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How to Pick a New Kitchen Faucet

How to Pick a New Kitchen Faucet

Preparing for spaghetti night. Watering the plants. Bathing your baby. It should come as no surprise to you that your kitchen is the space, where you spend most of the time. However, you find that most of your activities center on the kitchen faucet, which is used by you very often. You would, therefore, need a new faucet that can handle everything you require it to do.

Pick out a mounting style

Kitchen faucets come out in many different mounting styles. However, you should make sure you pick the one that is compatible with the existing sink and mounting hole in your kitchen. Check out how many mounting holes your kitchen sink has before you can pick a new kitchen faucet. When you are replacing your faucet with a new one, you should make sure that it has the same number of holes as the previous one or look for a faucet that has an escutcheon plate to cover up the holes that are not needed by the new faucet.


This is a great option if you wish to give your kitchen a quick upgrade.


Your current sink might limit the faucet options.

Handle options

A single handed faucet rotates directionally. Moreover, it usually provides the ability to regulate flow and with a side to side motion, you can regulate the temperature while you can regulate the flow with an up and down motion.


The advantage with this kind of faucet is that you would need only one hole at the countertop. These will work out to be convenient for you when you have only one hand free.


The adjustment of temperature is less precise as compared to with a two-handed faucet.

Materials and finishes

Polished brass, chrome, nickel, white, and black stainless steel are all some of the standard finishes and colors. Remember that the finishes may vary from one manufacturer to another. When you are buying a faucet, also remember to buy a soap tray or a soap dish that goes well along with it.


Do you have a kitchen that is contemporary and sleek? Or does it remind you of a kitchen that is part of a farmhouse? Styles range from simple faucets to detailed ones with curves or lines that go to make them look different. This one item will change the way your entire  kitchen design.

Once again, the options are simply endless. However, when you are ready to pick a style, your kitchen should have already been established. This will help you to narrow down the different options. Make sure you work with your interior designer to find out the right faucet for you.

Quality and price

Most of the faucets use a ceramic disk valve or cartridges or balls. One good indicator of the quality of a faucet is its weight. Pick up the unit to find out whether or not if it is made of solid brass if you are unsure and you will find out what it is made up of through its weight. It will feel heavier than the other units. Units made of plastic that are of a lower price usually do not hold up against units made of metal.

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