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5 Most Common Basement Remodeling Mistakes

Are you planning to add an additional room inside your house? In that case, you can make use of your unfinished basement so that you’ll spend less compared to constructing another room from the ground.

Basement remodeling is a trending strategy for most homeowners when they want to add value, function, and beauty to their house. To do this project, you can either do it on your own or hire basement contractors to make the job more efficient and convenient.

Luckily, Fairfax Kitchen and Bath is your top basement remodeling company to call for this endeavor since we have the experience and supplies to carry this out with ease.

We want to help homeowners achieve their basement ideas while staying within their budget. Additionally, here are some common mistakes you need to look out for upon implementing this project.     

#1 Basement Finishing without checking drainage system

Basement is a problematic area for most households since it’s very prone to flooding and water intrusion. If your neighborhood has low ground and is below sea level, then the risk of water intrusion is high, especially during high tide.

This means you need to inspect the current drainage system of your house and neighborhood before finishing your basement. By doing this, you are ensuring that your investment doesn’t go down the drain.

#2 Constructing too many rooms

You might be overwhelmed by your basement remodel, you end up making several rooms or partitions that will make it too cramped up or claustrophobic. 

There’s nothing wrong if you want to build some partitions and rooms inside your basement, yet be sure to make your multifunctional area spacious and airy. To do that, you can opt for half-wall divisions, movable dividers, or furniture to create a boundary from one space to another.

Pocket doors and sliding barn doors are also trending in many basement finishing works. You can always talk to us about your preferences, so we can check if it’s workable or not.

#3 Forgetting about moisture control and proper ventilation

If your house is already five to ten years old, then you need to inspect the waterproofing aspect of your basement. There could be a chance that water leaking and moisture build-up are happening inside your unfinished basement.

This is not a life-threatening problem, yet all your renovations basement will be put to waste if you forget about this thing. Molds and mildews can grow on the corners and tiles inside your basement, and it can hasten the decaying process of all your organic materials and fixtures.

To resolve this concern, you can ask your contractor to apply some waterproofing coat or finish on the interior and exterior walls of your basement. Also, install materials that have high moisture resistance.

You need to seal off cracks and invest in a backup sump pump in case floodwater is inevitable. Purchasing a dehumidifier is also a wise investment since it will help control the moisture level inside.

Besides moisture and flood, Radon emission is also a dilemma in any basement since it’s emitted by the decay of Uranium present in soil and minerals.

For the safety of your family, you can install a Radon detection and mitigation system inside your newly finished basement. Basement remodelers know about this and you can ask them about it. 

#4 Don’t forget to have enough lighting

Basements are located underground, so there’s very minimal light going inside them, and this makes it creepy and uninviting. To resolve that dilemma, we can install windows, artificial lights, and skylights in your basement.

We practically include proper lighting in our basement remodeling services since it can up its airy and refreshing ambiance. There are three different kinds of room lighting we can install: standard, accent, and task lighting. We can also install recessed lighting for low head rooms. 

For a modern feature, some light fixtures can be remotely controlled using your smartphone or we can install a control panel. Installing a light on your stairwell is also ideal to avoid falls and slipping.

#5 Sound and Thermal Insulation

Isn’t it annoying to hear loud foot stamps on your basement ceiling? Luckily, our professionals can find a way to incorporate soundproofing materials into your basement remodel. This helps promote a spa and zen atmosphere inside your basement.

At the same time, the temperature inside your basement can suddenly drop during the winter, so you need to thermally insulate the entire wall. Installing a heating system would also be strategic for long-term use.

Other Things To Consider for Your Basement Renovation?

Those were the common mistakes you need to observe and avoid when doing your basement remodel. Besides, your remodeling contractor must observe and abide by the building code and permits in your city or state.

You must secure a remodeling permit and your contractor must have the license to conduct home remodeling services. This ensures your safety and satisfaction from availing of their services.

All changes on the structural form of your basement must pass the building code and your contractor must make sure that happens. 

Looking for a Basement Remodeling Contractor?

Fairfax Kitchen and Bath is your top basement remodeling company to call for finishing your basement. We have years of experience and training in this field, so you’re confident that we can effortlessly achieve all details you need. Additionally, we have the best basement flooring ideas for you!

We offer a free estimate and design consultation service by our basement designers to help you plan and finalize the design of your dream basement makeover.  Avail of that now by either calling our office or emailing us.

All of our contractors are licensed and insured so that you are at peace with the top quality of our works. You can actually visit our showroom anywhere from Mondays to Saturdays between 9 am to 6 pm daily.

Contact us today for your free quotes and virtual consultation. For many years, we’ve helped several homeowners in VA, MD, and DC with their affordable shower renovation. Don’t hesitate to call our office today or visit us on Houzz!

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