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Glass Cabinet Door

Glass Cabinet Door

Glass door cabinets can add a mature touch to all the décor. Glass door cabinets provide a visual break from all the wood, marble and stainless steel used inside the kitchen design. If you china which you would like to display clear glass panels will keep the dust out. You would be able to see them while keeping them safe and dust and prints free. One of the options is to go with mullion cabinet doors. These glass panels help to focus on the fine glassware and china and also help the room look more inviting.

Kind of Glass Doors

Seeded glass and restoration glasses are two most popular choices among home owners. Both of these glasses have their own set of properties which will be deciding factor to choose either of these glass panels.

Open Concept

For a more open concept kitchen experts recommend using glass doors on both hanging sides of the cabinets. These glass panels do not interrupt the visual flow of the layout. It keeps the kitchen open and the area appears larger.

If you like the open concept but do not want to display the contents of the cabinets frosted glass panels are the way to go. They keep the contents private but still you can enjoy the visual openness they have to offer. These panels are perfect for those cabinets which store large items and appliances which are useful in the kitchen but not to be out to be displayed. These frosted glass panels are very useful in the bathroom cabinets as well. They can hide all the clutter and still add light in the overall environment. A tall cabinet with frosted glass fronts can hide all the bathroom items all the while improving the light flow inside a small space.

Glass panels on the cabinets make a small kitchen appear larger as these glass panels allow for a better light and air flow in and around the kitchen. Mirrored glass panels are also an option worth considering as they will break the monotony of dark colored or solid pattern cabinets.

Glass cabinets can add a classic touch to any room- kitchen or bathroom remodel. Designers can help you make the best choice for the décor which would be perfect for your home.

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