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Dream Kitchen on a Dime

Dream Kitchen on a Dime

You might have seen a fancy kitchen in a magazine or visited a friend who has had hers just done up. You feel disappointed about your own kitchen remodel. However, don’t be disheartened because with just a few changes you can get your kitchen to look beautiful, without making a big hole in your pocket. Also whatever changes you make use quality material so the kitchen looks classy.

Cabinet makeover

Cabinets are expensive to replace but don’t lose heart. If your cabinet doors and frames are still structurally strong then you could just paint them in a nice color to brighten up your kitchen instantly. You could also reface the cabinets using a thin veneer of wood or plastic laminate. All drawers and doors can also be similarly redone to match the cabinet frames. You could replace the old hinges, knobs and pulls and this facelift will transform your kitchen within your budget.

Countertop replacement

Laminate is still the most economical countertop material available. Before you wrinkle your nose you’ll be surprised to see how many designs, patterns and colors there are to choose from. They have undergone a lot of changes from the plain ones that were available earlier. Laminates are lightweight so you don’t have to spend on heavier cabinet bases and that saves you money too.

Do these simple things

Paint the walls of your kitchen to give it a new look. You can add a tile backsplash which is not only useful but also a way to add color to your kitchen. Between the basic stock tiles add decorative tiles. Be as creative as you can to give it some personality. Change the look of your kitchen windows as a well-dressed kitchen window does add a special element to any kitchen. Some people like to have an island once they redo their kitchen. If that is not within your budget you can get a free-standing unit or select a good table and equip it with stylish roll-out shelving units.

Redo the Lighting

If you just use some custom lighting you will be able to have a well-lit kitchen and the transformation they bring is wonderful. Pot lights and under-counter lights as well as pendant lighting over the island can enhance the way your kitchen looks. Home centers have a variety of lights in various price ranges.


You really don’t need to go in for all those over the top ranges and coffee bars. If your old appliances are still good to go then no point changing them. If you wish for something more modern then just change the panels with new ones.

However, before you remodel visit kitchen design stores to see what’s new and what’s in your budget. Get in touch with contractors and remodeling professionals to check with them to see if your choice of materials is right. They can give you sound advice on new trends and on products that work and if they will be suitable for your kind of kitchen.

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