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Design Tips for Elegant Bathroom Remodeling

Design Tips for Elegant Bathroom Remodeling

They say the devil is in the details, and that is not necessarily a bad thing. Details can make a big difference when it comes to design, especially in the bathroom that has just a few elements with which you can play around. You need to focus on these elements to get the look you want.

Of course, bathrooms today are getting larger as homeowners choose to combine it with walk-in closets, dressing rooms, or even small adjacent bedrooms. Some master bathrooms are even larger than the bedroom to make space for a tub-shower pairing, fireplaces, television, and even sauna rooms. Most people would love to have all those features, budget permitting. Nevertheless, they do not an elegant bathroom make.
To achieve elegance often means a high price tag, which is why many bathrooms lean more towards the simple look. You don’t have to choose, however. You can have a simple yet elegant bathroom that will fit most budgets. Here are some tips to ensure you get the elegant bathroom you want in bathroom remodeling.


Bathroom cabinets are a great way to infuse some elegance and luxury while providing much needed storage and functional space. You can choose to put tall cabinets on either side of the sink instead of wall and base cabinets if you have the space. Make sure you choose cabinet door styles that reflect the overall design of your bathroom.

You can hide electrical outlets inside these cabinets and provide a place to store all appliances you use in the bathroom. You can also install deep drawers inside these tall cabinets to store shampoo, liquid soap, and rolls of tissue so they are out of sight.
If space is at a premium, consider putting in cabinets that are 12 inches deep in a narrow bathroom. You can also opt for open shelves on the wall and shallow base cabinets under the sink to maximize the illusion and reality of space.

Knobs and pulls

You can choose to keep your cabinets and drawers sleek and smooth without any hardware. However, if you choose to put knobs and pulls, make sure it is in line with the overall theme of the bathroom. Knobs come in a wide variety of shape, design, and materials, so it is easy to find a set that will work well with your elegant look.


Instead of a generic frame-less mirror over the vanity or sink, choose an elegantly framed mirror, possibly using the same frame molding used in other parts of the room. You can also choose to have gold-leaf frames for that look of luxury. This will work well in a small bathroom, as mirrors tend to make any room bigger and brighter from reflected light.


The most elegant and durable type of wall and floor materials you can get for your bathroom is stone. You can choose from many colors and designs for granite, marble, or engineered quartz. Some homeowners choose ceramic and glass because they are cheaper, but they do not have the same look of luxury.

You can use ceramic and glass as accents and borders to create interest and tie in with other in the room but stick to natural or engineered stone for the bulk of the surfaces. Granite, marble, and engineered quartz tiles are less expensive than slabs, so they should be budget-friendly if you get it from a reliable contractor.


Provided you have the space, you need two sinks for an elegant bathroom. Set them side by side in a Jack and Jill configuration on a long vanity, preferably on a converted antique dresser or hardwood base cabinet. Alternatively, you can put one on opposite sides of the room for a little more space. One can face the natural light, while the other can be directly in front of a mirror. If you get pedestal sink, put one in opposite corners, each one with its special accouterments and wall cabinets for storage.

If you do convert an antique dresser for your sink, choose a porcelain or hand painted sink and marble for your countertop to match the traditional and elegant vibe of the base. Your sink can either be a drop in or bowl sitting on top of the vanity. If you choose the latter, you must make sure it is low enough to use comfortably. You may have to cut down the vanity a bit.


You can go gaga with light fixtures to suit an elegant bathroom. Chandeliers, wall sconces, and table lamps will all lend a look of luxury and old-world comfort to the room. Place them strategically for the right effect and include them in the remodeling plans so you will not have to rip up any newly installed walls and ceiling to put them. Make sure to have dimmer switches attached to these old-style light fixtures so you can control how much light you want to shine upon you at any given time.


Elegance is all about the details, and the tips above can help you achieve that in bathroom remodeling without adding to your costs considerably. Make sure you discuss all these touches during your free design consultation with Fairfax Kitchen Bath, a Class A, licensed and insured remodeling contractor, registered in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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