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Latest Master Bathroom Remodeling Ideas In Manassas Park, VA

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How do you like changing your master bathroom? If you’re planning for a full remodel of your master bathroom or just finding some ways to improve your space, read below for some master bathroom ideas and inspiration you can apply for your dream bathroom. 

Fan Timer Switches

While you are inside the shower you might notice the build-up of moisture due to the heat and steam produced from baths or showers. Excessive moisture build-up will leave your bathroom at risk of developing mold, and other bacteria that can be harmful to you and your family.  

To avoid this from happening, the best option is to install fans to remove steam while you are showering. These fans are also useful in removing stale and smelly air. One of the smartest and latest master bathroom remodeling ideas is installing a fan time switch that works based on the length of time you’re inside the room. The increments can be programmed at 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, and 60 minutes. 

Also, some fan timer switches have delayed start functionality. This way it doesn’t turn on when someone enters the room just to get something or washes their hands. 

Freestanding Tub

One of the most popular trends in terms of bathtubs is freestanding tubs. This will make your bathroom look luxurious due to its visual appearance. It is also larger than built-in models which give homeowners more space to relax. 

Heated Floors

Another excellent master bathroom remodeling idea is heated floors. These will make your chill days feel warm and cozy. You can choose between two types of floor heating: water and electric-based systems. Either of the two uses radiant energy to gently war the bathroom floors and up into people or objects. You won’t see visible pipes and bulky radiators when installing heated floors, this makes designing your space smooth.  

Heated towel rack

A heated towel may not seem conventional but this is deemed a useful addition to your remodeling list. This gives extra comfort in the cold season. Installing heated towel racks help dry towels in humid and cold weather in turn prevents mold from building up. Also, adding a heated towel rack will not cost you that much.

Heated toilet seat

One of the upgrades you can do inside your master bathroom is your ordinary toilet seat. When you plan to install a heated toilet seat, make sure you plan for it to require an outlet on the toilet wall. As the name suggests, it helps you warm the seat which then eradicates discomfort. These seats can come with night lights, deodorizers, bidet functions, and even warm air dryers. 

Outlets to Your Vanity Drawers

One of the most useful additions to your bathroom is keeping your cables inside your drawers. This is one way of eradicating clutter from your drawers’ surfaces. Installing in-drawer outlets helps homeowners organize their countertops making them more tidy and functional.

When installing outlets for your vanity drawer it is recommended to make sure that you have a few inches of clearance behind the drawer. Another very good way to increase safety inside the bathroom is using outlets that have safety temperature control that has a high-temperature shut-off functionality.


The bidet has been commonly used in European countries since the 17th century. However American bathrooms aren’t designed for toilets and bidets. Yet, adding a bidet in their master bathroom has increased its popularity especially when people are increasing concern for their health since the spread of many diseases and viruses. Thus, adding a bidet in your master bathroom will be a great option for its functionality as it helps keep you and your family safe and hygienic. 

Tile your Wall

Tiles can play a great role in enhancing the appearance of your master bathroom. Aside from increasing your grooming space’s aesthetic value, it is a great way of adding your personality and style. A budget-friendly option you can get is adding wallpaper which will create a similar impact as bathroom tiles. 

Continue reading to learn more about other master bathroom design ideas that can help you get started with your bathroom remodeling in Manassas Park VA. 


If you enjoy decors with colorful artwork, beautiful rugs, and others, a great way of enjoying a blank canvas is using neutral colors such as gray, white beige, and brown. 

Open Concept

This bathroom concept creates easy movement in the room- a bright and airy design is the goal. It has large windows, a walk-shower enclosed with a glass wall, and a waterfall vanity.  

Industrial chic

This is a bathroom feature that incorporates a doorless shower, mirrored wall, and industrial tile work that makes your bathroom looks spacious. This may be a simple design but it’s undeniably astonishing. 

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom

This modern style works well if you prefer simplicity and neatness combined with rustic touches that add warmth. Modern Farmhouse or Modern Country Bathroom is a hybrid style, where the modern color schemes, shapes, and materials are combined with rustic untreated lumber, hand-hammered metal, or earthen pots. 

Be more lucrative with marble

Installing marble for your vanity tops, flooring, and walls is trending today. Most master bathrooms have marble since it adds a luxurious feel and elegance. We have different kinds of marble for your bathroom remodels. We have White Carrara, Rojo Alicante, Marmarosa, Emperador Light, and more.

Our designers will help you choose the best one that fits your preference. You can view some of our master bathroom designs in Manassas Park, VA, for more ideas.

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