2022 Kitchen Remodeling Costs – What Is the Average Cost of a Kitchen Remodel?

A kitchen is one of the most used areas of the house and can be a major point of pride for homeowners. Sometimes getting a beautiful working kitchen takes some major remodeling. The first hurdle to getting your dream kitchen is figuring out the kitchen remodel cost

It is important to balance all your wants and needs with your own personal budget. If you haven’t already figured one out, you can use the following guide to determine what your kitchen renovation costs may be. Then, partner with our licensed contractors at Fairfax Kitchen and Bath to get started.

Coming Up with a Kitchen Remodeling Estimate

Before speaking with a licensed contractor, you can do some research to get a rough estimate of your kitchen remodeling cost. The average cost to remodel kitchen is between $10,000 and $30,000.

Cost is largely determined by what you want to remove, add or replace in your kitchen. In order to make these decisions, you must ask yourself what it is that you want to achieve. To keep your kitchen remodel cost within your budget, you have to consider if it is the function or the aesthetic that needs some updating. It is also important to think about if you need to redo any plumbing or electrical work, as this can have a major impact on the project.

A Breakdown of Kitchen Remodeling Costs

Here is a breakdown of where money is spent within the average cost to remodel a kitchen:

  • 17% – installation fees
  • 29% – hardware and cabinetry
  • 14% – ventilation and appliances
  • 10% – countertops
  • 5% – ceilings and walls
  • 5% – lighting
  • 7% – flooring
  • 4% – faucets and plumbing
  • 4% – windows and doors
  • 1% – miscellaneous details

Although this is a rough estimate of how the kitchen remodel cost will be distributed, it gives you an idea to get started. To save money, break up the project and spread it out over time so you are not paying for the entire cost to remodel your kitchen at once. 

Costs for a Small Kitchen Renovation

If you have a smaller kitchen than typical, you may have lower than the average 10×10 kitchen remodel cost. However, you can still achieve your dreams with smart renovation choices. The average kitchen remodel cost for a smaller kitchen is between $5k and $15k. The total cost will ultimately be determined by the specific repairs, upgrades and installations you choose. 

What About a Green Kitchen Remodel?

Updating your kitchen to be more environmentally friendly is an excellent idea but can take some extra thought when planning and budgeting. There are many ways to update to a “green” kitchen. You can install a recycled glass or wood countertop. A more durable option is engineered quartz. Quartz is an abundant natural material and should last a lifetime, so need for replacement is unlikely.

Some other eco-friendly options can be done at less of a cost. For example, you can install LED lights. Updating your home with appliances that use less energy can save you money each month and will eventually earn you a return on your investment. 

Maximize Storage Space in Your New Kitchen

To achieve more storage space without knocking down any walls, we can install larger or additional cabinetry, build pantries or install open shelving. For more hidden storage space, consider pull-out shelves or roll-out trays in your existing cabinets.

For small kitchens renovation, it is worth it to consider downsizing your appliances. This will free up space, use less energy, and cut down on your overall cost to remodel kitchen

For some homeowners, the best option might be to knock down a wall to achieve the right amount of kitchen space. If your home has enough square footage, you can expand your kitchen with more counters and cabinets or an island. Before knocking down any walls, the contractors at Fairfax Kitchen and Bath will always check building codes to ensure that everything will be safe and cost-effective.

What’s in a Kitchen Remodel Costing $10k to $15k?

Even at the lower end of the average kitchen remodel cost, there are still many options. Keep costs down by working with a contractor who can supply or get deals on materials. 

While some homeowners opt to do some of the smaller work themselves, keep in mind that DIY can lead to various issues such as faulty connections, improper installations and malfunctioning appliances. When you hire a contractor, you can avoid these costly issues.

In this price range, you can do the following:

  • Kitchen sink and faucet upgraded
  • Countertops replaced with inexpensive materials, such as tile, vinyl or laminate
  • Cabinets refinished or refaced
  • Backsplash installed
  • Appliances upgraded
  • Ceilings and walls painted
  • Stock cabinets installed
  • Energy-efficient lighting installed in ceilings and beneath cabinets

As you can see, there’s a lot you can do within this budget.

Upgrading Your Kitchen with a $15k to $30k Budget

There is a bit more you’ll be able to do with your kitchen remodel in this budget. You will be able to have more customized items installed and choose from more durable materials. You could move plumbing around if you want to make a larger shift in your kitchen layout. 

In this price range, you can do the following:

  • Countertops installed using high-end materials like metal, stone or wood
  • Cabinets customized and installed
  • Kitchen island built
  • Flooring replaced
  • High-end kitchen appliances installed
  • Rewiring and recessed lighting installed

What You Can Do for Your Kitchen Renovation with $30k+

WIth this budget, you will have a lot of flexibility with your kitchen upgrade. You will be able to choose from any materials for cabinets and counters as well as be able to add things such as kitchen islands, high-end appliances and modern lighting.

In this price range, you can do the following:

  • High-end Energy Star appliances installed
  • Granite countertops installed
  • New sink and faucet installed
  • Customized cabinets built
  • Hardwood flooring installed
  • Overhead lighting added

Major kitchen overhauls that are up to $50k should be handled by a kitchen designer and contractor. Teaming up with professionals will help ensure you’re getting exactly what you want within your budget.

Upgrade Your Kitchen Today with Fairfax Kitchen and Bath

It’s time to start planning your kitchen renovation with a licensed contractor. We cater a wide range of kitchen and bath makeovers! Contact the experts at Fairfax Kitchen and Bath to see how we can help. Call today to schedule an appointment with one of our professionals and to receive a free estimate.

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