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Custom stove hood

Custom Stove Hood

Till a few years back the purpose of over the stove hood was just a plain one- to remove odours and cooking steam from the cooking area. Now the hood has evolved into much more than just an exhaust fan. It is most important part of the landscape of your kitchen. The style and theme of your kitchen remodel is expressed in one glance by the type of range hood you install in your kitchen.

Size and Location

It is one of the most prominent appliances in your kitchen due to its size and installed location. The custom stove hoods are built to your exact specifications. This exquisite piece of machine packs all the muscles and artistry in one punch! These custom hoods are now an important designing factor while planning and designing a kitchen. These center pieces of your kitchen can be modified and personalized to your exact specifications , for example if you want a high powered fan with a low noise, we have expertise to help you craft you a customized hood!


These custom hoods not only help with the functionality in the kitchen, they also improve the marketability of your house. These custom stove hoods will impress your guests and family with their functionality and as well as their presence. There are many different types of materials used to manufacture these customized range hoods. One of the most popular choices is the stainless steel, other than that there are other metals available such as copper, bronze, zinc and pewter. If you would like to have any other type of accent beside metal- there are a wide variety of wood accents. For wood accents there are maple, pine, cherry and mahogany wood accents available to perfectly suit your country themed or a traditional themed kitchen.

The best part of a customized range hood is that they can accommodate to any size, shape and color to compliment your existing kitchen. To make a grand gesture in your kitchen, have a custom range hood installed in your kitchen!

Every time anyone enters in your kitchen will be wowed by a different and a beautiful range hood.

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