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9 Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes To Avoid

The secret to a successful and cost-efficient full kitchen remodel is when you plan and implement it correctly. Having said that, most homeowners realize the importance and huge help professional kitchen remodeling services can do for them in undergoing this project. 

In line with this, we at Fairfax Kitchen and Bath is your Class A, licensed, and insured remodeling company that’s registered in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We have top of the line products and services for your affordable kitchen renovations in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and the Washington DC metro area. 

For our more than seven years of experience, we want to share the common mistakes you need to avoid for your kitchen makeover, so you can minimize redos that can increase your cost. Without further delay, continue reading and discover these typical errors so you can learn from them.

#1 Missing Space and Steps

Whether you have a 70 or 170 square feet kitchen area, if you don’t know how to maximize space usage, then that becomes a problem for your kitchen remodel. With that, you need to talk to your local contractor to make your kitchen layout space-efficient. 

Having said that, you need to carefully plan the placement of your cooktop, sink, faucet, fridge, and cool kitchen work station, so it takes minimal space and movement when you need to shift from one section to another. 

#2 Forgetting to Imagine the 3D aspects of your kitchen remodel

Planning is very critical for the success of your complete kitchen renovation, and included in this process will be creating a 3D layout and design of your future kitchen. In line with this, it’s a common mistake among homeowners to have inadequate spacing or misplacement of some kitchen fixtures and appliances.

For you to avoid this expensive mistake, you need to tell your local contractor to make a 3D computer model for the possible outcome of your kitchen renovation. Through this, we can do a trial and error process for the layout and design of your kitchen remodel on a budget.

#3 Installing a kitchen island for smaller kitchens

It’s also a typical mistake among homeowners to install a kitchen island when their kitchen space is less than 70 square feet. Having said that, an excellent alternative to a kitchen island will be a peninsula because of its space-saving feature.

Meanwhile, the standard size of a kitchen island is around 2’ (width) x 2’ (depth) x 3’ (height). Anyhow, the size of your kitchen island will depend on your square footage and layout (galley, one-wall, L-shaped, or U-shaped kitchen layout).

#4 Tight Kitchen Aisles

In every modern kitchen remodel, proper space and storage usage is important and most remodeling companies know that. Having said that, one of the main mistakes homeowners commit when they are redoing their kitchen is when they leave little space for their aisles. 

Technically, the standard space between your kitchen countertop and the kitchen island is between 42 to 48 inches. We can never emphasize more the importance of this variable since we don’t want two cooks to bump into each other while working in your kitchen. 

#5 Oversized kitchen island

The purpose of a kitchen island to have more working space for preparing your food, at the same time a countertop for the family members to dine. However, some homeowners get carried away with their kitchen island to a point where it seems inefficient. 

For instance, your kitchen island mustn’t be longer than 10 feet, or else it would take long for you to walk around it. Besides that, its depth mustn’t be higher than 4 feet, or else it will be difficult for you to reach its middle section. Fortunately, we have seasoned professionals in our home kitchen remodeling that’s an expert for kitchen island fabrication and installation. Alongside this, we are going to consider the number of seatings you want for your kitchen island installation requirements. 

#6 Making Modifications After the Renovation Starts

When you’re still indecisive on the layout, design, kitchen fixtures, and other items needed to be upgraded for your fast kitchen remodeling, then don’t start yet so that you can avoid the expensive mistakes of modifications along the way.

For you to prevent this scenario, you need to work with a seasoned remodeling contractor, because they can efficiently help you finalize your plan, budget, and design for your kitchen remodel. Imagine you’re done installing your kitchen island yet you want to make it larger or install a double sink. Making this mistake will cost so much, right?

Therefore, you need to have a final decision with everything before you start tearing down walls, countertops, and tiles in your outdated kitchen.

#7 Going for White Kitchen Theme Without Considering Other Options

Well, a white kitchen is a basic and classic choice among homeowners, yet it doesn’t mean it will be applicable all the time. Before you dive into any kitchen design, layout, and color, make sure it fits with your home decor and that it reflects your personality.

Having said that, we always do a free consultation and estimate service for all our prospective clients, so we can fully understand their needs, wants, and budget for their kitchen remodeling on a budget. We can show you some of our previous projects for inspiration and ideas on what you want for your newly finished kitchen.

Moreover, we can always make modifications to your chosen portfolio so that it suffices your lifestyle, wants, and budget. 

#8 Thinking You can Do It Alone

There’s nothing wrong when you want to do your kitchen renovation by yourself as long as you have the skills, time, and patience to do it. Anyhow, most homeowners are realizing the benefits when they’re working with licensed and insured remodeling contractors like Fairfax Kitchen and Bath. 

With our extensive experience and quality products, we can assure the world-class outcome of your kitchen remodel for a short possible time. Moreover, all of our professionals are licensed and insured, so you are confident that everything is covered from start to finish.

#9 Ordering your new appliances last

On the other hand, buying your new kitchen appliances last is one mistake usually committed by homeowners when they have their kitchen renovation. Well, it becomes a problem since some appliances need to snugly fit in between your base cabinets, so getting their exact size matters when you’ll be doing cabinet remodeling.

Having said that, we always recommend to our clients that they need to purchase their appliances together with their cabinets, sink, fixtures, and other items needed for their kitchen remodel. No worries since we can seamlessly help you in picking the right dimension and style for your cooktops, ovens, ranges, fridge, and other kitchen appliances.

Looking for A Class A, Licensed,  and Insured Remodeling Company?

Your search for a dependable remodeling company will be over once you decide to work with us Fairfax Kitchen and Bath. We have more than seven years of experience in this domain, and we’re proud of helping several households in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and the Washington DC metro area.

You can check out our projects online or visit our showroom from Mondays to Saturdays between 9 am to 6 pm daily. Conversely, we are also offering free estimate service and design for the locals to help you with your affordable kitchen remodeling.

If you need a free quote or consultation, then call our office today or visit us on Facebook anytime!

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