Select The Best Sink for Your bathroom

Select The Best Sink for Your bathroom

Space is always a constraint while remodeling, but with a touch of imagination, a little bit of creativity and some homework done, even a small bathroom can appear unique and interesting. Bathrooms like kitchens add value to a home—so don’t look on a bathroom remodeling as an expense but consider it as an investment that’s sure to give your home additional status in the buyer’s market.

Sinks are no longer afterthoughts but exciting functional showpieces that set the tone for the room -be it bathroom or the kitchen. Today you are spoiled for choice as bathroom sinks are available in many sizes, shapes, colors, materials and at price ranges to suit all pockets.

What material should I choose?

If you want to create that unique look, go in for glass sinks made of tempered class. You don’t need to do much to keep it shining and glowing; it’s stain free, doesn’t absorb odors and is very sanitary. With matching waterfall glass faucets, glass shower doors and glass fitted cabinets, you can add elegance and beauty to any decor. What’s more, you have a range of colors to choose from. Porcelain sinks look clean and good, are easy to clean and last quite a while. However, as they are clay-based, chipping or cracking is always on the cards. Copper, brass and stainless steel are good options. Stainless steel sinks are durable, have a smoothsurface, lightweight, but require regular cleaning. Kept well, they can add a sparkle to the bathroom. While other decorative metals like copper and brass can create a striking look and add character, they require care and attention. Stone sinks are scratch resistant, non-porous and hence ensures a cleaner look, smooth and polished finish—Granite and marble bathroom sinks are elegant, stylish and durable, can enhance the beauty of your bath space and add a natural, one-of-a-kind look to your home.

Sink Styles

While choosing a sink depends on what you actually like, remember there are space constraints. A sink suited for a large bathroom may look out of place in a smaller one, so choose wisely and well. Pedestal sinks come in china, glass, or stainless steel, can be custom ordered for faucet drilling to fit your bathroom faucets. Wall mounted sinks are a great way to save space and give that roomy look to your bathroom design. Vessel styled sinks, usually reside on a countertop and add a new decorative element to the humblest of bathrooms. Console sinks with different types of basins are fitted with wooden or ceramic legs and add a touch of uniqueness to your bath space. Drop-in-sinks give your bathroom a clean, sleek look, giving you more decor options than ever. Undermount sinks, installed directly beneath the countertop surface, are impressive and add just the right touch of elegance to any bathroom.

Matching sink to fixtures

Remember that the sink that you’ve chosen has to blend in with the other fixtures, so maybe it makes more sense to buy the fixtures first and then the sink—this way you can ensure that you get a seamless, blended look. All said and done, today, there are so many options available that buying and installing a sink is a breeze– more so if you have dollars to spend and imagination enough.

Today, a sink is more than just a functional requirement, so spend some time choosing it; just keep in mind that the sink should be durable, easy to maintain, suitable for the space and compatible with everything else.

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