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4 Ways to Glam up your Bathroom Design!

4 Ways to Glam up your Bathroom Design!

The bathroom is not a place you spend a lot of time in and so it gets neglected and remains one of the non-glamorous rooms in your home. Glamming up your bathroom is now becoming popular for its feel good effect. Homeowners are going in for glamorous bathroom where they can relax and rejuvenate. Bathrooms designs have undergone a change and have come to reflect the rest of the décor in your homes. To bring in a sophisticated look you need to ensure that you are not using glitzy stuff in your bathroom but rather the understated, classic accessories to provide a true glam look.

The opulent look

If you want your bathroom to shine like jewels then you need to use high gloss surfaces like metals and glass. These are reflective and so they add a lot of sparkle to your bathroom. Metal vanities and large mirrors along with a great tile designs can transform your bathroom and give it a dramatic flair. Polished accessories or fancy fixtures and mosaic tiles can really style of your bathroom to look glamorous.

The bold Look

You can use different color schemes and materials to create a distinct look. A black and white tile combination or an all-white look spells ultimate luxury especially if you use marble or granite. Adding fancy gold accessories and faucets can really set it off on a high scale. You could also contrast the tiles with the vanity and shower space or tub to create a different look. If you have the space then steps leading down to the bathroom also add drama to the bathroom.

Have a focal point

A focal point draws your attention to one area of the bathroom. You could achieve this by using an antique bathtub or an extremely ornate fancy mirror, an architectural design in the bathroom or a wall with some unique tiles. If your bathroom is large enough use a vanity that has a separate make-up area with some backlit mirrors. Built in shelves with proper lighting can also grab attention. You could also design your bathroom to resemble a Hollywood look, or a fancy Victorian look to draw attention.

Light it all up

Designing your bathroom to contain a number of multi-layered light designs or using double candelabra like lights on either side of the mirror add glamour. These days there are a number of light fixtures available in the market that can be teamed up with your tile designs to give a fancy look to the bathroom. Lighting around the mirror is especially used to glam up the bathroom. If you really want an ultra-glam look then you could use a chandelier instead of a pendant light in your bathroom.

However, before you begin you have to plan it all out so that the tiles, the accessories, the vanity and the tub are all in sync with the look you want. The accessories you buy will depend on whether you want a traditional or a contemporary look.

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