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Farmhouse Kitchen Design Ideas To Take On For Your Remodel

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The farmhouse kitchen has gained popularity over the years because of its timeless and natural appeal. Whether your kitchen is small and cramped or enormous and spacious, the farmhouse design won’t disappoint you. You only need to find the right remodeling contractor to help you with the design and execution and you’re good to go!

To emulate the charm of a farmhouse kitchen, you need certain requirements. One brilliant kitchen remodeling idea is by using vintage pieces that are made from quality hardwood such as cherry, maple, and pine. These wood are commonly used to make cabinets, chairs, and tables, which brings out the natural and rustic beauty of your kitchen. 

In this article, we’ll go over some gorgeous farmhouse kitchen remodeling ideas to inspire you to bring this design to your own kitchen. You can easily achieve your dream kitchen, most especially if you work with a reliable kitchen remodeling service. 

Best Farmhouse Kitchen Remodeling Ideas You Can’t Miss


Make use of vintage Pieces

To achieve the farmhouse appeal to your kitchen, it is significant to fill it with vintage charms. You don’t have to buy new furniture or fixtures to do so, instead, repurpose your prime items. For instance, use old farming funnels for your light fixtures, and a wooden sign from an ancient barn as a kitchen island. 

Bring in some pottery and crocks

Don’t forget to add some pottery and crocks when remodeling a farmhouse kitchen. Pottery and crock will help accentuate the visual aesthetic of your kitchen. These are best displayed on open shelving. Likewise, incorporating some woven baskets will complete the look of your farmhouse kitchen. 

Wooden ladder

If you want to make use of your upper cabinets or open shelving, you need to have a wooden ladder. It helps you maximize storage while giving a rustic feel to your kitchen. Plus, it’ll be safer for you to reach those high places using a ladder.

Achieve a Scandinavian Kitchen Feel

You can marry a Scandinavian look with rustic design, that’s possible! You can have the Scandi looks and to add a cinch of rustic beauty, add wooden chairs and a custom kitchen island that gives the farmhouse vibe.

You can also add other vintage-looking items like tea pots, wooden containers for condiments, and rustic hanging pendant lights. All these items match well with your neutrally-stained flooring and dark stone countertops. There are granite countertop color ideas that would surely fit this category. 

Barnhouse kitchen

You can also transform the heart of your home into a farmhouse kitchen. There are many things you can add to achieve this, like rattan chairs, wooden tables, and stained wooden cabinets. Having a hardwood floor is best for this theme. You can place some indoor plants on your kitchen corner to add outdoor beauty to your barnhouse kitchen remodel.

Remodeling the kitchen farmhouse is an exciting and challenging project. But it’s worthwhile, especially when you see the final outcome. The warmth of a farmhouse is what you need from all modernity today.

Matte Black Finish

Picking a matte black finish for your cabinets and chairs fits well for your farmhouse kitchen remodeling. You can have black kitchen cabinets and bronze or copper finish bar pulls or knobs. There’s a lot of modern kitchen cabinet ideas that you can still incorporate in a farmhouse kitchen design trend. A white marble countertop and black base cabinet is a perfect addition too. 

For your hanging pendant lights, you can have a bronze finish or matte black. This marries with your white marble kitchen island. Other ideas to consider are wooden plank for open shelving, and naked ceiling beams.

Movable wooden kitchen island

To achieve your dream old farmhouse kitchen remodeling, adding a wooden movable kitchen island would be great. This works well with a cart-like cooktop with light blue color. The chrome finish of its knobs and metal surfaces blends well with light blue.

To complete the picture, have white hanging pendant lights. Use those with large round bulbs. That, and your white hood complements each other.

Farmhouse sink and hanging rack for pots

When remodeling a farmhouse kitchen, the sink area is a station you can’t miss to renovate. With that said, you can add a farmhouse sink and subway tiles for backsplash. White stone countertop or butcher block can complement your farmhouse sink. To complete the picture, you can have a light colored curtain on the windows near your sink.

Adding a hanging rack for your pots is an ideal element for a farmhouse kitchen. You save space on your countertop while adding a rustic feel. Just make sure to secure the installation of your hanging rack to avoid those pots falling on the floor. You can surely look at some of the latest kitchen remodeling trends and ideas that will surely fit the design you’re going for. 

Apron Sink


Are you confused between an apron sink and a farmhouse sink? The former is your best alternative since it has a versatile appearance perfect for rustic kitchens. The main difference of the apron sink, its front part is exposed.

Like a farmhouse sink, this one makes a warm statement in your kitchen. You can have matte black or pearl white finish for this one. And both can marry well with marble, quartz, or granite countertops.

In terms of installation, it’ll be challenging, yet with the help of a professional, that’ll be seamless. If you choose matte black for your apron sink, then have a light tone for your cabinets. But if you choose white apron sink, then have a matte black cartridge faucet to pair with it.

Shaker-style cabinets will always be there

This is the best kitchen cabinet style you can have for your dream countryside kitchen remodel. Remodeling the farmhouse kitchen, that’s a feat, yet we can help you achieve that. This cabinet style marries stone countertops and butcher blocks. Its cabinet profile can flexibly complement with any color of your countertops.

If you want a custom size for your shaker, we can help. It’s best to have a custom cabinet so that it’ll fit your kitchen layout. We can also place dividers inside to help you organize things. Pull out trays can also be integrated into your kitchen cabinets. This helps you easily access things while multitasking on your cooking station.

Black and white

Having a dual tone for your kitchen makeover is strategic since less hassle of thinking which color goes well with the other. Plus, black and white are some of the ideal colors for a farmhouse kitchen.

For this one, you can have white subway tiles and white marble countertops. A white shaker cabinet with black knobs is an excellent choice too. Don’t forget your wooden bar stools, that works well with rolling kitchen islands.

Need more inspiration?

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