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5 Gorgeous Bathroom Remodeling Additions

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Whether you’re planning for a professional remodel or simply doing it yourself, there are many decisions that must be made before the project even begins. Some of those decisions are based on budget. Other decisions are made according to your vision of the final product. Regardless of which factors drive your decision-making, here are 5 gorgeous bathroom remodeling additions to keep in mind for your next project.

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Bathroom Remodeling: Bathroom Storage

Who could turn down extra storage during a bathroom remodel? There’s nothing worse than not having enough bathroom storage. Lotions, extra body washes, essential oils – all of it can quickly overflow, leading to a cluttered bathroom. You need storage for towels, toiletries, and the inevitable “overflow drawers.” With additional space, you never have to worry about clutter or disorganization. Bathroom storage is at the top of the list for these bathroom remodeling additions, simply because it is so crucial for a functioning, tidy space.

Storage in a bathroom can take on many forms. For example, you can choose to add additional cabinets during your next bathroom remodeling project. There are a wide variety of cabinet styles for you to choose from.

For instance, flat-style cabinets provide a simple, minimalist design. Flat-style cabinets are usually made from wood or a similarly-priced laminate. Of course, you can choose any kind of color for your remodeled cabinets as you’d like. Common finishes for bathroom cabinets include paint, stains, glazes, water-based UV finishes, and varnishes.

Another popular cabinet style is the louvered-style cabinets. Louvered cabinets are constructed from slatted wood material. Additionally, the slats do not overlap. Instead, louvered cabinets are placed right next to each other. This, in addition to the slits within the cabinet panes, creates a ventilated cabinet system. Ventilated cabinets are perfect for those who store sensitive beauty products in their bathroom.

Of course, you can absolutely request custom cabinets for your next bathroom remodel. Custom cabinets are perfect if you need a specific design that doesn’t currently exist. Here at Fairfax Kitchen & Bath, we can customize any cabinet you need. Simply click here to request a free quote, today!

Bathroom Remodeling: Walk-In Showers

If you do not currently have a walk-in shower, you should absolutely consider one for your next bathroom remodel. Walk-in showers are convenient, compact (in some instances), and offer an extreme variety of customization options. If your shower remodeling cost includes beautiful tiles inside (which it should!), then a clear glass enclosure would be ideal. The clear glass would showcase the gorgeous tile designs inside. Of course, some people may want a more private shower enclosure. In these instances, frosted glass or something similar would be ideal.

Additionally, there are a variety of shower entrances possible for your next bathroom remodel. For example, you may want a curved entrance to your shower. This creates a distinctive “area” that is sectioned off from the rest of the bathroom. Furthermore, this kind of setup is best for larger bathrooms. For smaller bathrooms, a curbless entrance is ideal. This is because curbless showers bypass that dividing line of a curb. This makes the bathroom feel much more spacious.

Similarly, the tile design of your shower is a major bathroom remodeling decision. Gorgeous tiles can really liven up your bathroom. On the other hand, sloppy tile designs can completely destroy the ambiance. Even if you have a frosted or opaque shower glass, the tile design within the shower is still vital. Wouldn’t you rather walk into your shower and feel as cozy as possible? Colors, designs, or even simple monochromatic tiles can really boost your bathroom’s aesthetics.

Another important bathroom remodeling decision you must make is the shower handles and seats. Shower handles provide vital support for the elderly. Choosing the right shower handle can make the difference between a slip and fall that could land you in the hospital.

Furthermore, we always recommend you install a shower handle during a bathroom remodel. It’s always better to have it, than not. Shower seats can also provide additional support for those who have trouble standing for a long period of time. Even if you don’t have problems standing, a shower seat provides a comfortable place to sit. Have you ever sat down and relaxed underneath a stream of hot water? It is so relaxing!

Lastly, the showerhead setup of your shower makes the difference between a functional shower and a luxurious one. Take your time when deciding which setup would be best for your bathroom remodeling project.  For instance, there are typically only 3 showerhead setups. These are basic showerheads, separate showerheads, and hydrorails.

Basic showerheads are your traditional, single-spout setups. However, you can make that single showerhead a hand-held device as well. This gives you the freedom to pull the showerhead down to wash your body at different angles.

Additionally, there are separate showerhead setups available. This kind of setup allows you to have a main showerhead in addition to other showerhead types. However, these setups do require extra valves. For example, you could have a rain faucet up top, a middle faucet, and a handheld showerhead located to the side. This would be extremely comfortable in conjunction with a shower seat. Wouldn’t it be nice to sit down in your shower, feel the warm water above and to the side of you – and be doused by a handheld faucet?

Lastly, there is the hydrorail setup. This setup is perfect for bathroom remodels that aren’t looking to completely gut the existing setup in order to add additional valves. In fact, a hydrorail setup doesn’t require any extra valves. You’ve likely seen a hyrdorail showerhead before. It features a main showerhead up top in addition to a handheld faucet on an adjustable rail. These are so ideal because they can be retrofitted to your existing shower valves during a simple bathroom remodel.

Choosing The Right Tiles

There is a nearly unlimited number of bathroom tile designs for you to choose from before you begin your next bathroom remodel. Tiles are ideal for bathroom walls and floors due to their waterproof nature. Furthermore, bathroom wall tiles complement bathroom floor tiles as different designs. For example, you can have plain-white tiles for your walls while also sporting black-and-white mosaic tiles for your floor. The variety and subtle contrasts are key, here.

Common bathroom tile types include polished tiles, textured tiles, patterned tiles, and multi-colored tiles. Additionally, you can even get creative with the tile layouts. For instance, you can have different sized tiles that fit together in gorgeous geometric layouts. Even the color of the grout between your tiles is customizable.

Altogether, bathroom tiles are beautiful additions to any bathroom remodeling project. Not sure which tile setup is best for you? Don’t worry – we can help! Simply click here to request a free quote, and our designers will work with you to find the right tile layout for your bathroom.

Bathroom Remodeling: Bathtubs

While showers are ideal for nearly every bathroom remodel, bathtubs are also an important consideration. Bathtubs are ideal for children, pets, and just plain-old relaxing soaks. You can’t recline in a pool of hot water in a walk-in shower!

Smaller bathroom remodels may not be best for freestanding bathtubs. On the contrary, if you absolutely want a bathtub, but you have little space, there are tub-shower combos available. In fact, tub-showers don’t have to look like those boring, traditional tub-shower combos. Instead, you can opt-in for a gorgeous shower set up with a bathtub for a base.

On the other hand, freestanding tubs make a stunning addition to any bathroom remodel that has the space for it. Freestanding tubs are separate from the shower system. There are a few different types of freestanding bathtubs available. Some include single backrest tubs, double backrest tubs, pedestal tubs, and antique-styled claw-foot tubs.

For all of these tubs, there is typically a standard version and an elevated version. The elevated version of these tubs features slopes that are higher at both ends of the tub, decreasing in height until they meet in the middle. Elevated tubs are ideal for people who want extra back/neck support while soaking.

Lastly, there are even a wide variety of materials available for bathtubs as well. For instance, the most common bathtub materials include acrylic, AcrylX, cast iron, fiberglass, copper, stainless steel, and stone.

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Remodeling a bathroom can quickly feel like a massive project, but it doesn’t have to. Sometimes an entire bathroom can be transformed through small, simple changes. Other times, an entire overhaul can provide you with the bathroom of your dreams. From walk-in showers, custom tiling, custom cabinetry, and custom bathtubs – we have experience remodeling hundreds of bathroom types. Regardless of what the final vision of your bathroom remodel looks like, we will make it as easy and streamlined as possible. Contact us today for a free bathroom remodeling quote!

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