may require regular maintenance. Bathrooms are not off limits to natural stones.

Culture Stone

Alternatively you can look at culture stone a blend of quartz and pigments, it has the look and feel of a natural stone but it has variety of textures and colors. It doesn’t require any special care but it costs as much as the real stone.


Want to have a unique customized countertop, opt for zinc as due to its malleability, you can create designs on it. It develop a dark patina over a period of time, if that’s not your thing then you may not want to consider it as it is costly


It is easy to shape and fit wherever you want it. The same property makes it possible for it to dent easily. It is expensive and due to softer texture you may not want to consider it for a heavy duty countertop.


It is non-porous, affordable and durable. It looks smashing in different colors like green and grey. If you want an earthy feeling in your kitchen, this is your best choice.


Refacing the kitchen cabinets is a smart decision as it is cost effective. Ergonomically inclined cabinets are a good bet because they are safe for your house and environment. New designs of cabinets act as centerpieces on their own and when not in use can be moved around in the house. Portability is the key.


Ceilings are often ignored because who want to look up while sitting in a kitchen. Modern designers know better, ceilings can be the sole highlight of a kitchen with a customized grid system and accessories. Acoustic ceilings are a niche, an investment but worth it.

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