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Bathroom Sink Faucet Options

Bathroom Sink Faucet Options

A bathroom sink faucet is no longer a commodity that lacks style. When you wish to remodel your bathroom, a faucet seems to be insignificant in the grander scheme of things. However, you must remember that even a faucet can beautify the bathroom countertop.

Pay now or later

The prices of faucets may daze you or make you feel surprised, but if you do not change your faucet now, it may work out to be costlier in the long run. Instead of buying a faucet made of metal that has been plated, consider buying one made of solid brass. Check the warranty of the faucet. Moreover, if you pinch pennies now, you may have to consider a faucet with a finish that is different from the one you already have.

Think sink

There are four basic varieties in bathroom sinks. They are: wall mount, 8 inches or the widespread, the 4 inches, and the single-hole mount. You can mount the last three on the deck of the sink. Measure the gap between the two outermost holes if you want to determine the kind of faucet you need. If you have a vessel sink then you should choose a faucet that is wall mounted. You can avoid breaking your bank by using the same sink or you can also choose to get a new sink for your faucet if you like.

The choices

A majority of widespread faucets have three parts including the cold handles and the tap. This implies that some faucets of 8-inches can fit holes that are not exactly 8 inches apart. You need a 4-inch faucet in case the span is 4 inches. Single-hole faucets may have just one lever to control the temperature and the flow of the water. They may sometimes have two handles that are attached to one single spout. You can choose a deck mount or a wall mount for a vessel sink. You should then drill holes on the wall or the sink respectively.

Style savvy

You will not only need to consider the configuration of the faucet. Today, you would get many design variations in faucets. There are many designs and you can mix and match them with the styles of your sink and the walls.

The matching game

Your faucet should complement the other hardware options in your bathroom including your tub faucet, hooks, towel racks, and the toilet paper holder. When you choose from a manufacturer’s design series, it can simply take away the guesswork from your decision making process.

Color and finish

Coordinate the color of your faucet along with the colors of the other bathroom elements. Certain faucets come with a combination of finishes. Using a combination finish can also be a unique way to design your bathroom. You have to only consider sticking to the same finish as the other hardware in the bathroom.

Control options

There are different types of handles and controls in a faucet. For instance, some models can be activated by touch while the other models can be activated using knobs. Some other faucet options are those that come with buttons instead of knobs.

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