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6 Basement Remodeling Issues To Consider

Are all your living spaces inside the house used up? Even the ones in the attic? Fortunately, you still have one option left, and that is your dusty basement. 

You can turn those square footage into a paradise by doing basement remodeling on a budget. This endeavor will never be too easy, so you need to know the common issues beforehand.

Likewise, you can also hire basement contractors for this project and Fairfax Kitchen and Bath is an expert on that. Anyhow, let’s move forward on these typical dilemmas you’ll encounter for renovating your basement.

#1 Moisture

The location of your basement is the main culprit for its moisture dilemma. Before you panic, it’s best that you determine whether it’s a major or minor concern. 

It’s a major concern when it’s due to a bursting pipe or lack of waterproofing paint or coat. In contrast, if it’s only a minor issue, then you can easily resolve that with water sealant.

Therefore, we always ensure the waterproofing aspect of your basement remodel to avoid moisture and mold infestation concerns.

#2 Temperature Fluctuation

In every basement finishing or remodeling project, you always need to consider the thermal insulation of your basement walls. This is important, so you can efficiently control your basement’s interior temperature.

For instance, during winter, when your basement is properly insulated, then it can effectively hold warmth inside.

Conversely, during summer, you can turn on your AC unit to cool off your basement and then shut it off, once the place is already cool. This helps you save on your utilities.

#3 Ensure Proper Lighting

In all our renovation basement ideas, we never forget about proper lighting, whether that’d be natural or artificial light. This is important since it helps make your basement lively and happy.

Well, you can always talk to your remodeling contractor for your basement remodel design so that it incorporates architectural styles, which allow natural light to penetrate inside.

Moreover, our pros can also install a modern lighting system, which you can manipulate using a remote control, your smartphone, or it has motion sensors.

#4 Don’t Forget To Install An Emergency Exit

Most homeowners love to add a bedroom or guest lounge in their basement remodel, making it more livable and cozy. If you’ll also adopt this, then make sure to install an emergency exit since it can be your lifesaver.

Your emergency pathway can be a large window or a fire exit, which fits your requirements. Luckily, our pros can seamlessly do that for you while obeying the building code in your city.

#5 Check Your Headroom

Looking at the building standards, the usual vertical clearance of residential basements is between 7 to 7-1/2 feet. Nevertheless, you need to check on the heights of your family members, so no one’s hitting their head on the basement ceiling or crown molding. 

Taking that into account, we always give our customers a free design and consultation service for their basement remodel. This will ensure you get the proper structural requirements for this project.

#6 Check for Radon Emissions

Besides the aesthetics and amenities you install in your basement remodeling, you need to ensure it’s also safe for your family and guests. Radon emissions are one major concern you need to check before starting this project.

If you’ll be working with a professional, then they have the device for accurately measuring Radon emissions inside your basement.

Likewise, it’s one of the tasks we do before starting any basement renovation or finishing since we can plan for ways on how to reduce it.

Other Things You Need to Consider?

  • If there are exposed pipes on your ceiling, then you have a higher risk of bumping your head into that. To resolve that, we can install false ceiling tiles to cover those hanging pipes.
  • If our pros find out that your basement lacks structural support, then we can install an additional column. In terms of aesthetics, these added columns won’t destroy your basement remodel theme since our designers can accentuate it.
  • Don’t spend so much on your basement flooring because of the high risk of moisture. Saying that your usual flooring options are granite, marble, ceramics, tiles, and cultured hardwood. All these materials have proven moisture resistance and stunning looks.
  • If you have a staircase to your basement, be sure it has handrails for everyone’s safety. Also, it’ll help you avoid slipping since you can hold onto the handrails.

Are You Ready for Your Basement Renovation?

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Fairfax Kitchen and Bath is your trusted remodeling company and Class A contractor for your budget basement renovation in VA, MD, and DC.

We ensure the success of our projects and the happiness of our clients through our in-depth experience and training in this field. Inline, we provide different products like cabinets and countertops that’ll make your basement more livable.

Our designers and professionals will carefully plan and implement the details of your project, so it’ll uplift the beauty, value, and function of your property. For you to get some inspiration, visit our showroom in Fairfax VA.

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