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The Top Bathroom Remodeling Trends in Alexandria, VA this 2022

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The bathroom serves as your private sanctuary where you savor peace and spa retreat ambiance. It’s where you spend your morning and evening rituals, preparing yourself for work or bed. 

If you’re planning to undertake a bathroom remodel, then here are things need to consider when remodeling your bathroom and some trending designs you can adapt for your project. Fairfax Kitchen and Bath can offer you popular bathroom designs in Alexandria VA.

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Stylish Walk-In Showers

Installing a walk-in shower is a popular choice since it’s highly accessible to all users. You also have endless ways of styling your walk-in shower, starting from shower flooring, showerheads, bench, and glass enclosures.

You can also go for a transitional where you place a tub outside your walk-in shower.

Jacuzzi, not the Tub

Tubs are essential yet a more stellar choice is installing a jacuzzi in your next bathroom remodeling in Alexandria VA. The bubbling and change in water temperature add that spa-like experience to your evening bath.

Add More Windows or a Skylight


One of the latest bathroom remodel trends in Alexandria is letting more natural light come in. You can do that by installing more windows or a skylight inside your master bathroom.

This is a cost-efficient way of lighting up the interiors without spiking your electric bills. You can enjoy the brilliance of the sun or the stars when you’re soaking in your tub, or having a quick shower.



Besides getting those body sprayers, having a steam bath inside your home is revolutionary. This is a worthwhile investment since it adds function and comfort to your master bathroom.

A lot of bathroom contractors in Alexandria VA like the USA Cabinet Store can help you achieve these bathroom projects, yet you need to ask them how much they’d charge for it.

Heated Flooring

A complementary feature you can install for your steam bath is a heated flooring system, where you can have its thermostat on your bathroom wall. This addition helps prevent you from getting cold feet after your shower or bath.

Installing a heated system underneath your floor will cost a hundred dollars or more, but the benefit it brings is way better.

Sprinkle Some Entertainment Features

Installing some entertainment features like a small television or cooler inside your master bath are some of the bathroom remodeling trends in Alexandria VA. While you’re soaking in a tub, you can grab some drinks and watch movies. 

You can also install speakers where you can play your music while taking a bath. It adds a more relaxing vibe to your master bathroom.

Hanging Statement Mirror


Vanity mirrors are standard in any bathroom, yet you can add spice to it by hanging a statement mirror on one bathroom wall. This mirror must have an interesting shape and place in a different location from your standard vanity mirror.

This idea gives an interesting fresh look to your bathroom renovation in Alexandria VA without breaking the bank.

Private Master Bath Toilet


Isolating the toilet inside your master bath is also a trending idea for your bathroom remodel in Alexandria VA. Professional bathroom remodelers understand this since privacy matters when you want to answer the loudest call of nature.

Bold Tiles Are In

Neutral colors for tiles are slowly fading, instead, bold and exciting tile colors are in today. Once you have an exciting tile design, it already sets the tone and expectation for your newly remodeled bathroom.

Also, you can choose a color and pattern that reflects your personality.

Floating Bathroom Countertops

Do you want to free some footprints inside your bathroom? Then installing a floating vanity top is ideal for you since it’s stylish and space-saving. Your bathroom vanity countertop is mounted to the wall giving an illusion that it’s floating in the air.

You can get quality countertops in Alexandria here to add up in your bathroom renovation

This is an excellent choice for small bathroom remodels as well. It helps create a spacious visual appearance in your bathroom.

Built-In Wall Storages


Whether on your master bath or small bathroom, installing a shower ledge or that storage compartment built inside the wall is a trending bathroom remodeling idea in Alexandria VA. 

It gained popularity since it helps save space without compromising storage capacity inside your bathrooms. Likewise, you can choose a color that can either match or contrast with your shower wall.

Matte Finish Trending

Going for those high gloss finishes are marvelous, yet too much of it seems painful to the eyes. Glossy finishes suit well for small bathrooms, yet if you have a medium to large bathroom space, then going for a matte finish is great.

With a matte finish, those dust and dirt won’t be much visible to the eyes. It also adds a sleek contemporary feel to your bathroom renovation.

Add Some Ornamental Plants

If everything you place inside your bathroom makeover is modern and synthetic things, then it can look dull in the future. To add life into your bathroom redo in Alexandria VA, we recommend that you place some ornamental plants and wooden accents.

Placing your plants near your window brings more life and a homey ambiance to your modern bathroom. Choose those plants that can thrive in a slightly humid and low-light environment. Don’t worry about getting your bathroom messy or dirty from it, just hire Shiny Carpet Cleaning.

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