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Bathroom Vanity Styles

Bathroom Vanity Styles

Bathroom vanity styles can be varied and diverse, reflecting the personalities and decor sensibilities of the homeowners. They are available in different styles and materials to suit every budget. From elegantly simple to ornately elaborate, bathroom vanity styles are limited only by your imagination.

Bathroom vanity refers to the cluster of a sink, countertop, mirrors, and storage space for bath supplies. It should have a balance of aesthetic appeal and utilitarian value.

The kind of bathroom vanity to choose for your bathroom will depend on many factors-the dimensions of your bathroom (how much space you have), the kind of weather or climate in your region (to decide the appropriate materials), what style the rest of your home decor is like, in order to have an overall congruence, and what your needs and expectations are from a bathroom vanity. Some people only require a mirror, sink, and countertop. Some would require organization and storage space as well for bathroom and bath supplies.

Types of Bahroom Vanity

Here are the different types of bathroom vanity styles available for you to choose from:

Vanities that are free standing

These vanities are perfect for those who want extra space for storage and who love to have a well-organized bathroom supplies area. If you live in an apartment or house with space challenges, a free standing vanity would be your most effective solution for storage problems.

Vanity Cabinets

These have eye-catching designs that can act as a focal point for your bathroom, apart from the utilitarian value of having all the space and storage you need.

A sink like this would give your bathroom an elegant and classic look.

A wall-mounted sink

This would be perfect for space-challenged bathrooms.

Under-mount sink

This is a modern style that can add a different look to your bathroom. It requires more space and is more expensive.

Bathroom vanity styles can also differ based on the purpose of the bathroom. For powder rooms, a sink, mirror, and countertop would be sufficient. A guest bathroom would require a sink, mirror, as well as cabinets for storage space. Vanities in the master bathroom can be luxurious or simple, depending on the space in the bathroom and the needs of the couple. There are vanities with double sinks, mirrors, and storage, so there is ample room and no jostling for space on busy mornings!

Mirrors are a focal point of bathroom vanities. There are a wide range of mirrors to choose from today, from the traditional to the modern funky ones. For smaller bathrooms, large mirrors can give an illusion of space.

Smaller bathrooms will require a bit of creativity in order to fit in a stylish vanity. It would be wise to make use of any awkward corners or angles and fit the bathroom vanity there in order to make space. Smaller bathrooms would also require smart storage solutions in the vanity.

No matter what style you choose, and what your budget is, a functional and pleasing bathroom vanity will make any bathroom a sylish room!

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